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Simple Paleo Tortillas are so easy to make and won't break when folded! Gluten-free and paleo, these are a game-changer for paleo eaters! | StupidEasyPaleo.com

Simple Paleo Tortillas (Gluten-Free)

Are simple paleo tortillas really possible?! If you’re looking for a really easy paleo version of a flour tortilla (or a crepe), look no further.

This recipe originated nearly 5 years ago right here on the blog. At the time, there weren’t very many paleo tortilla recipes out there, and most used coconut flour as a binder.

Simple Paleo Tortillas are so easy to make and won't break when folded! Gluten-free and paleo, these are a game-changer for paleo eaters! | StephGaudreau.com

The result was tortillas that fell apart when you tried to fold them…no bueno.

You might think I set out to create a better, mightier alternative to my tortilla breakage problem…

…but the story is a bit different.

I was about to move to Scotland to be with Z – my then fiance, now husband – and I had a huge bag of arrowroot powder in my pantry to use up. One Sunday morning while we were on FaceTime, I randomly mixed together a bunch of ingredients, and out came these Simple Paleo Tortillas.

I put them up on the blog, and the recipe started spreading like wildfire! Now, these Simple Paleo Tortillas are my #1 recipe of all-time.

What Can You Make With These Paleo Tortillas?

These paleo tortillas hold up to folding or rolling and can be used in sweet or savory applications, and it’s easy to make a double or triple batch in advance and save them for upcoming meals.

Here’s an example of what you can make…

I seasoned some shrimp, fried them up quickly, and stuffed them into the Simple Paleo Tortillas. Then, I topped it with a quick slaw of red and green cabbage, mango, cilantro, and lime juice. And of course, I finished it with some avocado.

Seriously, the sky is the limit.

Simple Paleo Tortillas are so easy to make and won't break when folded! Gluten-free and paleo, these are a game-changer for paleo eaters! | StupidEasyPaleo.com

They’re also perfect for making up some tasty lunches on the go. Some of my readers have been using them to create wraps by laying sliced Applegate turkey on top, adding a dollop of mayo or mustard, and rolling them up. And word on the street is that the kiddos love them.

They key to the flexibility of my Simple Paleo Tortillas is to use arrowroot flour, sometimes called arrowroot powder.

What is Arrowroot Flour?

Arrowroot is a starchy gluten-free tuber. When dried and made into a flour, it has thickening properties kind of like tapioca. In fact, you can use tapioca flour – not the pearls – as a substitute. The starchiness of the arrowroot when combined with the egg makes for a tortilla that’s flexible and won’t break.

Here’s another idea:

Simple Paleo Tortillas are so easy to make and won't break when folded! Gluten-free and paleo, these are a game-changer for paleo eaters! | StupidEasyPaleo.com

Can You Freeze These Tortillas?

Make up a batch of these Skirt Steak Fajitas and serve the tortillas on the side.

I tested the Simple Paleo Tortillas to see how well they’d freeze. I rolled the tortillas up, froze them, then thawed them out.

When I unrolled them after thawing, they ended up completely flexible! Win. You could totally double or triple the batch, then freeze the extras for later.

Watch my cooking show episode for Simple Paleo Tortillas:

(And be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for fresh new cooking videos.)

Simple Paleo Tortillas are so easy to make and won't break when folded! Gluten-free and paleo, these are a game-changer for paleo eaters! | StupidEasyPaleo.com

Simple Paleo Tortillas

Course: Snack
Cuisine: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Nut-Free, Vegetarian
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 3 8″ tortillas
Calories: 101 kcal

Simple Paleo Tortillas are so easy to make and won't break when folded! Gluten-free and paleo, these are a game-changer for paleo eaters!



  • 2 eggs large
  • 1 tsp ghee melted, sub: melted coconut oil for 100% dairy-free
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot powder
  • 1 tsp coconut flour
  • Pinch sea salt
  • *If making crepes for a sweet recipe add 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Crack the eggs into a medium-sized bowl and whisk in the melted ghee and water.
  2. Add the dry ingredients—arrowroot, coconut flour and salt—and beat well to combine.
  3. In a small skillet (8") over medium heat, pour in about ⅓ of the batter and immediately roll it around to evenly coat the bottom. The tortilla should start to pull away from the edges as it cooks.
  4. Cook for 1 minute on each side.
  5. If saving for later, cool completely and store in a plastic bag or airtight glasslock container.

Recipe Notes

  • You can substitute avocado oil or melted coconut oil for the ghee.
  • If you can't use coconut flour, just add an extra teaspoon of arrowroot powder.
  • Plan a month of meals in just 5 minutes with my favorite meal planning app! Learn more here!
Nutrition Facts
Simple Paleo Tortillas
Amount Per Serving
Calories 101 Calories from Fat 36
% Daily Value*
Fat 4g6%
Saturated Fat 2g10%
Cholesterol 113mg38%
Sodium 45mg2%
Potassium 40mg1%
Carbohydrates 10g3%
Protein 3g6%
Vitamin A 160IU3%
Calcium 21mg2%
Iron 0.5mg3%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Have a question about these Simple Paleo Tortillas? Let me know in the comments below.

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Simple Paleo Tortillas (Gluten-Free) | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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830 Responses

        1. Are these similar to salad wraps that you would take to work, just cold meat and veg

          1. I love this recipe! It’s my favorite tortilla recipe actually!! However is there any possibility that almond flour would work instead of arrowroot or tapioca? My doctor has me switching to the SCD diet & I’m not allowed either one of these flours. Would almond flour hold up? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!!

            1. Hi Jennifer,

              Unfortunately, in this recipe and in these proportions, almond flour won’t work. It has no starch and the texture won’t hold together. There are almond flour tortilla recipes out there on the web and a quick search might yield you a good one!

    1. You can also sub fresh Lard if you can get it clean. Lard is considered a healthy fat. Plus not using ghee makes these closer to true Paleo and more Digestive System friendly.

      1. How does using ghee make them closer to Paleo? Curious as to your thoughts. Yes, lard is awesome too.

        1. DJRazorgirl actually said NOT using ghee makes it closer to paleo. 🙂 And I understand why. I’m pretty sure that our paleo ancestors didn’t often clarify their butter into ghee 😉 Most of em didn’t even have butter.

          1. If you take the stance that Paleo eating is a historical re-enactment then you would conclude that was true. I look at things from a physiological perspective 😉

          2. Wouldn’t that logic also mean that you wouldn’t eat anything grown more than a few miles from where you lived (coconuts)? And probably wouldn’t use any modern cooking techniques to prepare your food?

        2. Hi, I was wondering how easy this is to multiply? Or would it just be easier to do them batches at a time? My family eats A LOT of tortillas and wraps… I’ve been looking for something better and/or cheaper than what I’ve found in the store!

            1. Hi
              What about the flavor? I have noticed that some recipes add garlic and onion powders to prevent the tortillas from tasting like coconut or egg.

          1. Kelsie

            I make only 8x batches that make about 24 tortillas.
            Recently I have been mixing the batter in my Vitamix.
            It takes a bit over an hour of my time and I freeze a lot of them.

      2. Ghee actually is paleo friendly as the process for making it removes the lactose and casein from “grass fed” unsalted butter. Once the milk solids are simmered and removed from the butter it becomes ghee… Which means it is no longer classified as a dairy product.

        1. Thanks Heather that description is awesome. I understand it a lot better. I’m doing the whole30 & didn’t understand how Ghee is an approved whole30 item.

          1. I’m on day 20 of W#) love it so far! Feel awesome thanks for the info on paleo and receipt. I was looking for a homemade wrap, this looks good.

          2. Thoughts on whether these fall under the ‘do not recreate not paleo foods’ while on Whole30? I figured these would be a no-no, but plan to make when I finish!

  1. How long do they store for in the glass container & can you freeze them to use for a later date?

    1. Hi there! I kept mine for about 2 days after I made them and they were okay. I’m honestly not sure how they’d hold up to freezing though :/ Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

      1. Hi these freeze great rolled up. This batter also makes incredible waffles. You need a waffle iron with expanding hinges though plus a lock on the front that has some space even when closed. I also used it to make Yorkshire pudding! If it’s hot in summer refrigerate them. Oh and the waffles freeze stacked in a baggie just fine and go straight from freezer to toaster. Enjoy and thanks so much for the recipe!♡

        1. Heather,
          Do you mean you individually rolled each tortilla then froze? Did you freeze in a baggie?? Thanks for the help!

          1. Hi Robin,

            I can’t find Heather’s comment, but in regards to freezing them, I have done that and it works quite well.

        2. What about freezing them flat with in a ziplock freezer bag with a piece of parchment paper in between each one?

  2. Hi Sarah…thanks for stopping by. Ah, great question and I’m not 100% convinced they would provide the same texture/flexibility or hold together. I hear you on the egg challenge…my bf can’t have eggs either. If you give it a try with the flax sub. let me know how it goes!

        1. Is your recipe correct on the amounts of arrowroot and coconut flour? Because on your video when you’re adding the arrowroot it doesn’t look like a 1/4 cup and same for the coconut flour, it looks like more than 1 tsp coconut flour?

    1. I have used psyllium husk as an egg replacer. I grind it into a powder in my nutribullet and it is amazing. When combined with liquid, it gels.

  3. Hi, I am eating paleo and am also diabetic…do you know the glycemic index of these tortillas?

    1. Hi Patty…I do not. I suppose since it’s a majority eggs and arrowroot, the GI of those two products would give you a ball park estimate?

    2. Patty. Enter the recipe into a diet site like sparkpeople.com and it will tell you how many carbs each serving has. you can also get other nutritional details from them. Sparkpeople has a recipe section where you can enter your recipes to get that info.

      1. Wow! Thank you for the referral to sparkpeople.com. I’ve found sooo many luscious recipes on grain free and paleo websites but none gives nutritional info (calories, carbs, etc). Love this,

    1. Hi Melissa, I don’t have it, but if you plug the quantities into a program like Fit Day, it should give you the breakdown 🙂

      1. Is there anything lower in carbs that I could substitute for the arrowroot powder? I thought maybe xanthan gum but some people say yes and no on paleo…. what do you think? Thanks =)

        1. Hi Melissa…the only two that I’ve heard people consistently getting good results with would be arrowroot or tapioca flour / powder. The whole batch is around 30 grams carbs give or take a few grams. For xanthan gum, it’s another thickener / starch obtained from bacteria and in order to purify it, it’s highly processed. I think it depends which definition of paleo you’re following and what your goals are to really decide if it’s a good option.

  4. Hey ladies! We have lots of allergies so applesauce is our substitute for a nice liquidy egg. If you only need a little give, I’d say flax meal, but try applesauce!

      1. update: I went ahead and got the arrowroot powder. This recipe is AMAZING!! My four kids (all under age 10) took a wrap ham sandwich to school today in their lunch using these tortillas and they were a HUGE hit! Thank you so very much for this recipe. It’s super easy and your timing was perfect as I’ll be using these in lunches for the whole family every week this school year and beyond!

        1. Yay!! This is really great news. I’m glad to hear the kiddos liked them…that’s usually a good test to pass 🙂

        1. They’re very similar and are both obtained from tropical / subtropical plants. Arrowroot generally comes from cassava while tapioca comes from manioc.

        2. I used to be able to get Arrowroot powder in Australia but now the same product is “called” Arrowroot but says Tapioca as the ingredient – as if they were the same thing !!

          1. Cassava, manioc, yuca are different names for the root that tapioca starch is made. Maranta is the root that Arrowroot powder is made. Cassava is in the Euphorbia family think Poinsettia where as Maranta is in the same family as Prayer Plants which is a different Maranta species that couldn’t be anymore distantly related since Cassava is a dicot and maranta being remotely related to Ginger is a monocot. To add to the confusion Tapioca is sometimes called Brazilian Arrowroot.

        1. Thank you for the great questions and detailed responses. Helga…after your reply, I will move forward and sub tapioca flour. I don’t have enough arrowroot flour on hand. ☺

      1. Cassava and manioc are the same thing. A.k.a. yuca, balinghoy, mogo, mandioca, tapioca root, etc. Technically arrowroot comes from a specific plant, but it’s commonly also made from cassava root as well. I just sub tapioca starch/ flour for arrowroot and I’ve never noticed a problem, or a difference from when I did buy arrowroot.

    1. I just made these with tapioca since I didn’t have arrowroot. They were very good. What a delight to have a soft tortilla again! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!!!

    2. I use tapioca flour because it is easier to find in larger quantities, for me, than arrowroot. The tapioca works wonderfully for this recipe!!!! I haven’t even tried it with arrowroot yet, lol!

  5. Great recipe!! I wanted to make crepes so I added about half a can of coconut milk to make the batter more watery and some honey. These were so good!!

  6. They worked great! I filled them with a fried egg and salsa and they held together! Stretchy and yummy. My daughter ate one plain and also loved it. Thank you so much for the recipe!

    1. Yay!! I know when the kids like it that it’s a keeper 🙂 Thanks for checking in, Erika!

    1. Hi Monica…you could try leaving it out. I think it’d be fine but if it seems too runny, you could add another teaspoon or two of arrowroot.

  7. Wow! These were awesome! So easy and so good – what a great combo! We used them to make breakfast burritos and they worked perfectly for it! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

    1. Hi Rachael! Thanks so much for letting me know…that’s great news that they held up for breakfast burritos. So happy you stopped by to tell me.

    1. Hi Clay…some folks use a flax/water mixture to replicate the texture that an egg would give if they can’t eat eggs for some reason 🙂

  8. Love what you have going here and I look forward to trying these and to your future posts!

  9. These look great! What’s the finished consistency like? Eggy like a Japanese omelette or cakey, bready, chewy like a tortilla? Just wondering if they’d hold up to tuna/avacado filling for school lunches.
    Thanks! Greta site!

    1. Hi Cath…they’re definitely chewy and I’ve filled/rolled them. I’ve seen photos from readers who also filled/folded/rolled them. Just now sure if they’d stay together after half a day or so, but I think it’d depend how wet the filling is.

      1. Awesome, thanks for the info! I’m in BC and still have a wek to go before school,starts. Will try these this week in a test pack lunch!

    2. Cath, if you do try it for school lunches and it doesn’t hold up because the tuna is too wet, try using a bento lunch box. That way they can just fill it and eat.
      Steph, can you substitute almond flour for cocnut flour?

      1. Thanks for you suggestion, Nadine.

        I haven’t tried it with almond flour but some people have and you may be able to just use a touch extra arrowroot.

  10. I’m almost finished with my first Whole30 and these tortillas were perfect for tacos last night! I happened to have everything on hand so this recipe worked out nicely. My non-paleo husband even liked them. Very easy to make and they held up great to our over-stuffed tacos. Will definitely try the “sweet” version after my Whole30.

    1. That’s a win all around, Julia! So happy that they came out well and everyone enjoyed them 🙂

    2. Julia,
      Arrowroot starch is definitely not Whole30 approved. Neither is trying to “paleofy” bread/baked good recipes. Refined carbs are high glycemic and pretty much act like sugar in your body.

      1. Hi ladies…Pamela is right. I somehow read your comment as you were finished with your whole30, not still on it. Tortillas aren’t a whole30-friendly food during your 30 days.

        1. Well, I made them on Day 28 so I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Good to know for next time!

      2. Arrowroot powder is Whole 30 approved, but only as a thickener, not for baked goods. I’m with everyone else re: the day 28 slip-up. Everyone’s hit a small snag on a Whole 30, as no one’s perfect and neither is anyone around us. Good for you! No

        Look underneath almond flour and almond milk!

  11. Thanks for the recipe! I am new to Paleo and was thinking that I would really miss tacos. I can’t wait to try this!

  12. Mine did not come out nice and round because I dont have a small skillet but I think the solution is make double the batch and make them BIGGER. Awesome recipe for tortillas because I’ve have been wanting fish/shrimp tacos but had no tortillas to go with them.

    I love them!

    1. Eugenia, I like that creative solution 🙂 Shrimp tacos would be amazing with these!! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. This actually worked REALLY well! I was surprised since most “paleo tortillas” I have tried have either been crumbly, wet, inflexible, and everything inbetween. I stuffed each one with 1/2 banana, 1tbs chocolate hazelnut butter, and a pinch of coconut flakes. We also tried one with blueberries and cream cheese, which was okay, but not as great compared to our chocolate ones. 😉 Thanks for the recipe though! Will use again!

    1. Jessica, I definitely feel your pain on that. I never found a recipe that would actually fold up. Ohhhhh my goodness that sounds SO amazing!!

    1. I kept them 2-3 days tightly sealed in the fridge. No clue about the freezer but I suspect they’d do okay.

    1. Hi Meg,
      Several folks have posted that they used them for soft tacos and they worked grea 🙂

      1. Oh my…. we did end up using the for tacos and they were AMAZING!!!! They held all the fillings perfectly and tastes like flour tortillas! Even my husband was like, wow…. thanks for this recipe 🙂

  14. ‘Surely they can’t be that good’ I thought to myself… Surely they will fall apart or taste wrong like every other gluten free wrap…
    Flexible? yes! texture = awesome and they taste great (she says as she munches her first created, plain, straight from the pan)
    And the possibilities! Herbs, spices…. Sweet, savoury!
    You. Are. Awesome!

    1. Hi Lilah! Ahhhhh…so good to hear that! When I was throwing ingredients together, I didn’t actually have very high hopes knowing the luck I’ve had with other tortilla recipes. Love the idea of the herbs, too…maybe with eggs and a nice hollandaise?! 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  15. This sounds sooooo fabulous, can’t wait to try it, thank you!!!
    I do have one challenge I wonder if you can help with…
    I am VERY remote in the upstate NY mountains caring for my 85yr old Mom, NO quality food resources to speak of that are not a LONG, sometimes tough drive and even then it’s pretty basic. Is Arrowroot Powder available online and in some decent quantities since I bet I’ll be making these in bunches and this calls for 1/4cup at a time, OR is there something more basic I can sub in!!?? Where do you get yours if not in some specialty shop?

    1. Hi Pam! Ah definitely understand your situation. You can get it online through Amazon if that’s an option for you. Hope that helps! Upstate NY is very beautiful.

    2. Hey Pam! I live in moderately rural northern Ontario, and it is difficult trying to track down some ingredients in the stores here. I personally swear by iherb.com for ordering some health food items, as the Canadian Amazon website does not offer the same wonderful array of food items as the US Amazon.

      Just another option, if you’re looking! I actually came across iherb.com while I was seeking green (unprocessed, ground) Stevia leaf for my tea after finishing my very first 21 Day Sugar Detox. Their shipping charges to Canada are very reasonable, but they may be free in the US, so give it a shot.

      Best of health and good vibes to you and your mom!

      1. Stephenie, thank you very much for writing in to offer some suggestions to Pam. I didn’t realize the selection was different for Amazon US vs. Canada, so this is very helpful.

    3. You could try Thrive Market – it is a rather new on-line store and has all the healthy goodies we need for eating, baking etc. It is a membership market, but I think they offer a 30-day trial. It is at least worth checking them out. Their prices look good.

  16. Vitacost.com has all sorts of alternative flours and flour substitutes. I live in Hawaii and order from them often with very good results. Love that you posted this recipe. Have been using teff tortillas from Sonoma bakery, but they’re not always available. Can’t wait to try these.

    1. Just got my most recent delivery from Vitacost.com. I did all the homework and they were by far the most competitively priced for each item I needed.

      1. I used them in chicken enchiladas. SO AWESOME. They held well but I was ver conservative with my enchilada sauce since I was afraid they would get soggy. Perfect dinner! Thank you!

    1. I JUST used them in enchiladas tonight!!! Worked out super yummy!!!! I love these! I like that they have a little stretch to them too. I love super easy and this was just that! THANKS!

  17. Steph –

    I can’t wait to try this out! I found ArrowRoot Powder, but it’s crazy expensive. I’ll have to do some searching online and order a bigger bulk amount because $8.00 for a tiny bottle is way too expensive!

    Is there a substitution option for Arrow Root? One of my CrossFit buddies suggested tapioca starch? I’m thinking that’s a No No?

    Appreciate any advice.

    1. Hi Deb! Oh wow, yes…that is very pricey, and I can understand your concern. There are lots of coconut flour tortilla recipes out there so you could try that, but texturally, you wouldn’t be able to do a 1 to 1 swap in terms of quantity for this recipe…coconut flour is too absorbent. Tapioca, like arrowroot, is a non-gluten form of starch and may work. I think I’m going to work on another version that uses other non-gluten flours. The amazing Zenbelly also posted a recipe recently for Plantain Tortillas which look super good: http://zenbellycatering.com/2013/08/17/plantain-tortillas/. Here’s another popular version that uses cauliflower: http://slimpalate.com/cauliflower-tortillas-paleo-grain-free-gluten-free/. Hope this gives you some choices!

      1. Hi there,

        Just letting you know, I’m in Australia, and “arrowroot” at our supermarket is actually tapioca! (About $1.50 for 175g) The label says that they’re so similar they’re often used interchangeably! So I used this product to make these tortillas and they look exactly like the pictures here and were flexible and great.

        My only thing is that I made a double batch and I think it was too much baking soda as I could taste it… I’m going to try halving the baking soda.

        Cheers, Kate

    2. Hey there Step, I purchase my Arrowroot Powder from our local health food store. Bob’s Red Mill. $7.99 for a pound and a half…hope this helps!

    3. Try webrestaurant.com. I just ordered a big container from there and ordered some micro cloths from there at the same time.

      1. Your recipe that I printed out says it “serves: Three 8″ tortillas”. I tried these for the first time today, and I’m so thrilled to find a REAL tortilla that actually tastes like a tortilla and holds up. I tried only one recipe just to check it out, and now I will be making a whole bunch more since I have 2 teens! Thank you so much Steph for your fabulous recipe.

  18. I made these with Tapioca Flour last night and they were really good! I used 1/3 cup Tapioca and used 1 tbsp butter in place of the ghee because that’s what I had on hand, it made 3 good size ones in my cast iron skillet. I couldn’t believe how well they came out and will definitely make them again.

    1. Thank you so much for responding with your modifications, Sara! I’m going to be making a list of possible alternatives, and this will help me out tremendously. Much appreciated 🙂

  19. I didn’t have arrowroot powder, so I used almond flour instead. It was still a bit thick, so added about 1/8 cup of water to batter. They came out very well. Taste kind of nutty like corn tortillas and roll easily. The only problem I had was my skillet was larger so could only made 2 10 inch ones. So, I will double the recipe next time. Rolled a piece of broiled chicken inside and it was very good. Thanks for this recipe.

    1. Thanks also for adding this to the Facebook page, Gordon! Really appreciate that you replied, especially since I think some folks may prefer to use a nut flour. Cheers!

  20. Hi!
    I get my arrowroot at my local Asian store. Not expensive at all, though i can’t remember the actual price. If you have a store it’s worth looking into-a lot of herbs are MUCH cheaper there too.

    1. Hi Sara…that’s a great tip that many readers may be able to implement. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

  21. I just made these and they are really good. I also experimented with baking them and frying them(in coconut oil) and they make really good chips also!

    1. I wonder if you could use them in a tortilla bowl baking pan to make a tortilla bowl for taco salad? I may have to try it because we eat a lot of taco salads in the spring and summer.

      1. Maybe give it a try! I think they’re pretty flexible and may not hold the shape of a bowl well but if I had one I’d probably give it a shot 🙂

    2. I had 4 or 5 stored flat in a ziplock in the fridge that I was afraid after 5 days may have been too old. Last night I decided to try to make chips of them, as opposed to throwing them out. I cut them up and used the duck fat deep fryer. Dusted them with a little Himalayan sea salt as soon as they came out. Excellent. One tip though, for chips I will be thinning the recipe with water for a more fine crepe-like thickness. The thicker tortillas must be fried too long to get them cooked all the way through, almost to the point of burning. It affects the taste. They puff up when in the hot oil. If the oil is not hot enough they will curl up like pork rind/cracklings. If the oil is too hot the will quickly scorch. Temperature is important.

      I think that if stored in ziplocks with the air drawn out, they have a fairly long shelf life in the refrigerator, possibly in excess of a week. The texture and quality of the ones I used last night, after 5 days storage, were still as good as fresh.

  22. I made these last weekend and they are AMAZING! I think Im going to see if I can make them crispy by putting them at low temp in the oven. Thanks for this one, Ive really missed tacos (and lettuce just doesn’t cut it!).

    1. I put one in the oven and also cut one into triangles and fried them in coconut oil to make chips. It was good but a bit puffy. Next time I will try them in the taco salad bowl pans for the oven.

    2. Yay!! Thanks for letting me know, Alicia 🙂 It always makes me smile when I see my friends trying something I’ve made. Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  23. Just made these! I didn’t have arrowroot so I subbed an equal amount of tapioca flour. They came out great. I haven’t had a tortilla in a year and a half and I’ve been craving soft tacos/burritos for a while now. I made my picky preschooler a quesadilla with one and he loved it. I will definitely make these again, thank you for the recipe!

    1. Very good to hear! Thank you, Shannon…I’m sure this substitution may help some folks out there 🙂

    1. Hi Emma! That’s so great to hear, really!! I’m so appreciative that you stopped by to let me know.

    1. If you scroll back through the comments (I know there are a lot), there are a couple readers who have posted the successful combinations they used and I believe one was a 1:1 substitution of tapioca for arrowroot. Hope that helps, Cheryl!

  24. Could tapioca flour be substituted for the arrowroot flour? Does anyone know what the difference between those two flours are? Thanks!

  25. Just made these tortillas today, for dinner tonight. We are having chicken fajitas. Before I went gluten free, I was the crepe queen! These are the closest I’ve come to the real thing! Thank you for sharing yet another great recipe. Can’t wait to try them with vanilla and a little honey as crepes. I’ve been making my own fruit spread with mixed berries and chia seeds and just a hint of honey. I grind the chia seeds before whirling in the fruit and honey. I’ve found that it makes the “jelly” more smooth in texture.

    1. Gabriele, that sounds absolutely genius! I think you may have inspired me to try something new! Thank you for the kind words 🙂

  26. It was a bit eggy for my tastes so I subbed 1/4 cup of coconut milk per egg. Basically used one egg and 1/4 cup of coconut milk instead of two eggs. Worked out great. Love that it is so quick and easy to make and also love that it is so flexible.

    1. Thank you co much for this comment. These are the best tortillas I’ve found in terms of texture, but are a bit eggy tasting for me as well. I’ll have to try it!

  27. Another tip on arrowroot: If you live in a location where they ship (definitely in the U.S., probably to Canada, not sure about overseas), Penzeys Spices in Milwaukee sells arrowroot in bulk at very reasonable prices (from $3.79 for a 4-ounce bag to $11.20 for a one-pound bag). I’ve been buying arrowroot from Penzeys for years. Even with shipping charges, it’s MUCH cheaper than the little jars at the supermarket.

    1. Ahhhh…very good tip, Jen! I didn’t remember seeing it there but then again I wasn’t looking and they just may not have carried it at my location but their online store certainly would have it. I was getting mine from Bob’s Red Mill in a pretty large bag. This is very helpful 🙂

  28. These were great! My first batch made 3 tortillas, granted I used a 10in skillet. So the next time I doubled the batch so I’d have enough to use for leftovers with your Lamb Kofta recipe.

    This is the first paleo torilla recipe I’ve tried and it was so easy to master that I don’t feel the need to try any others. Thank you for sharing!

    1. The size of the skillet definitely would make a difference…oh I like the sound of using that with the kofta!!

      Thank you so much…that is a really nice compliment.

  29. These were easy and fast to make, came out SUPER good my kids gobbled them!!!!!! YUM! Thanks a lot!!!!!

    1. Hi Jill…you could try them, for sure but I would do a small tester tortilla and then add some extra coconut oil or ghee to the skillet if there’s any sticking. If your skillet is seasoned properly it should be okay.

  30. I made these tonight, taste tested them and they are SO good! I’m excited to serve them to the non paleo boyfriend tomorrow! I also had 1 mini one that I froze as an experiment, if it defrosts okay I am going to make a huge batch (i already made a double batch the first time thank goodness!). Thank you!!!

  31. Hey, just discovered your website and am LOVING it. Quick question — are these an everyday food? I know there are some paleo things that it is best to have in moderation (like sweet potatoes) and with all the arrowroot powder I feel like this may be something that is better once a week and not every day? I am in Austin and we sure love our tacos down here, so eating these all the time would be great for me, if it won’t set me back. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Brenna…really glad you asked this. For me, they wouldn’t be an everyday food because I try to make the majority of what I eat be really nutrient-dense and while arrowroot is certainly gluten-free it’s just not as nutrient-packed as other starches. Being an athlete, sweet potatoes are something I eat pretty frequently because they are a more nutrient-dense starch, good for post workout. Really it comes down to your context and your goals. If you’re lean and where you’d like to be body comp-wise, I personally don’t think it’s a problem. Hope that helps. I totally need to come visit Austin!! I have a lot of friends there and have heard great things 🙂

  32. I made these tonight and they are AWESOME! I made tacos with guacamole (from this site also), steak or liver and some onions…Yummy. This is a great way for me to eat liver, which I am still getting use to. No offense to lettuce wraps but sometimes a girl needs a tortilla lol.

    I am so happy I found this site. It makes cooking …STUPID EASY…for me hahahaha.

    1. Hi Yaya! WOOHOO! That’s really great to hear. I will admit to trying to fool myself into eating liver, too. Sometimes I grate it into burgers. Ohhhh I certainly hear you on that one 😉

      I’m really glad it’s a help to you!

    1. Hi Heather…using a direct sub with coconut flour won’t work because it’s highly absorbent and the texture will be very thick. You could try using almond flour. Another reader reported using a 1:1 substitution of arrowroot to almond flour with good success. Happy experimenting!

    1. It should be fine, but you may need to add a bit more than 1 Tbsp because the coconut flour is much more absorbent than the almond flour.

  33. These were awesome and easy to make! I made the first one into a turkey, guac wrap and the second a dessert wrap. Love it!

  34. Amazing…Steph, this is, seriously, the easiest and best paleo tortilla recipe yet! Thanks! I’m loving your blog. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Danielle…it’s great to hear from you!! I’m really really glad to hear that. Brings a big smile to my face. Hope y’all are doing well!

  35. Hi, this looks delish. What can I sub for the arrowroot flour. I’m low to no carb and can’t have the arrowroot. Thanks.

  36. I apologize if this question has been asked already… And it may be a silly question… But is Arrowroot Powder the same as Arrowroot Starch Flour? I am wanting to buy some to make these, as they look fantastic, but don’t want to buy the wrong thing 🙂 Thank you!!

  37. Perfect! This will be my go-to recipe for everything to be wrapped and eaten. And SO Simple to make. Thanks!

  38. How well do you think these would handle being filled and baked? They look excellent. I’m looking forward to trying them!

    1. Hi Michelle…some folks have written in that they took to being filled and baked (I think the person who wrote in made enchiladas) just fine!

  39. I am embarrassed to say how many of these that I ate in one week’s time. Living in AZ, we love our tacos, burritos, etc. These really hit the mark. What I particularly liked about them is the fact that the coconut flour didn’t overwhelm the flavor. I have tried other recipes before, and that has always been our major complaint. Thanks for such a great recipe!

    1. I used to live in AZ, too, so I definitely understand that 🙂 I’ve made lots of coconut flour ones before and it was always either the flavor – like you said – or the fact that they didn’t fold that bummed me out. I’m glad you like them!

  40. Just made these for my (non-Paleo) family . It was a huge hit and the recipe really is completely fool-proof. Amazing.

  41. had to stop back by to tell you that these are a staple in my home!!! taco night or quick lunch of Kerry gold melted cheese fried in TONS of butter…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm THANK YOU!!!!

  42. I was trying to print this but it keeps trying to make me pin the print button o.0 What am I doing wrong?

  43. Thanks for this awesome recipe, I can’t believe how well it worked! I spread some almond butter and coconut butter on one and the deluxe-ness of it all reminded me of my gluten/sugar eating days (not that I miss those). Glad to have discovered you and looking forward to trying more recipes. 🙂

  44. I made the tortillas tonight and they were delicious. I spread a little almond butter in them and it was so good. Thank-you for sharing your recipe.

  45. I tried these tonight and they rock! I made the citrus-garlic marinated meat too, wrapped in the tortillas. It was very much like eating good Indian roti. Great recipes, I overate as a result!

  46. I found a nutrition value based on the original recipe using coconut oil and basing this 1 tortilla as 1 serving ( these are so good I can eat more though). I got this from website Calorie Count ( which I don’t do!)

    Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size 126 g

    Amount Per Serving


    Calories from Fat

    % Daily Value*

    Total Fat


    Saturated Fat


    Trans Fat





    Total Carbohydrates


    Dietary Fiber




    Vitamin A 9% • Vitamin C 1%
    Calcium 5% • Iron 13%

    * Based on a 2000 calorie diet

    1. I think you need to check your math. No way these are 200 cals per tortilla. They are about 80 cals per.

  47. Just made these…. FANTASTIC!! My pan is obviously much larger than recommended, as I only made two following the ingredients. The first one became a left over roast lamb yiros (oh, the joy), and the second became a ham, avo, tom, baby spinach toastie…PERFECT. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  48. I’m excited to make these for dinner tonight!

    Your updated note made me laugh- they “unthawed”….. wouldn’t that mean they froze? 🙂

    1. Hi Jenny…I froze them to test out how’d they’d do when thawed. On the other hand, I should check my grammar haha!

  49. Made these again tonight. Filled them with pulled pork and Hatch chili & onions all pan sautéed up. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!!!!!!!
    I did notice that when I flipped them, they tried to roll up and I had to use another spatula to hold both sides down.
    No worries though.. Anyone else had that happen?

    1. Awesome…that sounds SO good 🙂 Hatch chilies are the best!

      Hmmmm that’s strange…did you follow the recipe with no substitutions?

      1. Steph,
        Yup on the Hatch Chilis!! I get about 30 lbs each year and fire roast them myself.

        I did follow the recipe as you wrote it. I used a well seasoned cast Iron Skillet. Would they curl if the pan was too hot? I don’t remember them curling last time (1st) I made them.

        No worries though…. They worked out just fine…..

        1. Ahhhh yes…that could be it…really hot pan.

          Where are you that you’re lucky enough to get 30 lbs??! 🙂

          1. We buy them by the case (30 ls or so) at Central Market in the Dallas area. You can get ’em unroasted or they will roast them for you, but where’s the fun in that??
            I usually get a mixture of mild and NOT mild…. makes each bag a surprise!!

            1. I’m definitely envious now, Bob!! I think we can get them here in San Diego at certain markets. I’ll have to check when I’m back in SoCal.

              That IS a surprise haha!

      2. mine curled a bit too when the heat was too high (not on the first one, but on subsequent ones) I think that is the problem.

  50. It might have been asked already but I didn’t see it when I skimmed the comments. How well would almond flour sub for the arrowroot? I’m still trying to figure out what works best for these types of things.

    1. Hi Lisa…almond flour has no starch, so they won’t be flexible. That being said, I’ve made this recipe with almond flour and cooked it with sliced apples on one side…but it’s more like a pancake.

  51. This looks amazing! Our kids love fajitas and i have always wanted a substitute for the flour store bought tortillas!

  52. I saw someone on FB use this tortilla for a breakfast burrito….one of the foods I missed since going Paleo. These tortilla’s were AMAZING! You have just opened a huge door of possibilities….sandwich rollups, tacos! My 9 y/o ate 3 breakfast burritos filled with scrambled eggs, crispy prosciutto, avocado and tomatoe! Incredible!

  53. Just made these with buckwheat (not technically paleo but not technically a grain either). Might have needed a bit more liquid to make bigger & thinner, but still yum!

      1. Just made another one and substituted one egg for 1tbs soaked chia seeds (cos I only had one egg!), still turned out awesome!

  54. Can you substitute the eggs or maybe just use the whites and not the yolk. My batch came out perfectly, but it was a but too eggy for my taste. What do you recommend?

    1. Hi Lu…you could try but that’s not one of the variations I tested. If you try it, let me know what happens. I’m interested to know!

  55. These are super awesome! Finally a tasty paleo tortilla recipe 🙂 Makes great breakfast tacos and street tacos with chicken and great by themselves to munch on. Thanks!

  56. Has anyone tried egg whites yet? Would I use 3 whites in place of the 2 whole eggs?
    I’m excited and can’t wait to try these!

    1. Hi Sarah, I haven’t heard of anyone just using the whites but you could try and maybe use 3 🙂

  57. Thanks for the website. We started living the Paleo life style in March, I have lost 50 pounds and my parnter has lost 50 pounds, We are down to the last 15 pounds. But we tried these tortillas and they are the best. We are both l flight attendants and travel 4 to 6 days at a time and love to pack these in our lunch box for our trips. Mexican food is one of our favs and we where getting bored of the lettuce leaf tacos and wraps. We have even going to use these as a bread replacement for our hamburger buns. Thank you again for all you do.
    Joe And Cameron

    1. Hi Joe! Awwww thanks for sharing your story…that is so awesome. Please accept this virtual high five for all your good work. I’m so happy I have the opportunity to help others 🙂 Have a great day!

  58. These look delicious!! I don’t have arrowroot powder, though. Can anything else be substituted? I’m not on the paleo diet so can eat flour/gluten, etc. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!

  59. My husband and I tried these yesterday. We made them into soft tacos with ground turkey. They were AMAZING. Simple and fast to make and delicious. My favorite part is that they bend without breaking. We’ve only been eating paleo for two weeks, but we’ve been gluten free for six years, so we haven’t had a bendy tortilla in a LONG time. I even took a screen shot of the recipe just in case you take it down- don’t want to ever lose this one! Thank you so much. You literally made our day!

    1. Hi Sarah! I’m so excited to hear that…I’ve got a big smile on my face! This one will be around for ages to come 🙂

  60. Hi Steph
    Ever since I seen these wraps a couple of days ago I have been wanting to make them. I am going to the store today to buy the ingredients. I have been trying to eat healthier and these look amazing!! It’s hard to come up with fresh new ideas on my own.
    Thank you and look forward to your post/emails to arrive.

    1. Hi Penny! I’m really glad you’re going to give them a try, and I’m very happy to know that I can be of service. Thanks for stopping by!

  61. These were the easiest Paleo tortillas I have tried making, and the best. I made them tonight for soft tacos with not hassle. Out of the recipe above I made two 8″ tortillas. Is this about the same result as anyone else?

    Also I can easily see making these into crepes, with strawberries. YUM!

  62. I just made a double batch of these using melted palm shortening (not hydrogenated) Tasted the first one brushed with butter, very tortilla-like! Slight egg taste that would disappear with other food present. I’m thinking the applications for this are endless. Leftover leg of lamb going in these with homemade tzatziki for gyros tonight. Thank you!

    1. Woohoo! Yes, they are a bit eggy but I think that’s one of the ways they stay so flexible. I’m glad you liked it!

  63. I love this recipe! I have been making them almost daily since I found this page, and using them for all sorts of things. It was a cold wet fall day today and I had made a big pot of chicken bone stock yesterday, so thoughts drifted toward chicken noodle soup, but what can a paleo dieter do for the egg noodles? Voila! I sliced the tortillas to linguini width and added them to the soup at the end of the simmer, for about 20 minutes. They make a very acceptable egg noodle replacement. The next experiment will be a deep fried (in duck fat) chimichanga, and they might possibly make a decent guacamole dipping chip since most corn chips these days are GMO. My mind races at the possibilities. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  64. You might be able to eat duck eggs. For those with chicken egg allergies, duck eggs can be an alternative, not 100% of the time. but it works for me. They are so much better than chicken eggs in my opinion.

  65. I use 1/2 cup of mashed ripe banana in place of each egg in cake recipes if I don’t have any eggs would that work in this recipe?

    1. Karen,
      Bananas should work, but you probably wouldn’t want to use them if you were wanting tortillas to go with dinner. They do retain the banana flavor. Great if you’re wanting a dessert shell.

    1. I just saw that egg replacer at the store today, and when I looked at the ingredients it contained soy flour. 🙁

      1. I’m not sure how an egg replacer would work in this recipe, but the EnerG brand does not contain any soy.

  66. Thanks so much for the recipe! I did not have the arrowroot so I used tapioca flour instead and they were wonderful!! Rolled up nicely. I used them for fajitas with guacamole. Mandelson! Thanks again.

  67. Your recipes are so easy and turn out just wonderful! My husband had to switch to this diet due to health reasons and he has been pain free for 3 months. He used to be miserable. This recipe was awesome! Thank you so much for making a unique diet more manageable with your easy and delicious recipes.

  68. These look great! We loove sweet crepes with berries for breakfast. Can I ask what’s the ‘icing’ you have over your crepe in the last picture? We’re new to paleo so I’m looking for ideas! 🙂

  69. These sound really great and easy! I’ve been looking for something to replace the tortillas we miss, but can you tell me to they taste “eggy” or do they taste more like a flour tortilla? I have a strong egg aversion and wanted to find out before I make my first batch! Thanks!

  70. I thinned my batter out with a little water to make thinner tortillas and it worked out great. Letting them get a little crispy also added some necessary texture.

    Great recipe. Will be making regularly.

  71. Wow, these are amazing!! So easy to make too. I used tapioca flour instead of the arrowroot as a 1:1 ratio. I also threw in 1 tsp of ground flax seed. Worked out great!! My husband said they were a little eggy tasting, but enjoyed them none-the-less. We had taco wraps. I thought they were just perfect!! Thank you for the great recipe!! I have a few leftover so I am going to try cutting them up into triangles and baking them to see if they make good tortilla chips tomorrow night. Have you tried this?

    1. Hi Lorrie! Thank you 🙂 Another reader (if you scroll up the page a little) recently made them into chips and described how it was done.

  72. Thank you so much for this recipe! This has been one of the first paleo recipes I’ve tried, because it looks so versatile. We used these to make breakfast burritos yesterday and are using them with shredded buffalo chicken tonight. Also, if anyone is wondering – I wanted to make a freeze a bunch of these, so I multiplied everything by 4 and used a 1/4 cup of batter to make each wrap. It turned out great and I ended up with 16 of these great wraps 🙂

  73. Hi I wanted to know if these tasted eggy at all. I get nauseous when I eat foods that taste too eggy. I know it’s sounds weird lol, that’s the best way I can describe it. TIA!!

  74. I love this recipe! It’s in regular rotation now for taco night…I use a smaller pan(To look like corn tortillas)and double the recipe and get enough for 3 tacos for dinner and leftovers for 2 more lunches. Also good with almond butter and banana and all wrapped up like a little sandwich. You are a genius!

  75. Great recipe, thanks! I was looking for something after we got some tough as leather torts from Whole Foods. :/
    p.s. the Print button isn’t working for me.

    1. Thanks Laura! We are trying to figure out how to disable the “pin it” button that shows up. You kind of have to click on the left side of the button for it to work.

  76. Any ideas for eliminating the coconut? My guts hate it more than they hate dairy or wheat. Thanks!

  77. Is all arrowroot powder GF? It seems like I keep getting things that “say” they are GF – but end up they aren’t as I have a powerful sensitivity that just appeared out of NOWHERE. 🙁 Thanks for the help!

    1. Arrowroot is a tuber, a root. If it’s processed on shared machinery with something used to process gluten, there’s always a chance of cross contamination, I’d guess.

  78. So, I tried these a few minutes ago; but my pan was too small, or I put too much in the pan; or a little both! Anyway, they got thick like yummy paleo pancakes! I drizzled maple syrup and cinnamon on them; it reminded me of french toast! Probably would have tasted even more so if they would have had vanilla in them! Yeah, pancakes before bed!! 😉 I will have to try again; with better measuring and/ or a different pan, to make tortillas. Thanks so much!

    1. I like your improv skills, Alison! Sometimes I add a tablespoon of water to thin the batter out so it spreads more easily!

  79. Made these tonight and just LOVE them! Better than my traditional egg only route! I did have to oil my pan but otherwise amazing!!! Mmmm good! TACOS!!

  80. Do you know if Arrowroot powder gets old? I wanted to make this recipe but before I went to the store, I noticed I have a HUGE bag of it on the shelf. Now it’s probably 4 years old. I just didn’t want to make this recipe and have it fall flat. 🙂 or maybe that’s blow up? 😉

  81. This recipe is genius!
    I just made these tonight, for fajitas, and they were delicious. My extremely picky, food averse, 4 year old even loved them.
    I subbed tapioca starch for the arrowroot, and coconut oil for ghee. I doubled the recipe and used a smaller, probably 6inch pan, and found that about 1/8 cup of batter was perfect. 1/4c made a chewy pancake. A double batch made 9 tortillas.
    I was kind of amazed that they came out better when I *didn’t* oil my stainless steel pan.
    Thanks for this! We’ve really missed tortillas.

  82. So, I’ve never cooked with coconut flour before…does it make the end product taste like coconut? (May be a stupid question… :P)

  83. Next, I plan on taking some freshly made tortillas, folding them over a form and popping them into the toaster oven to make hard taco shells.

      1. Writing back to report that these are amazing as hard shell tacos. After frying some up in the pan, I draped them over a folded piece of tin foil and put them in the toaster oven and set it to medium. When it came out, it was shaped like a hard taco and was crunchy/crispy. Definitely a change for those of us still searching for crunch.

  84. Just made these for lunch, and they reminded me a lot of crepes. Eggier, obviously, but really good. I subbed tapioca starch instead of arrowroot as I typically like the texture better.

    I had some melted swiss cheese on top (not strict Paleo, I know) and they were awesome. One batch made three for me, and I was full by the end of those.

  85. just made these…yum! i oiled the pan for the first one, which actually made it harder to flip, the following ones with out a greased pan were better. i made a couple too thick, i may add a little more water to the next batch to thin them out. i put eggs and bacon in mine and had a breakfast burrito…delish!! i cant wait to make fajitas, taco shell bowls and crepes…i’m headed to to the kitchen to make more for the week, let’s see how long they last!! thanks for the wonderful recipe!!

    1. Hi Ashley! Thanks for letting me know. Weird, isn’t it? I’ve had that happen a couple times. MMMM…your combo sounds awesome!

  86. Thanks Steph for sharing your recipes with the blogging world. I made these last night and made a few changes after reading most of the comments above:
    replacing Arrowroot with Tapioca flour and one egg with 1/4c coconut milk
    Worked perfectly, very flexible and yum.

  87. How would I purchase this e-book for someone else? Would you need their email address to send them the link after purchase?
    Sorry, I am a techno-deficient person;)
    I am also old school, and prefer having the text/pages in my hands:))
    Thanks, Shannon

    1. I agree…working on a print version! Yes, you would forward them the link after you purchased it.

  88. I just made these and my husband and I both loved them! Going to try subbing flax seed for the coconut flour to make enchiladas. My husband wants us to try and fry them for tacos, after reading posts I think it may be possible as long as they are thin enough to begin with. So happy that I found you and thank you for your great recipes. Looking forward to many more!

  89. I’m curious if chia seeds with water would work as a substitute. The mixture can become rather gelatinous/binding and may be a good replacement for egg.

  90. Help…I’m trying to rest my pancreas for 8 weeks and can’t eat more than 4 grams of net carb in 5 hours. I have a ton of food allergies. Any ideas on how to make Paleo wraps using substitutes for what I can’t tolerate? I have allergies to nuts but can tolerate macadamia and pistachio nuts as long as I don’t over do it and very small amounts of peanuts. Sesame seeds and tahini are ok. I am allergic to milk protein but can handle gee or whipped butter in small amounts. The only grains I can tolerate are oats and rice but the high carb content is an issue. I can only tolerate eggs in small amounts if I don’t eat them too often during a week. Can’t eat soy or gluten grains.

    1. I can’t think of any way to make these really thin with any other kind of substitute. There is a product sold by Julian Bakery that is a coconut wrap…pretty sure it’s just coconut and water.

  91. I have made so many paleo tortilla/crepe type items and all have been NOT GOOD. I had totally given up on having a tortilla again. I saw Nom Nom Paleo post this recipe on FB and I thought, duh! Why haven’t I checked here for a tortilla recipe. I should have came here first! These are so foldable and they don’t have a strong coconut taste. I filled them with pulled pork and made tacos and also almond butter roll ups for the kids. They were a huge hit. Another great recipe, Steph! Thank you!!

  92. Love, love, love these!!! I’ve eaten these as tacos and burritos, and tonight cut them in strips as lasagna noodles and they held up through baking the lasagna and were delish! Next I plan to cut them in narrow ribbons and use them as spaghetti noodles. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  93. I tried this yesterday for my beef tacos, but with coconut manna, SOOOOOO good! thank you so much for sharing this, I’ve been wanting to make my own tortillas for a while. I’m making some more this morning with my scramble eggs!


  94. I’ve been making these for a few months now but have always made them with almond flour instead of coconut. (only because I didn’t have coconut flour the 1st time)
    I use the exact same measurements and I loooove the results. Thanks for the recipe!

  95. I made these yesterday and i was so pleased my 5 and 7 year old loved them if fact the ate 3 each with some salsa for a mum with fussy boys they are definitely going to be a regular 😉

  96. Hey I love this recipe and so do my kids!! But I usually cook to enough of anything to have leftovers, I wanted to double or triple the recipe but I know that just doing straight math on it can be tricky when using baking soda – any ideas? Thanks!!

    1. I’ll be quite honest…the last few times I made it without the baking soda and they came out perfectly fine 🙂

      1. LOL! That makes some sense as I have always been told that baking soda won’t work without an acid and I don’t think there’s any in there! I will try it next time doubled or tripled and let you know how it turns out!

  97. These were amazing! I used the version with vanilla and fried some bananas for banana crepes with cinnamon and drizzled them with real maple syrop. Made a fantastic ‘cheat day’ breakfast!!! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  98. The recipe directions say add baking soda with the dry ingredients, but the baking soda and amount is not listed in ingredients. How much baking soda do I use?

  99. Hello! I made these for lunch and they were very tasty!! Thank you for sharing :). I did want to ask how much baking soda is to be added? I noticed its addition in the directions, but not the ingredient list. Thanks, again!!

  100. I don’t see in the ingredient list how much baking soda to use but it’s listed in the instructions. Am I missing something? Anxious to try this!!

    1. Hi Christi…I recently deleted the baking soda from the ingredients but forgot to remove it from the directions. You don’t need baking soda to get a good result. I’ve fixed the directions to reflect the change 🙂

      1. Thanks! Looks like all of a sudden yesterday we all noticed it and bombarded you with questions about it. 🙂 Thanks again! Trying this tonight.

  101. So, I went on a bit of a research nerd rampage to find the if I could use tapioca flour as a direct substitute for arrowroot powder. This site showed me the info on the plant. Y’all can formulate what works for you from this too. But, I found this info to confirm to me that I can use tapioca as a direct substitute for arrowroot since both products come from the same plant. (according to this info)

    I hope this helps anyone else who was on the same search! Now, I’m off to try this recipe. I also wanted to say how impressed I am with this site and it’s owner. You are so involved with your replies and I don’t see this often. It seems to me you are authentically showing up for your work here and it is inspiring. THANK YOU!

    1. Tapioca comes from cassava, though the plants are often listed interchangeably and have incredibly similar textures and cooking properties. In this recipe, both can be used.

      Thanks for your kind words! I really try hard to reply to everyone 🙂

  102. I noticed that baking soda is not listed in the ingredients, yet it is mentioned in the directions. How much baking soda do I use?


    1. So sorry…I deleted it off the ingredients but forgot to do remove it from the directions. It’s not needed in the recipe.

  103. I was wondering if you can make more just by doubling everything and so on. I need to make about 12 tortillas. How would you recommend making a bigger batch. I know sometimes with cooking, you can’t just simply double. Thanks for your time 🙂

  104. So maybe I’m just crazy, but I can’t see where it says how much Baking Soda to use under the directions!

    1. Sorry about that Caty! I deleted it out of the ingredients after some tinkering and forgot to remove it from the directions. Heading over to fix it!

  105. I got and read Loren Cordain’s book: The Paleo Answer a year or 2 ago. My kid wasn’t much interested in going Paleo at the time, although I’ve been trying to clean up our diet, it can sometimes be a long and slow process to get “buy in” from other people who eat your cooking! She is now considering trying it to see if it helps her with joint pain, headaches, and tummy aches. So I am rereading the book and trying to clean up our diet.

    I had just gotten to the part about tapioca, which he says comes from Cassava. It has an exceptionally high glycemic load, higher even that a potato. I did the math though, and, at a quantity of 1/4 cup, or 3 tablespoons, the glycemic load dropped to 7.049, which is between the glycemic load of a 1/4 pound of beets and yams for one batch of the recipe. So, I’m not too concerned about the glycemic load, although, it could be a problem, of course, for anyone if they ate too many of them at once (I’m thinking: chips. Yum!).

    What did concern me though, is the other things that are in it. Cassava, like lima beans, has an antinutrient called cyanogenic glycoside, which, unless sufficiently cooked, can convert into hydrogen cyanide, which is a deadly poison. Lima beans have to be cooked a long time to get tender. What amount of time is needed for this to cook out?

    Also, according to Loren, even when fully cooked, the cyanogenic glycoside converts into thiocyanates, which may aggravate iodine deficiencies. which leads to problems with the thyroid and maybe even leads to cancers, such as breast cancer.

    Are there any other alternatives out there? I’m thinking corn starch may not be so bad. Maybe he doesn’t cook and he doesn’t realize that people aren’t going to consume as much of this stuff as say, lime beans at any given meal? Thanks. I will definitely try the recipe.

    I tried William Davis’ Wheat Belly tortillas with eggs and flax seed and we didn’t like them because they were so eggy. I will try them using 1/4 cup coconut milk as a substitute for one of the eggs. Love that I can read everyone’s substitutes so that I can customize it for our tastes or just for whatever we have on hand at the time. Noticed that you responded to every comment. Very impressed that you take your readers so seriously. Thanks again!

    1. You can use arrowroot, which is from a different plant than cassava though they are biologically similar so I’m unsure what, if any, the amount of cyanogenic glycoside is in arrowroot.

      To be quite honest, if it’s an every once in a while treat (which these are for me) I’m not super concerned about the potential antinutrients.

      Though his recommendations against this are directly biochemical which I understand (I have a biology background), some of his other stances are quite rigid and very “diet like” (such as avoiding sweet potatoes and many carb-dense tubers). For athletes (like me) and other very active people, we need dense carb sources (primarily from starchy veg) not only for performance but for the maintenance of healthy hormonal function.

      I’d have to do more digging around re: this issue. As I mentioned, my only other direct recommendation would be arrowroot instead of tapioca because I’ve personally made it that way myself and it turns out just fine. I’m not sure what cornstarch would do. My suspicion is that it would be similar but with corn, you’d want to find a GMO-free brand and I’m not sure if that exists.

  106. I’ve made these a couple of times now. We love the taste and I love how quick they are to make. I did substitute the ghee with coconut oil and read the suggestion tomuse 1 egg and 1/4 cup of coconut oil vs 2 eggs. I’m still having a little trouble with them being a little “rubbery” and almost to greasy. Do youmthinkmits the coconut oil or is this the texture of them. I tried cooking longer and had the pan quite hot but still came out the same. Thanks for your help. I would love to work this out, we’ve had such a hard time finding a wrap since going gluten free.

    1. Hi Cindy…1/4 cup coconut oil is definitely a lot for the volume of this recipe.

      I’ve made them dozens of times with 2 eggs + 1 teaspoon ghee (or butter or coconut oil) and they don’t come out greasy.

      1. Sorry that was a typo on my part. I used 1/4 cup coconut milk with 1 egg and just a tsp of coconut oil.

        1. Oh okay! I still think that the egg provides the protein background that helps the tortilla stand up to cooking. Not sure if the coconut milk (while it provides moisture) will do the same.

  107. These have become a staple in our house! My non-Paleo vegetarian sister loves them for quesadillas, I’ve used them for sandwich wraps, tacos, breakfast burritos, etc.. and they hold up perfect for all of these. Thanks!

  108. These are perfect for tortillas, but Has anyone tried to use these as a sub for lasagna noodles?

    1. Hi Alicia! Yes, I remember at least one other person who wrote in and used them for noodles! They’re a bit thin (and more like an egg noodle) but the effect is there for sure.

  109. That was fun!
    I had finished making the cauliflower wraps and being disappointed, I kept searching the web for a simple wrap when I came across your site. Motivated, and the kitchen still a mess, I gave it a try… (after reading how others were successful.) Now if there is anything that can go wrong I can easily discover it! I have made three batches this afternoon, and so far it is ‘Suzanne’ proof! I added some liquid Stevia for my sweet tooth hubby. I let some of them cook longer and the edges were crispy, like a chip. YUM! The only thing I can stay that caught me off guard was the shallow bowl I used. The first time I dumped the arrowroot into the bowl I looked like a ghost! Had white powder all over myself and the counter! SURPRISE! I also find that just before pouring the batter out each time onto the hot pan, I stir the batter back up . Oh, and I also added coconut oil to my pan so that they don’t stick as I don’t use non stick skillets. Thanks for this recipe! And keep up the good monitoring! Suzanne

    1. Yay! I’m so happy it finally worked out for you 🙂 I’ve definitely ended up with arrowroot all over the place before…it’s so powdery! Happy cooking 🙂

  110. Hi! I am one of your new biggest fans!!! Just made the simple paleo tortillas last night and they were fantastic. I haven’t had soft, pliable, and incredibly yummy tortillas in forever. The last time I ate a tortilla was over 6 years ago! I made them about 4 inches and used them for sweet potato, yam, and pulled beef tacos!!! Even my husband loved them, that’s saying a lot! I will be making these over and over and over again! Thank you so much for sharing your ah-maz-ing recipes with all of us!!! xox

    1. This is so fantastic to hear, Michelle. Very grateful to have supportive fans such as yourself!

  111. I’m excited to try these tonight. I’m subbing plantain flour for the arrowroot. I have both, so maybe I’ll try and make 2 batches to test them out. I’ll let you know if it works!

    1. Hi Amy! Oh nice…I have yet to try it with plantain flour but DEFINITELY let me know 🙂

  112. I managed to save some for my hubby, when he returned back from his trip. It was in the fridge for a day.
    Know that he is VERY hard to please.
    He rolled his eyes when I first mentioned it to him…then didn’t say anything when I showed him.
    Later he wrapped up some natural meat and onions in one……and now…. He wants more!
    This recipe is sooooo versatile!
    A HUGE;
    Bigger than that! A HU~MUN~GAS… is that a word?
    Okay…….Ginormous THANK YOU!

    1. No…if you do, the batter will sort of slide around the pan and won’t spread out. They won’t stick! 🙂

    1. 🙂 <--- that's the big smile you put on my face! Thanks for stopping by to let me know, Livie!

  113. So after like a year I made these. They are much more easy to make than I figured. They are not fragile at all. After I made them I made some sausage/kale/egg saute and rolled them up inside. So yummy. Next weekend I am going to have to make way more so I can freeze them and have tortillas anytime I want. You are so awesome!

  114. Fantastic! No complaints, no tweaking the recipes. I have made enchiladas and breakfast burritos. Tortilla doesn’t break, is not to eggy, not to cocunutty…just greatness!

  115. I know my comments are all over the place now, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on spinach tortillas. I have raw spinach at home and was gonna make spinach wraps out of that, but when I started googling, I didn’t realize that I could get spinach tortillas. But are they okay going paleo? Or… should I just keep them raw? So many questions!

  116. The update with the water, works so good. I love this recipe. Every time I make a taco, I think “Thank you Stupid Easy Paleo!”. In fact, I am about to make a taco now…..Yummy!

  117. Just about to try these with a gelatin mixture instead of eggs! Hoping it works. Going to make them into savory pasta sheets for my lasagna!

  118. Thanks so much for a great recipe! I did as someone suggested and used 1/4 cup coconut milk each for half the eggs (good eggs are expensive, and I quadrupled the batch for my family of six), and I substituted tapioca starch for arrowroot and melted beef tallow for the ghee since that’s what I had on hand. We used them for pork steak, pepper and onion fajitas last night, one kiddo had one slathered with sun butter for breakfast, and another kiddo took one wrapped around turkey for lunch at school. They got a thumbs-up from all six of us! They are so delicious and very sturdy, and I love that it’s a batter and I don’t have to mess with dough. There are only three left of the twelve I made last night, and those will be gone by lunch today, so I’m going to whip up a batch that’s eight or ten times larger to have on hand in the freezer!

  119. I wasn’t sure what to expect taste or texture wise when I made these but these are amazing!! I love that they hold up well (nothing irritates me more than a tortilla that rips) and they taste good to boot..they do have a very faint taste of egg to them when I tried them alone but that does not bother me in the least bit especially since they will be filled. I live how easy they were to make as well…very happy I found and tried this recipe! Thank you!!

  120. Just had to comment again and share that these worked wonderfully for enchiladas last night! They held up just as well as traditional flour tortillas, and all four kids agreed that they taste better than any tortillas I used to buy from the store. Both of my sons had three enchiladas each, and the oldest even had one for breakfast this morning. I have to say I made a pretty tasty filling and sauce, and everyone was tickled with the rare treat of raw organic white cheddar on top, but the tortillas really were the star! Thanks again. 🙂

  121. Love these! I use them to make lasagnas all the time. They’re also good with our family manicotti recipe. My Italian grandfather can’t even tell the difference!

  122. I forgot to add that I use a 3 TBS measuring cup and that makes getting the exact right amount of batter into the pan before it starts to cook very simple. (I think the measuring cup may actually be a NyQuil cup filled to the top. Not sure where I got it.)

  123. If I wanted to make enchiladas, do you think these would hold up to the sauce being put on top?

  124. What a great recipe! We had tacos for dinner instead of taco salad (again)!!! I love how creative everyone is with this recipe, too. It prompted me to make tortilla chips. I made 2 tortillas following your recipe which measured out to be 1/4 cup each. Then I added 1 TB of water to the remaining batter, and cooked an 1/8 cup of batter at a time. I stacked those and cut them into wedges, placed on an oiled pan in a single layer, sprayed the tops with oil and salt. Then I broiled them for a few minutes on each side until crispy- tortilla chips!

    I also made crepes in advance with your recipe. I used 2.5 TB of water instead of 1 TB, and added 1 tsp maple syrup. I poured 1/8 cup of batter in the pan for each crepe. Stacked them on a plate and covered the plate in plastic wrap while still warm. The heat softened the crispy edges. Then I reheated them a few hours later in the pan and served them with berries and whipped cream.

    I love the lasagna noodle and egg noodle ideas that others posted. I can’t wait to try them! Thank you so much for such a creating and sharing such a great recipe! 🙂

  125. I just tried these today! So yummy! I cooked one to “perfection” by flipping it after the sides started to curl. On the next one, I got busy at the sink and did the “gasp and run” to the stove. It was cooked more and a bit more rigid but still quite malleable. This turned out to be my favorite one.

  126. This is so cool! I just made these, can’t vouch for taste bc I haven’t tried them yet but they definitely turned out soft. I am cutting out as much wheat & gluten and some dairy as I can and have noticed an improvement in how I feel and decrease in my year round allergy symptoms so it’s great to see some type of tortilla I can use to wrap things in! I tried some brown rice frozen section tortillas & they’re ok, but not very soft. Think I’m going to use one tonight then freeze the other 2. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  127. Just have to add now that I’ve actually eaten one, these are amazing!! I just had a taco with it and it honestly just tasted like a normal taco, just a little harder to hold together! The texture does seem eggy but the taste was not it worked with the taco ingredients. Can’t wait for a breakfast burrito tomorrow and next time to make crepes yum! Totally going to check out the rest of your site when I get time 🙂

  128. OMG I can’t believe how well these worked! Using my small omelet pan I got 4 taco-sized tortillas out of the recipe. The are pliable, soft yet chewy, and absolutely strong enough to hold the 2 chicken tacos I made for dinner….then the egg taco I had for breakfast…then the veggie taco I had the day after that! I stored the leftovers in the fridge and just quickly warmed them in a skillet before using. YUM.

  129. Steph, I must say. I’ve tried other versions of paleo tortillas and they never made it to the dinner table. They were far too eggy and spongy. My husband is half Mexican, half Italian and a pilot in the Marine Corps so we are always watching what we eat. He has been missing tortillas for some time and I found your blog. I subbed in Tapioca Starch because I was out of arrowroot flour. And I used lard (because it’s how true Mexicans make tortillas). The results were fantastic. I tripled the batch so we could save some for breakfast. My husband is probably going to come find you and hug you. You rock 🙂

    1. That is so fantastic, Jessica!! I love the idea of using lard, too…definitely more traditional and tapioca works really well in this recipe. Big hugs to you guys!

  130. I love these!! I’ve made them at least a dozen times since I found the reciepe several months ago. My favorite use is to use them to make enchiladas! Yum!!!!

  131. I always thought tortillas would be too much trouble to make but there were quick and easy. They folded without cracking and didn’t taste eggy or coconutty. DS won’t eat things made with coconut flour but I don’t think he’ll be able to tell there is a tiny bit in these.

  132. Hey Step! Love this recipe for Paleo Tortillas. I probably make it once a week. I was having a problem with the coconut flour making little lumps in the batter but I mixed everything in the blender and it came out awesome! No lumps and easy pouring and clean up.

    Thanks again,
    So. CA

    1. Hi Shannon! Great tip! That coconut flour is pesky sometimes. I’ve started doing it that way, too. Been meaning to update the post!


    I found this recipe and immediately made crepes. And now I’m fantasizing about paleo-fying the classic crepe cake!

    Thank you for this! Magic!

  134. OK. I have known about these tortillas for almost a year now. I even had a very close friend make them and RAVE about how wonderful they were. I didn’t believe it. Last night I was inspired to give them a try because if I had to eat fajitas or tacos over salad one more time I thought I might lose my mind!

    These tortillas are LIFE CHANGING! They look EXACTLY like the pictures, they fold, they hold up, they don’t rip, they don’t crumble, they aren’t eggy and weird. I made 15 tortillas in total because once I got going with them I just couldn’t stop and had to make another batch and then another!

    It has been so very long since I ate something “handheld”, it was glorious.

    I should admit that I was a little irritated with the first two because they stuck to the pan….but as I got going and the pan got hot enough and a bit “seasoned”, they went in and came out like little champions! I agree with a previous commenter that these actually worked even better without greasing my non-stick…..found they came out better.


    (and to the point of the lumpiness…I found if I whisked and then let it sit for about 3 minutes and then re-whisked, the lumps disappeared…without having to dirty the blender.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That’s great! I am so glad to hear you liked them and enjoyed something “handheld”. 🙂

  135. Steph, you are a genius! And I’m kicking myself for putting off making these for so long! I AM IN LOVE! They were so so so stupid easy 😉 and delicious! I filled one with leftover pulled pork and bit into it and SIGHED happily because I’ve missed tacos!!

    Thank you so much for this super easy staple recipe– I’ll be making them regularly!

  136. I will be trying this recipe as is, to know how it tastes then substituting the eggs for a a gelatin mixture I have been eager to try, it was 1 egg equals 1 tbls gelatin in tbls cold water then mixing in 2 tbls boiling water till frothy, knowing my ideas this will probably be a fail but I will try at least :)!!!

  137. I used to make “Paleo Bread” for sandwiches, but I haven’t found one that really made me want to make it again – too long to make, and ended up being nutty-tasting and never rose. I made these tortillas, and they are amazing!! I use them for sandwich wraps and tacos. I added some flax meal this batch, and replaced one egg with just egg whites to limit the lumpiness. I will probably try experimenting with different seasonings – I just love this recipe so much, thank you for sharing!!!

  138. I’m doing my first Whole30, starting Monday. Can I eat these while doing that? I’m so new to it, I’d really appreciate your thoughts!

  139. I am not strictly “paleo” or anything but I have been attempting to reduce carbs and find potential carb substitutes for that purpose. My carb Achilles’ heel are tortillas. I can’t live without breakfast tacos so was looking rather skeptically for any tortilla substitutes.

    I’m also not exactly a skilled cook or anything but this looked easy enough to try. I have to say even though I probably didn’t make them as well as I could have they were quite good and greatly surpassed my expectations. The slight egg flavor actually made them quite good for breakfast tacos which were filled with scrambled egg whites, sausage, avocado slices, cheese and salsa.

    I can see these being used for many other things so will definitely be making these in huge batches next time. Thanks for a great tortilla alternative! Do you accept or entertain marriage proposals on your blog? 😀

    1. I’m glad you liked them Chris!

      (I’m a happily married lady.)

      Thanks for writing in!

  140. Great recipe! Thank you! I made them tonight with chicken fajitas. I love that they are soft and bend so nicely without breaking. They were so good I made a batch for dessert with a little cinnamon and vanilla. We rolled them up with some fresh strawberries and coconut cream. Yum! Thanks again!

  141. I literally just made these for my GF husband. Tripled the recipe, used coconut oil in place of ghee and measured out 1/3 cup to pour in a 9 inch pan. They came out FANTASTIC! Thanks for the recipe!

  142. These are amazing! I’ve been missing tortillas for some time. I now make a batch every couple days. 😉 I also cut them up into triangles and fry them for a couple of minutes in coconut oil to get delicious, crunchy tortilla chips!

  143. Hi,

    Should I just double the ingredients if I want to make a double batch?

    Thanks for all the great recipes!


    1. Hi Amit,

      Yes, this batch doubles nicely if you want to make extra. You’re welcome. 🙂

  144. Steph, these are absolutely delicious. Better than any white flour crepe AND they flip beautifully. Is it okay to share to my FB wall? Now I’m a happy wheat free girl. Thanks!! 🙂

    1. Hi Lee! All I ask is that you not print the directions, but you’re free to share the ingredients. Thank you!

    1. Hi Hannah…I’m not sure…I haven’t tested that combination, but I really doubt it. The arrowroot forms the starch base that keeps the tortilla together. If not, you’d be left with gelatinous eggs.

      1. Okay. Thanks. The reason I was asking was that I can’t use starch, and I’m trying to stay away from nuts, so the almond flour is out. I’m following the SCD.

          1. Plantain tortillas are also not allowed (plantain’s have too much starch). However, there was a link to a recipe for cauliflower tortillas on that site, that I’m going to try. So thank you for the reference.

  145. Steph – nuts.com sells most of these flours online for your “middle of nowhere” followers. I’ve been using them for years…

  146. Tried a batch of these last night and I have to say this is the absolute first Paleo recipe that didn’t need to alter on my own… They are true to what you said they are. Absolutely love them! I’m thinking because of their texture they would probably make a great noodle as well! I’m going to try making some Haluski this weekend and cut these tortillas in strips like noodles. I’m pretty sure they are going to be fantastic! :). Thank you… Thank you… Thank you!!!!! 🙂

  147. These are amazing! So good. The only problem is I just found out I have to eliminate egg from my son’s diet…did any of the egg substitutions in this thread work out? I saw suggestions for chia seed and water, flax seed and water and applesauce. Any results?

  148. I’ve made these a few times and like how they turn out. Admittedly I do use the egg yolks in them, I’m to lazy to remove them and find a use for them, lol. Today I decided I would try to make individual pizzas with them. OMG! This is the best paleo substitute for crust I have ever had. Doesn’t burn, holds up, isn’t an overpowering taste, and easy to whip up, thank you so much!!!!

  149. A Saturday morning go to for me and the hubby now! Amazing with sautéed apples or bananas.
    Om nom nom!!!

  150. Are these healthier than flour tortillas? I supposed what I am wondering is why make these, why not just buy them. Other than homemade being better obviously

    1. Hi Kaela…for people who want to avoid gluten (like would be in flour tortillas), these are gluten-free.

  151. Steph!!! You are my HERO!!! I am crying as I type this, which sounds silly, but my little boy was diagnosed with possible type one diabetes a couple of months ago and I have been busting my ass to try to control his blood sugar numbers with his diet and avoiding medication if at all possible. One of his favorite foods is soft tacos which is obviously a no no for grain free. Thanks to you I can finally say yes to a food he wants instead of no!!! I have made four different recipes in the last two weeks and this is the first to be flexible and soft!! I made them exactly as the recipe states (I used coconut oil). YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for giving this momma a happy moment in what has been an emotional roller coaster. And thank you for answering my question yesterday about how to freeze them 😉

    1. Awww, Robin! 🙂 I’m so happy that I could help out even in a small way. Your little boy is lucky to have such a caring mama like you, and I hope this recipe brings you many more happy meal times. Big hugs!

  152. Are these pretty easy to flip while in the skillet? I’m such a terrible flipper when it comes to anything that’s pretty fragile and I would love to try and make these over the weekend!

        1. Sorry Ashley…I don’t have it calculated out. I recommend when folks want nutritional content that you can use the My Fitness Pal app. Pretty sure it’s been entered into the app.

  153. These are so good and so easy to make. I didn’t grease the pan for the first one (since it didn’t say to in the instructions) and it stuck terribly. Then I used some Pam and that worked perfectly. I guess I need to buy a non-stick pan. I was going to put the crepes away until tomorrow and make ham and cheese roll-ups, but I couldn’t wait! I spread them with a little homemade jam… OMG! Blew my diet, but worth every bite! I think these will make really versatile wraps for Paleo folks. I’m out of eggs or I think I’d be making another batch! Just emailed the lady I get free-range eggs from (at half the price of supermarket ones) and ordered 6 dozen eggs! LOL

    1. Hi Andrea,

      I’m so chuffed you like them so much. You can also use a little coconut oil or ghee to grease you pan so they’re easier to handle. 🙂

      1. Got 6 dozen range free eggs today from my “egg lady.” The first thing I did was make a double batch of these beauties! I put three aside for tomorrow. Then, for lunch, I melted cheese in one, wrapped one around some bacon and had the third one for dessert with some homemade jam rolled up in it. So easy to make, flipping is no problem, eating is blissful! I want to wrap everything in them! LOL

      1. I was thinking of one of the ceramic or enameled pans that are non-stick. I would never get one of the Teflon, PTFE or PFOA pans! However, I’ve been lightly greasing my stainless steel pan and that works perfectly so I probably will just stick with that. Thank you for your concern, by the way!

  154. Hey Steph, I just dug up an old (and I mean old) recipe of my moms from my teen years. It’s mushroom crepes. The problem is they have a bechemel ( sorry, probably spelt that wrong!) sauce. So everything I don’t want! Can u wizard up somthing I could use? Or do u know of a great paleo B sauce? There’s a splash of white wine in the sauce as well, I’m fine with that. These crepes wee my faves. Really decadent and totally delish. Please help!

  155. Your “tortillas” aren’t tortillas. They’re crepes. just because they sorta look like flour “tortillas” doesn’t mean they are.

    1. It’s a gluten-free option, James. No, it doesn’t contain white flour or corn, but they can be used in the same application. Technically not a “tortilla”, but then again, real tortillas aren’t paleo anyway. Thanks for your opinion on the matter.

  156. Ooooh! Never thought of that! It wouldn’t b the same but it would b delish in its own right. I’ve made that hollendaise b 4 and it was so luscious! I’ll try it for the mushroom crepes for sure! Thanks. 🙂

  157. Hi! We’re making right now your delicious paleo tortillas and we have a question! In the third step it says “pour in about 1/3 of the batter”. Is this a mistake? cause that means that we will just get 3 tortillas out of the batter and we can see a lot more in the picture!
    thanks Steph!

    Alba & Belén

    1. Hi there! I made a double batch for these photos 🙂 If you use a smaller pan, you may get more.

  158. After you cook these in pan, do you think you could slice them into triangles and bake them until crispy so you have a crispy tortilla for dipping? Would that work?

    1. Tapioca flour is the only substitute. If you cannot use that, I’d suggest trying a cauliflower or plantain tortilla recipe.

      1. I read somewhere that tapioca can cross over for people with Celiac disease, even though it’s technically gluten-free. It’s worth Googling it, if you are trying to be really careful about gluten. What about potato starch or white rice flour for the less-strict Primal folks who eat potatoes and white rice? The Jaminets, Mark Siisson and Chris Kresser are a little more relaxed about these carbs nowadays.

        1. Hi Andrea! It’s actually not that I’m against potato starch or white rice flour…it’s just that I haven’t tested the recipe with these ingredients. If you do, let me know how it turned out.

          1. Ah okay, gotcha, Steph! I’m ditching tapioca, so I might try a different starch from arrowroot for fun. I think any fine white starch would probably work, but I’m no chef! LOL

  159. I love those tortillas and was wondering if I can cut them into pieces and dry them in the oven to make some sort of nachos? Do they turn dry and crispy or will they just continue cooking? Any ideas?

      1. Cool! What heat did you bake them for and how long? I am from Europe and find that all the American recipes I try are massive fails with my oven… So just a rough guidance please 😉

        1. Hi Dani….gosh, I don’t even really remember. 170C is a pretty safe temp. It may have taken 10 minutes or even a bit longer. Sorry I don’t have more detail!

  160. Hi, regarding the simple paleo tortillas, the recipe calls for 1/4 Arrowroot powder, and 1 teaspoon of Coconut flour. Do you think that it would still turn out well if I switched it up and used 1/4 Coconut powder and 1 teaspoon of Arrowroot powder instead. I’m not a good cook and I also have health conditions that kind of restrict me from starch, that’s why I’m asking if I could switch it up. Thanks for your time and recipe! 🙂

    1. Hi Jeanette,

      I understand wanting to make substitutions, however with the tortillas the recipe would not turn out the same if the coconut flour were increased. You’d essentially have to alter the other ingredients as well to compensate for coconut flour’s fibrous make up (Coconut flour soaks up a lot of liquid).

    1. Hi Emma,

      It’s a grain free starch and it can be found at most health food stores in the baking section or online. 🙂

  161. I made these last night… Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! WONDERFUL! Even my little guy said they were super yummy and finished his dinner – that’s a rarity! Love them, perfect recipe! Thank you!

  162. Tried to see if we could make the tortilla less “eggy” and this recipe turned out great! Brushed pan with coconut oil. Made 4, 8′ crepes that we’ll use for peking duck tonight!
    1 egg
    1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
    1/2 cup arrow root flour
    1 tbsp ghee (melted)
    2 tbsp coconut flour

  163. I just started paleo so I haven’t forgotten what ‘real tortillas’ are like yet, and these are actually a really good substitute!

  164. These came out awesome, thank you for sharing! Whipped up some breakfast burritos & they held all of the ingredients without any issue, flexible but strong. Also tried out waffles & Yorkshire puddings with good success. Looking forward to trying it out as a pizza crust!

    Another idea: pizzelles! I have an electric Cuisinart pizzelle press and this recipe made pretty decent flat cookies. They’re not break-apart crispy like the gluten version, but they are soft – you can sprinkle powdered sugar on top or make a sandwich with PB & chocolate spread.

    1. A couple updates: these actually make pretty good funnel cakes! I added the vanilla and ended up adding 2 teaspoons of potato flour, which both makes it brown & helps it stick together in the oil. Using the stock recipe, it just kind of disintegrated in the oil, but the potato flour helped it stick together into shapes – I’ll probably try a full tablespoon in the next batch to see if that helps even more. Sprinkled some powdered sugar on them & voila, allergy-friendly dessert!

      I also tried throw some in my donut pans (full & mini) with mixed results. They either pop out of the top like a popover, or stay kind of indented (I tried various quantities of the mix to watch the height results). They’re a bit like Krispy Kreme donuts, only more styrofoamy & lighter. I made a quick glaze mix of powdered sugar & water, they weren’t too bad – disappeared quick. I don’t think I’d make them again, except maybe to make a Luther Burger like they have at fairs.

      I’ll try some in my bun pan tomorrow, these might make an interesting grain-free hamburger bun or sandwich flatbread as well. I don’t have a hot dog pan, but due to the light & fluffy texture, it might be worth trying for that as well. A Redditor made a pizza using a Yorkshire pudding recipe that I’m going to try tomorrow as well:


      Can’t thank you enough for posting this recipe…been looking for a good dairy/grain-free wrap for a long time now! These are easy & quick, and they make awesome breakfast burritos – even stuff like flour tortillas in the past were a bit too heavy for me with eggs & whatnot and were really only good for bean/rice/chicken/beef burritos, and this works great for breakfast wraps since it’s almost, but not quite, a thin omelet by itself.

  165. Just adding my name to the almost endless scroll-down of thumbs up for this recipe. I’ve only ever tried a few grain-free tortilla type recipes and this one is awesome! They really taste just like crepes, and the one I had mere minutes ago I topped with figs, blueberries, nut granola and maple syrup and it was flippin’ delicious! I’m yet to try in a tortilla recipe – perhaps making it thinner will make it more tortilla-like? In any case no complaints!

    Also as an Australian I can echo the other comments here about the success of tapioca. Yep like others have said the packets here are labelled ‘Arrowroot Flour’ with the sub-title ‘also known as tapioca’ – so I have no idea which it is but it works!

    Many thanks 🙂

      1. I’ve used arrowroot flour (aka starch aka powder) & tapioca flour, it all cooks & taste the same for this recipe. In my area, it’s easier to get a big box of tapioca flour than it is to buy a small bag of arrowroot flour.

        1. Yep…it all works out just the same 🙂 Glad you were able to find an alternative that fits your budget better!

    1. Meags – for the tortilla, I use a 12″ saucepan and pour in just enough to swirl around (have to start swirling as you pour over medium heat, otherwise it clumps up & turns into a weird omelet, haha). Let it sit until it starts browning underneath, flip, and wait for it to brown again. I like using the larger pan size because it lets you do a better burrito wrap. I actually just made a truckload of them tonight for breakfast burritos, filled with stuff like eggs & sausage. Here’s a great tutorial on how to fold burritos properly, it’s a pretty simple trick once you get the hang of it:


      Part one is to make a big tortilla wrap, part two is to not put too many ingredients in (I always packed too much in & it’d spill out), and part three is to fold it right (ingredients off-center, fold in sides, then tuck & wrap). To prep for freezing, just throw them on a cookie sheet for an hour in the freezer to harden, then slide a bunch into a ziploc bag for storage. I just microwave them for a minute or two to reheat, voila – paleo-friendly McDonalds-style breakfast burritos!

      I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of ingredients too: eggs, bacon, sausage, chorizo (this one’s huge if you want that restaurant-style taste), mushrooms, bell peppers, hash browns, cubed potatoes, peppers, salsa, various salts & spices, and even black beans & avocado just to mix it up a bit. Thanks again Steph for the great recipe, so nice to have a grain-free tortilla that actually works!

  166. Hi Steph,

    I have made these several time and love them (especially for my non-paleo) friends. I’m starting the whole30 tomorrow and I’m pretty sure they are approved. My sister and I have been going back and forth about it all week so I thought I would ask. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jill…well, they’re actually SWYPO. So sorry, but I even checked with Melissa and Dallas to be sure.

  167. I made these for the first time last night. AMAZING. I am kicking myself for not trying them sooner! I followed the recipe to a T and they turned out perfectly!

    1. Hi Steph,
      I followed the recipe and directions exactly, but the “tortillas” ended up falling apart and it only made three. Nothing close to yours or a tortilla. A bit disappointed!

  168. I ended up buying a new 12″ non-stick skillet specifically for making these:


    I went with the larger pan because I read that larger tortilla shells wrap better; I’m using the wrapping procedure here:


    They work great! Two notes: add the suggested tablespoon of water (makes them more flexible), and follow the recipe EXACTLY for best results. If you’re using a 12″ skillet, you’ll need to use the ENTIRE batter (2 eggs, 1/4c arrowroot, etc.) to make a single large tortilla:


    It lets you fold it up into a nice Chipotle-style burrito:


    One tip is to use a sticky base for the first filling ingredient. So we’ll use slightly-running scrambled eggs, or refried beans, or hummus to make a glue base, and then add on other toppings like rice, beans, chicken, sliced steak, ground beef, bacon, sausage, veggies, etc. These also freeze well: make a bunch of tortillas, fill them up, freeze them on a cookie sheet for a couple hours, then throw them in a ziploc bag & squish the air out. I reheat them in the microwave, wrapped in a paper towel (so they stay soft on the outside) for a couple minutes. Makes an awesome lunch!

    I’ve also had success using them for pizzelle cookies (I have a Cuisinart electric pizzelle iron, works kind of like a waffle maker). If we want flexible cookies, we add the tablespoon of water, which lets you wrap ingredients like peanut butter & bananas into little tacos or burritos. If we want stiff cookies, we omit the water and just top them with something like Nutella (I use Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter instead actually) or Tupelo honey:


    btw, if you haven’t had Tupleo honey, it’s amazing. YS Ecobees is a good brand on Amazon, although I use Smiley honey now:


    Again, many thanks for the recipe, using it all the time now – the is the first grain-free wrap I’ve used that actually WORKS – it’s flexible, it’s freezeable, it reheats well, it holds ingredients well, and the taste is neutral instead of horrible.

    1. Wow this is super, Dave! I think this will really help folks think of new ways to use them! Cheers 🙂

    1. I know some have used tapioca flour in place of arrowroot but you may need to adjust a bit as the consistency isn’t exactly identical.

    2. Nicola, I use both interchangeably with good results. They taste the same to me & cook the same way, at least for the waffles & tortillas that I’ve tried. My local store only carries small bags of arrowroot flour though, so I always end up getting the larger box of tapioca flour instead. I’ve had enough success that I’m ready to place a bulk online order for both flours (just to have some variation in ingredients).

      I’ve been doing a lot of make-ahead meals with this recipe successfully, including all kinds of burritos (breakfast burritos with eggs, vegan burritos with rice & beans, chicken burritos, and beef burritos). Going to try fancying it up a little with some quesadillas & enchiladas next!

  169. These look really great. Do you have any suggestions on flipping the tortilla? I’ve tried crepes in the past and flipping over has always been a problem.

  170. Karen, if you wait until they get a little brown on the bottom, then they’re easy to flip since they’re a tortilla rather than a crepe, if that makes sense – much more solid than a traditional dessert type of crepe. Like Steph said, you can flip them with your fingers (if you’re feeling brave, haha!); I just use a wide pancake spatula.

  171. Is it possible to swap the arrowroot amount and the coconut flour amount? Arrowroot is hard for me to find in large quantities, whereas coconut floor comes in bulk.

    1. No, it’s not possible to switch them. Coconut flour is highly absorbent and will throw the recipe off.

  172. Hello, I was wondering is anything needed to be sprayed on the skillet before cooking to keep the mix from sticking?
    I am new to paleo (seriously, I’m on day 2) and am looking forward to learning all that I can about it 🙂

    1. Hi Glenna,

      It shouldn’t stick but if you’re nervous about it, very lightly grease it. If there’s a pool of fat on the bottom the tortillas won’t spread out.

      Day 2 woohoo!!

    1. Hi Heather…I don’t count calories which is why there’s no calorie count. You could probably type the ingredients into Fit Day and get a rough estimate.

  173. Can I store these in the fridge for future use? How long? Arrowroot is grain free, right? (Not gluten free but GRAIN free)

    1. Hi Joe,

      Yes you can store them in the fridge for a few days, but for longer term storage, I recommend freezing them.They’ll thaw without breaking.

      Arrowroot is grain-free and gluten-free. It comes from a root.

  174. You may have answered this already, but can they be frozen? I would think that paper placed between them before freezing (wax or parchment) would work. I am also wondering if they could be used for quesadillas, crisped in the oven first?

    1. Hi Donna…they certainly can be frozen and they will thaw and be flexible again. Lots of people have used them in the oven and they crisp up well 🙂

  175. Hey Stephanie…Wondering if you have ever tried making them into hard shells for tacos by frying them? is that totally anti-paleo? hahaha. Just finished whole30 and craving some hardshell tacos.. but am staying paleo since my immune system is sooooo much happier with me these days!

    1. You can make them into hard shells but I’ve done it in the oven, not by frying. Not sure how that’d work. It’s not anti-Paleo but I wouldn’t go crazy and eat them daily 😉

  176. Hi there. My question is… Do you think you can substitute with tapioca flour instead of arrowroot??

  177. Can you substitute anything for the arrowroot flour? I’d love to try making these but it’s a little out of my budget. :/

    1. You can use tapioca. If you want to try other types of tortillas, Zenbelly has a plantain tortilla.

  178. Made the crepe version for my annual Valentines Day breakfast for my husband and I. They were AWESOME! Filled with cream cheese, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. They had the perfect texture and rolled easily. Can’t wait to try them as tortillas. I think I will add a little almond flour or something to give them that “grit” that corn tortillas usually have. 🙂

  179. I am so confused!! In the directions it says to add arrowroot, coconut powder…etc. Yet, there is not any coconut powder listed in the ingredients. How much coconut powder am I supposed to add???

    1. Hi James…it’s coconut flour, and it’s listed right there in the directions under the arrowroot:

      2 eggs
      1 teaspoon melted ghee (sub: melted coconut oil)
      Update: 1 Tablespoon water makes the batter more spreadable / thin
      1/4 cup arrowroot powder
      1 teaspoon coconut flour
      Pinch of salt
      If making crepes for a sweet application, add 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

  180. Steph, I had to seek this recipe out on your blog to tell you how pleased I am with this recipe…Its an absolutely wonderful recipe and they turned out way better than I could have ever imagined. I used them for steak fajitas and was pleasantly surprised at how well they held the meat and veggies!
    Obviously with posts as new as yesterday I’m not the only satisfied customer….Great work on this recipe…I was hesitant to try it since I’ve had the book for over a month now I disregarded the tortilla recipe thinking it would be another fragile tortilla/crepe recipe we all have tried…I was wrong. This is the winner.

    Thanks again….

  181. Amazing! I’ve had this recipe pinned for awhile and was too nervous about hating them to give them a try. I’m kicking myself for not trying sooner! So simple to make, and really helped ease my out of the blue craving for something to “wrap”. I made the three with the added vanilla, added some fresh berries and a nut-free/dairy-free chocolate spread to make a “to die for” dessert! Craving eliminated, and will definitely make these again! No naked fajita meat for me – these will be something I can see myself eating at least once a week! 🙂
    Thanks so much for posting this- will definitely try to freeze and thaw 🙂

  182. I notice your pictures show you using a nonstick skillet, I wonder if anyone has had any good results using stainless steel or cast iron?

    1. I think some people have but you’d need to make sure your stainless steel was seasoned or else it’ll just stick.

    2. I’ve used cast iron, but the results are better on a non-stick pan. I heat mine to just below medium, spray it with Pam spray, and then pour in the batter from my blender. I got a 12″ T-fal non-stick pan off Amazon for around $30 shipped, it’s fantastic! About 5 minutes per side does the trick for a well-cooked but very flexible burrito wrap.

  183. I read this recipe and comments quite some time ago and finally made these soft, pliable, beauties today (quickly followed by a second batch). Once the ingredients and measures were out on the counter, making the batter took about a minute (used tapioca flour as I had no arrowroot). The Padermo Carbon Steel 9 1/2″ crepe pan made it really easy (first time using it) cooking them for the instructed 1 minute on each side. I was surprised there was no instruction to oil the pan but it wasn’t needed. I’m having Mexican roll ups tonight and I CAN’T WAIT!

    1. Hi there…I wouldn’t use more coconut flour because it absorbs too much moisture. Substituting with almond may not work. Feel free to experiment but I can’t promise the same results.

      1. Agreed. I tried other recipes with more almond flour and the tortillas were too thick and went down the drain. I did substitute the arrowroot with tapioca and they are beauitifuul.

  184. Been experimenting with the base recipe a little bit more. If you double the amount of coconut flour, it gives it a slightly thicker puff, which makes it pretty good for naan bread – great with hummus!


    So same as the original recipe, just add 2 tablespoons of coconut flour instead:

    2 eggs
    1 tsp melted ghee melted coconut oil
    1 tbsp water
    ¼ cup arrowroot powder
    2 tsps coconut flour
    Pinch sea salt

    Also, as I’ve bought both arrowroot & tapioca flour in bulk. The are ALMOST the same, but not quite: arrowroot is more flexible for tortillas, and tapioca is more stiff for waffles. So depending on what you’re making with them, there is a small but real difference in the final product. I only use arrowroot in the crepes & tortillas now because it flexes instead of bend-cracks like tapioca flour tends to.

  185. Have this recipe written down inside my pantry door! Always a go to when making wraps for school. Glad I can freeze them. Big thumbs up.

  186. Is this Whole 30 Day approved and if so how do I incorporate this in the meal. Is it a supplement to protein? Meaning can I use this to make wraps with meat and still be on the plan?

  187. First off, THANK YOU! This is amazing. My sweet, sweet hubby just got type 2 Diabetes. Well we just found out the first of Feb.. It was shocking he was always in perfect health. Just turned 30. Anyway he’s addicted to tacos. Extremely. So you saved him, us the whole family & I’m not over exaggerating. We have Taco Tuesday & Taco Thursday. The kids love them too!!!! Mostly healthy before, but now….well THANK YOU!

  188. Just made these the other day to use for hot dog “buns”, non-Paleo husband was totally happy with them…gave the hot dog (bison hot dogs from Whole Foods…AMAZING) an almost corn-dog-like taste. Stuffed them with the hot dog, sauerkraut, mustard, etc. and then NEVER split apart…Yummy!

    Stored left-overs in the fridge and used for wrapping random ingredients for lunch, just warmed a little to make them pliable again. So glad I found these!

  189. Hi there again. I have been making these tortillas ever since I found your site over a year ago. I think I have done everything possible to change, mix up or add to this recipe. Once I got started it was addicting with taste and speed! If I add warm butter to the wet mix the tortillas are softer. If I add coconut oil only, the tortillas are harder when cold, which makes complete sense as coconut oil hardens up more than butter when cold. I have added the Stevia, it changes the flavor to a treat that is fun to take out traveling. I make several batches and freeze them. They freeze wonderfully for a long time. After I cook them up on the pan, (I use two kinds of pans cast iron and stainless steel) I bake them up in strips in the oven to make a chip. I have added cinnamon and ghee butter. Sometimes I tear the cooked ones into smaller pieces and add to a guacamole thick based vegetable like mix, and the tortilla holds it shape. It is somewhat chewy then. Since I have a poultry farm I have a lot of eggs at my disposal. Sometime I add more eggs and sometimes I add more water. I have added applesauce too. Applesauce is a little more gummier for me but still fun and yummy to eat. It’s is such a fast, simple, versatile recipe that has been successful from the start! And I do like to play with my food modifying it. Other people want the recipe and when I tell them how simple it is and direct them to your web site they can’t believe it! I find that they still want me to make them for them though.

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      That’s a lot of tortilla action! I’m glad you like it! 🙂

  190. okay.. i have to tell you – i love these!!!! I’m always skeptical with certain recipes because they may seem easy but have proven themselves difficult but this one is spot on! thank you so much for posting and sharing your journey!!!
    thank you,

      1. I love these too for how easy they are to make and they freeze well and thaw quickly. I wanted them for Mexican burrito but I find them a little too sweet and “egg-y” for this purpose. I’m sure they make awesome “crepes” for breakfast but is there a recipe adjustment that would make them perfect for my Mexican burritos?

        1. Hi Sharon,

          I would imagine there could be some experimentation but I have left them as is. Therefore, I really don’t have specific adjustments for you.

        2. Hi Sharon, I don’t know about fixing the “egg-y” part but you can mask it. When I make them I add 1 Tbs of Cilantro & 1/2 Tbs of Crushed Red pepper. Last time, I ran out of Coconut Flour & used Potato Starch instead my husband liked them better. The carb count is almost the same maybe a bit higher, but it was for a last minute get together so it worked. They were slamming! Basically better than any corn tortillas ever! About making them less sweet that nails it, the cilantro & red pepper. Hope this helps you.

          1. Thank you, Stephanie, I’ll try adding those seasonings as I primarily use them for Mexican food. Because there are so few ingredients, I’ll experiment about the “egg-y” (spongy) texture. Flour tortillas are much drier.

            1. Hi Sharon,

              I know almond flour based tortillas are dried (but a lot more expensive!). Maybe try that?

              1. Yes, Stephanie, I have found other “tortilla” recipes but none is as flexible as this one….and, unfortunately, my family and I have trouble digesting muffins, etc made with just almond flour; they are too heavy and filling. I’m also reading much on Paleo sites about making “substitutes” for flour products as they are not part of the “original” Paleo lifestyle and should be avoided anyway.

                1. I agree to an extent. If it’s occasional, it’s probably not a big deal. Daily, well, that sort of doesn’t fit the intention of eating a less processed, less inflammatory diet. I know ZenBelly also has a recipe for tortillas made with plantain.

                  1. Thank you for the ZenBelly tip on plaintain tostados! I just printed out the recipe and will try it.

                    1. Thank you again! I was just searching ZenBelly and thought the recipe for tostados was the right one….this one is even better. Will let you know how they turn out. Have you made these?

                    2. OMG! I just looked up the carbs in plantains! YIKES! Think I’ll pass on this one.

                    3. Hi Sharon,

                      Well, I’m really sorry that I can’t help you, then. Those are pretty much all the options for grain-free tortillas I can think of unless you want to use cauliflower which is a really big pain in the butt if you ask me.

                      One thing I wanted to mention is that paleo isn’t a zero carb diet. There’s nothing wrong with eating carbs from fruits and vegetables. I just want to clear that up because a lot of people mistakenly think paleo is automatically a very low carb diet.

                    4. Totally correct, Stephanie. I went back to the nutritional value of plantains and see that the “blow your mind” carbs shown is for a whole cup which would not be consumed in one tortilla! Thank you for prompting my review! 😉

  191. Clearly I’m late to the party on this, but I just wanted to say “thank you.” These are just what the doctor ordered… er, what I was looking for. Nori wraps work too but don’t quite fit the bill for that traditional burrito texture.

    1. Hi Adam,

      You’re never too late! Thanks for showing up and I’m stoked you like them! 😉

      1. I do and thank you. I was just circling back to get the recipe for this weekend, and searched “calories” to find that they appear to be around 200 each. Not bad at all.

        1. I put the ingredients into myfitnesspal.com (using ghee) and if you make 8 tortillas they are only 34 calories per wrap. 4g of carbs, 1g of fat, 2g protein.

          1. I actually read the serving amount wrong. I thought it said it made 8 tortillas, but it actually says three 8” tortillas…but that is still only 91 calories per wrap which isn’t bad. So each one actually has 10g of carbs, 4g of protein, 3g of fat

            1. “I actually read the serving amount wrong. I thought it said it made 8 tortillas, but it actually says three 8” tortillas…but that is still only 91 calories per wrap which isn’t bad. So each one actually has 10g of carbs, 4g of protein, 3g of fat”
              Yikes! Sooo disappointed. For anyone who thinks Paleo means “low carb”, these are NOT! Who knew? Some of the wheat-based tortillas are 10-20 carbs each and are much larger.

              1. Sharon,

                10 grams of carbs is not “high carb.” I don’t know where your assumption comes from that paleo is low carb to the point that 10 grams carb is “high”, but that term is extremely relative.

  192. I didn’t read through all the comments (sorry, but this is a popular post and there are hundreds) But I was curious if this would work in place of an eggroll/lumpia wrap? It looks thin enough, just wondering if it will hold up to being fried?

    1. Hi Joy…some people have used them as a crispy wrapper by frying them in coconut oil.

  193. this are fabulous! I just tripled a batch-I wanted crepes so I added a little maple syrup to the batter. I subbed tapioca flour for arrowroot and used a mixture of ghee and coconut oil. They turned out so great! The exact consistency of a crepe but easier to make! Thank you!

  194. Best gluten-free tortilla recipe ever (and I’ve tried a lot over the years)!

    1. 32 grams.

      My husband is from Glasgow and I spent time in the UK so I’m trying to make all my recent recipes (and I made the ones in my book) metric and Imperial units, but this recipe is one from the archives so it hasn’t been retrofitted yet. I totally get the struggle 😉 He ended up buying cups so he could do both!

  195. May I just say… I am such a virgin to the “Paleo” lifestyle. My daughter had horrific stomach problems out of the blue (Jan/Feb of this year) that put her in hospital and had her bed bound for over 2 weeks. So, it put me on this mission of relearning EVERYTHING regarding food!!! Now, we love fruit, veggies and meat. So, for the most part that’s what we eat. But! There’s staples in our diet that we miss, pasta, bread, baked everything! We have a huge family and we all get together and eat! In support of my dtr, and knowing these things truly aren’t the best for anyone (whether you can tolerate it or not), we’ve abstained as much as possible from gluten and most things in opposition to the Paleo diet. I have bought a couple cook books. I’ve made several recipes. And I am sooooo discouraged! I don’t see how some people claim how amazing an item is… Have you ever had a chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookie?! LOL! I’ve made the ‘world’s BEST sandwich bread’ recipe and other baked goods that were on these sites and in my cookbooks. Paleo flours, for me, so far seem to be dry and brittle. Extremely dense. I’d rather do without than make ‘so-so’ substitutions simply to say I’m still able to indulge. I’ve come from a long line of women bakers and have established a rather lovely cake making hobby/business. So, now to relearn how to cook all of this has been a challenge!!!! I want soft, fluffy, airy pastry breads and dough, moist, rich, sweet cakes. So far… not as successful. (Remember, I’m learning… and I’m from Ohio, which seems to be the very last state to hop on the health success bandwagons.) So, in retraining mind (and taste buds) I find it imperative to try recipes I come across to get to know the lifestyle better. When I first came across this post I thought, “Ehhh…. It’s going to be ‘eggy’… But, I’ll try.” My daughter LOVES wraps and burritos. My son, he’s a sandwich guy. They BOTH ate 2 wraps made with these tortillas. NOT EGGY AT ALL!!!! No taste, really. They are extremely elastic and held ingredients way better than a standard tortilla. The juices didn’t even make the tortilla soggy. SUPER easy and FAST to whip up!!!

    All is to say…. “Thank you”… I tip my hat to you…. Finally, a success in my sorrowful frustration. I am elated!!!!! I had to let you know… 😉

  196. Sorry, I meant to click the notification box to be notified regarding follow-up comments…. Can that be corrected? Thx!

  197. How can I make them a little thicker? I want to surprise my fiance by making him pupusas (they’re his favorite food) but I’m not sure how to make the dough thicker to be more like pupusas dough. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Eliza…you can try adding a bit more arrowroot and / or removing the flour. I don’t know how well it’d work as an actual dough but you could try!

        1. Hi Sharon,

          I can’t find your original question among the 700+ comments…I was probably referring to arrowroot which is either called a “powder” or a “flour.” Let me know what your original question is and I can help.

          1. Sorry, when I click REPLY I assumed it replied to the comment I am seeing. Because this is a Paleo site this is what confused me:
            “Hi Eliza…you can try adding a bit more arrowroot and / or removing the flour. I don’t know how well it’d work as an actual dough but you could try!”

            1. Hi Sharon,

              “Flour” was referring to arrowroot “powder” which is sometimes called arrowroot “flour.” I use no wheat flour on my site.

              1. “Hi Sharon, “Flour” was referring to arrowroot “powder” which is sometimes called arrowroot “flour.” I use no wheat flour on my site.”
                Thank you for the clarification.

                  1. “You’re welcome! The recipes on my site are 100% gluten-free.”
                    I have been a subscriber for some time now and use many of your recipes. Your site is bookmarked on my computer. That’s why it was a shock even to see the word “flour”! 😉

  198. I’m on the SIBO diet and I cannot have arrowroot or tapioca, is there something else i can substitute? It is horrendously difficult to find recipes that I can actually have. Lately i’ve been eating a lot of zucchini “pasta” and eggplant. I’m getting sick of it.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I can only imagine how frustrating that would be. Unfortunately there isn’t a substitute I can think of.

      You might be able to try something like potato or rice flour but I don’t know if those are allowed on your SIBO protocol or not and I haven’t tested them. A good substitute might be lettuce leaves.

      You can also find recipes for cauliflower tortillas, ones made from plantains or those made from almond flour. Hope that might present an option!

  199. Hello,
    What is flax eggs? I never heard of that, and where do you get it?
    Thanks Cathy

  200. I eat butter so can I just use that? I don’t want the taste of the coconut oil unless i am making them for a sweet meal.

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      The fat in this recipe is pretty versatile, I’m sure you could use butter if that’s your preference. 🙂

    1. Hi Ellie…it is not. If you grease it, the batter will run all over the pan and not actually form a tortilla. I promise it’ll work!

  201. These were a big hit!! I’m super excited to use these for the kiddos lunches. Thanks for the great recipe!

  202. Any idea if these would freeze OK? I want to make some breakfast burritos that I can throw in the freezer and thaw as needed. I’m struggling to find paleo alternatives to tortillas.


  203. Is this recipe correct that it is 1/4 cup arrowroot and 1 tsp coconut flour? Not the other way around?

  204. Hey there,

    Just made this recipe and my tortillas are sticking to the skillet, impossible to flip! Any suggestions? What type of skillet do you use?

  205. New to the clan. Wondering if anyone has tried to use these to make potstickers. My MD recently put be on a diabetic vegetarian lifestyle.

  206. This is my favorite recipe to follow, or at least the proportions! (because sometimes I don’t have all the ingredients, but whatever I’ve substituted things with still turns out great!!)

    instead of egg, I have always done a chia seed egg. 2 T chia, 6 T water. obviously, the texture is way different and maybe thicker and chewier, but for someone who hasn’t been able to make or eat a good “tortilla” in a long time, it is so great!

    also, this last time I didn’t have arrowroot (which I normally do), so I used tapioca starch instead.

    i topped mine off with 1/4 c. unsweetened coconut, 1 t (or so) coconut flour, 1/4 t vanilla (to taste..), some stevia, and almond milk. felt like i was eating cassava cake (a chewy coconut cake)

    what I make looks (and probably actually tastes) a lot different than the photo, but I give the credit to this recipe! thanks!!

  207. We made this recipe during at our last cooking club meeting and everyone loved it. We followed the recipe exactly for all three batches and had no issues at all. I can’t wait to try it to make dessert crepes.

  208. Hi Steph . Just made these and they were perfect ! Been low carbing for a while and I don’t miss bread but I do miss wraps . Tried other recipes and they were terrible . This one folds well and tastes lovely . The only problem is , what to put in them next ! Big thanks from the UK xx

  209. I have made over 20 paleo tortilla recipes and this might be my favorite. So many egg based tortillas taste like an omelette but this one is pretty neutral. The almond flour recipe I have been using is more savory but just won’t hold up for long (ends up falling apart).

    This is a bulletproof method of paleo tortillas!

    (and very cheap)

  210. Hi! Would this hold well? I want to put in spinach and lunchmeat and some veggies.

  211. I found this recipe after my first Whole 30 since I can now have SWYPO foods! I’m trying to keep my diet mainly Paleo after seeing the positive benefits of it. These are fantastic and very easy. The also roll/fold nicely. Thank you!

    1. You can use tapioca flour. No other gluten-free flour except this one will produce the same result.

  212. Hi,
    I made this recipe with 1 TBSP of flax+3 TBSP of water in place of each egg. It made the batter very stretchy and sticky. Should I change anything, or do you have a solution for those who want to make this recipe, but have food sensitivities to eggs?

    1. Hi Gracie,

      I’m sorry…I don’t have a solution for an eggless variation of this recipe. My recipes are paleo but not specific to any variation of this diet which may include people who cannot eat eggs, FODMAPs, histamine-containing foods, etc.

      You may want to check into something like a plantain tortilla from Zenbelly or the like.


  213. I started making these tonight to discover I had run out of coconut flour. I subbed with buckwheat flour (doubled what was needed for coconut) and the tortillas came out ok. Not as nice as with coconut flour but perfectly edible. 🙂

  214. Too many carbs to be paleo. I subbed out the starch. I used 1/4 cup of oat FIBER (not bran) and 1 tsp psyllium husk powder. Much better. Try it.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Paleo has no specific prescribed carb level. It varies from person to person and depends on your context and health goals. A daily lower carb intake may be appropriate for you but not for everyone (ex: someone like me who is an athlete).

      Careful there…oats have gluten, and gluten’s not paleo either. The only exception would be if your oat fiber is marked “gluten-free.”

  215. I love this recipe! I like to make a batch of these, cook up some greens with onion, pepper, mushroom, etc., add a little cheese and make wraps. They freeze VERY well and I just grab one in the morning for breakfast. A quick shot in the microwave and they’re piping hot and delicious.

  216. These look delicious! I’m the owner of clinic that focuses on holistic healing, and this is a great recipe to share with my patients. Can’t wait!

  217. This is the best recipe I have ever made. Finally a paleo-friendly bread/pasta/wrap substitute that is simple to make, tastes delicious and is so versatile! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  218. Just want to say that I just tried this recipe and find it absolutely amazing. My breakfast wraps very delicious! 🙂 My brother is gluten intolerant so I’m sure he will enjoy these! 🙂 Thank you for the recipe!!

  219. I’m curious if you’ve ever put these in the oven, after you cooked them on the stove, and made nacho chips. I love nachos and am just curious if these could work.

  220. Fantastic recipe!. However, I work cornstarch instead of arrowroot or tapioca. Tortillas are very delicious. Thank Sthep, you for sharing the recipe.

  221. I’ve made this recipe a dozen + times and I’m still in love with it ? I’ve made them carefully, I’ve made them in a rush, I’ve made them literally while nursing my baby… Easiest recipe for wraps ever. My personal favorite moment was when my cast iron became seasoned enough to use for this. I LOVE THIS RECIPE. In case that wasn’t obvious.

  222. I’m quite excited to try them! 🙂 Can I keep them in the freezer for future use or best kept in room temperature?

    1. Hi Daisy, you sure can keep them in the freezer 🙂 Just wrap well and they’ll keep for up to a month, maybe longer.

  223. This was perfect. Great as a wrap for chicken salad. Great as a breakfast taco wrap. I imagine it would be great for everything. Hard to believe how good it is given how simple it was to make!!!

  224. These are absolutely amazing! Such a big hit! Made carnitas for dinner and had tacos with these yummy tortillas. My husband LOVED them. I tripled the recipe and it made 9. We even used salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, and lettuce. They were perfect. Thank you for sharing! ?

  225. Thank you for posting this recipe. I’ve recently eliminated bread/grains/flour from diet, but being a diehard breakfast burrito guy has made the transition very painful…until now! These hit the mark on all points! I like to track my calories/macros and broke the ingrediants down based off serving size (1x 8″ tortilla); I may be off a little, but this is a good estimate:
    Calories: 70
    Fat: 3g (1g Poly)
    Cholesterol: 85mg
    Sodium: 50mg
    Carbs: 12g (Fiber: 3g)
    Sugar: .5g
    Protein: 6g
    Vitamin A: 4.5%
    Calcium: 2%
    Iron: 8.25%

  226. ^I want to caveat that in lieu of arrowroot flour I used tapioca flour/starch. I also put the above listed macros in myfitnesspal app under: Stupideasy.com Paleo Tortilla

  227. Thanks so much for this great, EASY recipe. I am intolerant to Tapioca Starch and Flour and it’s so refreshing to find a nice recipe like this without that ingredient. My husband (Mr. Picky) loved them. I made them for tacos, and placed on a flat grill once cooked to crisp up. Nice to have a versatile recipe such as this which can be for crepes or tortillas. Much thanks again.

    1. Thanks for writing in to the blog, Jerri. We’re really happy to hear you liked it 🙂

  228. Um WOW. SO…yeah. These are 7x more amazing than I was expecting! I thought they would be egg-y (and I am super picky about that) but THEY WEREN’T!! WOOHOO!! They were SO strong and they held plenty of meat, greens, and olives! They were also incredibly flexible…I could roll, fold and tuck, and I didn’t see a single crack! I halved the recipe because it is only me that ate them and I STILL got 3 good size tortillas! Yay! These are MUCH better than corn tortillas (in my opinion) and I will FOR SURE be making this again soon! Thank you so much for this recipe!

    1. Hi Kaley, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m sure you’ll find more valuable information exploring the site. Have fun!

    1. Up to a week in the fridge, 3 months in the freezer if properly stored. No they don’t ruin fast.

  229. Steph, thank you a million times for your tortilla recipe! I made a different recipe yesterday, but did not really care for the texture and gumminess no matter how long I cooked them. So glad I came across your recipe today! It is great! They turned out perfectly!
    Can’t wait to search for your delicious paleo (easy) bread or rolls recipe. Hoping (and praying) you have one.

  230. I just made these for taco night and they were a HUGE hit. HUGE! They were super easy to make, made 3 batches of the recipe and I was so afraid they would stick to my pan (because everything sticks) but they didn’t at all. Everybody loved them, my husband said that he liked them better than regular soft tortillas because they didn’t fall apart and my daughter wanted to eat one plain after she ate two tacos. Will definitely be making these again.

  231. I made your simple paleo tortilla recipe last night to go with the Whole30 Barbacoa dish I made in the crock pot. This by far is our favorite meal:) The tortillas were delicious!!! We will definitely use them with other recipes as they are very easy to make, hold together and are healthy. Big hit with the husband. I think I could add rosemary, thyme or other spices to the recipe for a savory dish. Add vanilla, cinnamon or pumkin spices for a sweet version. The variations you could do with this tortilla recipe are truly endless. The fact that they are easy to make, light and healthy will make them a staple in our house. Thanks!

  232. I was just wondering, when you drop the batter into the pan to cook, do you put any coco oil in the pan first so they don’t stick? Also, does the pan need to be very hot when you drop the batter in? I noticed someone said they dont really stick to the pan which is hard to believe. I cook exclusively with stainless…no Teflon for me.

    Please respond…Thanks so much-David

    1. They don’t stick to the pan. If you use stainless, I would rub a thin layer on fat / oil onto the pan with a paper towel just in case. You want to avoid having big pools of fat in the pan because the batter will just roll around it instead of forming one layer. I would use medium heat.

  233. These sound wonderful, BUT, I can’t have egg whites nor do I tolerate coconut flour. I will try some of those egg substitutions and maybe just throw in an egg yolk, too.
    But what could I use instead of the coconut flour?

  234. What are flax eggs? My hubby and I are also sensitive to eggs and I am looking for a good recipe that is gluten free. This one sounds good if I can use an egg substitute.

  235. These are just the best! I found this recipe last month and I already made my fourth batch yesterday. So quick to make (except the arrowroot powder is so fine it gets everywhere!) I roll mine up and keep them in the freezer. I thought at first the recipe mentioned cooking them in coconut oil. I re-read it and will have to try it without. I love being able to make tacos again. I am going to make several batches this weekend to give to friends who are gluten free.

  236. Steph, THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE! I made homemade Paleo ingredient Not-ella (ha ha) and made strawberry banana chocolate crepes for my family as dessert, the consistency is excellent, this will be a regular for my family!

  237. This is my favorite recipe of all time. I’ve been making it for over a year now and I make it so often I actually have the recipe completely memorized! It’s practically effortless to me now. I’ve only used it as a tortilla recipe once, which was delicious. And the rest of the times I’ve used it as a crepe recipe. This is so so easy to make and delicious! I’m making it again this morning and I’m just so excited about it I decided to let you know how much I entirely love these. Thank you so much for this recipe!!

    1. You’re so very welcome Skylar! That makes me smile to know that it’s helped you!

  238. I have struggle with my weight for years. I decided to try paleo and it has been working well but I missed wraps and bread etc.and found myself cheating more often than I was happy with. I really wanted a nice tortilla for a fajita and found this. This was perfect!!! I didn’t have arrowroot, so I used the tapioca flour substitute and I am super impressed. Thank you!!

    1. Glad the recipe was helpful for you Lori. One note: try not to see paleo as a “diet” where you’re either “being good” or “cheating.” Those ideas can make it harder to stay consistent long-term because it includes a huge element of willpower.

  239. I just want to say THANK YOU! I’d literally tried dozens of recipes and this is the only one that works!

  240. Harder to Kill Challenge Tuesday night meal plan led me to these perfection disks! Thank you Steph for the most magical creation! These are definitely going into regular rotation. So much easier than anything else out there and tasty to boot!

  241. When I decided to live my life a la Paleo one of the best decisions I ever made was to not try and replace foods that I was eliminating from my diet (e.g. bread, muffins, pizza crusts, tortillas). 7 years on and I have slowly started to try a Paleo-fied recipe every now. And, it just so happens that this is the FIRST Paleo tortilla recipe I try. This is the bomb! Your recipes never disappoint, Steph! Thanks.

  242. Is there anything I can use in place of coconut flour? I am on the blood type diet and can’t do coconut flour or tapioca flour. Would rice flour work or almond flour in place of that small amount of coconut flour?

    1. Karla, this recipe uses arrowroot as the main flour which is nearly identical to tapioca, so I’m guessing this recipe won’t work for you. I would suggest looking up plantain tortillas instead.

    1. I don’t know Kristen…I haven’t tested it! If you give it a shot and it works, let us know 🙂

  243. Thanks so much for this recipe!!! I used avocado oil in place of ghee and it worked well.

  244. This is without doubt the best “paleo alternative recipe” I have ever come across, for anything. Well done!

  245. Love these, made then half arrowroot/half cassava. Cut the into hedgehog shapes with a cookie cutter and fried them in coconut oil.

  246. Sorry i may have missed this, but you currently have 295 comments already, so I may be re-posting previously answered questions. First, I absolutely LOVE these!!! I am Celiac and was wanting to find something that was flexible so I could eat things without the wrappers breaking or falling apart and this is it! Now for my questions. 1) I was wanting to make quesadillas using these, but not sure if the flexible nature of these will let them crisp up some like flour tortillas do. Any suggestions on what I can do to make them (the quesadillas or modifications to this recipe to make it work)? 2) Since I can only eat Gluten free foods, I can always buy corn chips, but want to try to use these to make chips with. What would you suggest to making chips with these? I am not Paleo, nor am I on any diet other that not being able to eat anything with Gluten in it, so feel free to offer anything. Thanks in advance for all you’ve done to add some normalcy to my Gluten free life now! 🙂

    1. Hi Michael…yes they can be crisped up in oil.

      Yes, you can make them into chips. Some people make the tortilla, cut it into triangles, and bake or fry them. Hope that gives you some inspiration!

      (On another note, if you ever want to search a huge web page for a keyword and you’re on a computer, hit Ctrl+F on a PC or Command+F on a Mac…makes life so much simpler and comes in handy all the time for me.)

      1. I’ve made a ton of these and have a question. How do you get rid of the lumps in the mixture? I always end up with quite a few small lumps and was wondering if you might have any tricks. I am mixing in a bowl using a whisk (no power used, but I can if that’s recommended). I’ve seen the tip about leaving it sit for a while and re whisking, but still have some small ones left. I wasn’t sure if using a hand held blender would cause any issues by over blending the mixture.

        1. You can let it sit for a minute or two and then whisk again. I usually keep whisking and the lumps will disappear 🙂

          1. Thanks! I was also wanting to use these for making Spicy Cayenne tortillas. I want them to be spicy so don’t worry about too much, but was wondering if you had any idea how much Cayenne to use in your standard recipe. Just for your information, i used to love Freebird’s Spicy Cayenne tortillas when i could eat Gluten, but have had to settle on bowls now which is still delicious, just not the same. So, I know it will be a personal preference kind of thing, so I’m thinking I’ll start with something like a teaspoon per batch. What do you think?

            1. A teaspoon sounds like a lot to me. I would start with 1/4 teaspoon, make a tiny tester tortilla and then increase from there until you find the heat that works best for you.

              1. OK have a TON to share with you on this. First, I did a lot of experimenting. I did as you suggested and started with 1/4 tsp of Cayenne per batch. In the first batch, it seemed to me that the flavor was nice in that it wasn’t too much or too little for the average person (there’s no such thing as too hot for me). Unlike traditional all purpose flour tortillas, the color didn’t change with the Cayenne in it so I wasn’t sure if it would be enough. The nice part is that you can’t taste it at first, but then it hits you a little later (I like this part). The dislike I had in that first batch is that, to me, they were greasy. So, I got into making several more batches, each with less and less (backed it off 1/4 tsp at a time) Ghee until my last batch which only had 1/4 tsp in it.

                I liked this one much more because it wasn’t anywhere near as greasy as the first one. I remembered reading where you had stated that this was necessary because it (or a substitute) MUST be used because it’s a binder. So, I wanted to see if making without any Ghee would cause any issues. Guess what? It did not! So, Ghee (or a substitute) is not necessary at all in this recipe! Turns out that the egg is actually the binder! I don’t like greasy tortillas at all, which brings me to how I cooked these.

                I bought an 8 inch non-stick fry pan. I use my 1/4 cup dry measuring cup and fill it up about somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 inch from full which will make 6 1/2 inch tortillas which are perfect size for me. This will make about 4 tortillas per batch at that size. Also, i do not use any oil or spray when cooking. I just always start with a cool pan, pour the mix in, then move it around while it’s heating to get it as big as it will get with the amount of batter in the pan. If the pan is warn, you won’t be able to get that little amount of batter in the pan and make it round! I will get cooked before you get a change to make it round.

                When it’s time to flip it, I do not need any utensils! I know when it’s time to flip because I shake the pan and when it finally breaks loose and will move without physically breaking it loose, it’s time to flip. I then do the professional chef flip by raising the pan and flipping it up and over with it landing back in the pan on the other side. I prefer to have a little bit of color on it, so I will flip it several times until it’s the way I want it.

                Then, I throw it on a plate and let it cool. Once cooled, I separate each cooled tortilla with parchment paper and freeze them flat. Of course, I can’t make these without just eating at least one while doing this. 🙂

                Thanks so much for all your help! You’ve turned my Gluten Free eating life (NOT BY CHOICE!) back into something that’s more normal with this! I was beginning to think I would never be able to eat flexible tortillas that tasted good and this made that possible again for me!

                1. Glad it worked out for you Michael! I use ghee for flavor, not as a binder. The egg and the arrowroot are the binders. Enjoy!!

    1. Nutritional info is in the recipe card. Fiber is not accounted for so you’d have to do your own calculations if you need that adjustment.

  247. EGG WHITE SUBSTITUTION – This may have been covered in one of the comments already but I just made this with egg whites to lower the calorie content a bit (I’d rather get calories from what I stuff in the tortilla) and they came out amazing!!!! Either way you make them, this is the best paleo tortilla recipe ever!!!!

  248. Questions about Simple Paleo Tortillas Nutrition Facts: Is one tortilla a serving size? What is the fiber content?

  249. I just made these tortillas and they were absolutely fantastic!
    I have given up on ever having a corn tortilla again. I think these are better than corn. The day I realized this was the saddest day of my entire life. I lived for tacos! I could eat them everyday. I’ve spent the last few hours contemplating all the things I could make with these tortillas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  250. I’ve made these a few times and I’m sorry if this has been mention and I missed it. Can you make these into a taquito by baking them or whatever to make them crispy or will that mess them up? Thanks!

  251. Doubled the recipe and got 6 absolutely perfect tortillas! So awesome to have a tortilla I actually feel good about eating. Super easy to make! Held up awesomely to saucy ground beef taco filling with all the toppings. Thanks for this recipe!

  252. Loved the taste of these tortillas! I added onion and garlic powder for extra seasoning. Thank you!

  253. Hi, I saw your recipe for paleo tortilla’s. The recipe said use 1 tsp. of coconut flour. Should I use more? The video showed you used a lot more coconut flour? Would coconut flour make it a little sweet. I want savory tortilla’s. I’am going to try the recipe. Thank You

  254. FINALLY! This is the best Paleo tortilla recipe I’ve come across, and I’ve come across LOTS in my ten plus years of being Paleo. Made one tortilla (filled it with an over easy egg from my own chickens), and one crepe filled with almond butter, sliced banana & just a touch of real maple syrup… my tummy thanked me. Thank you for a simple and good recipe.

  255. Hi Steph, Love your blog. I’ve been making this recipe for a while now. I just noticed your nutrition information is wrong. 1/4 cup Arrowroot powder has 28g. of carbs, yours says 10g.

  256. This recipe is my go to for tortilla shells. They’re easy to make, tasty and store easily for using later.

  257. I have a strong sensitivity to eggs among other things but like your tortilla recipe. What could I use instead of eggs?

  258. Hello! I love these! I tried folding them in half with a filling and closing it up to make it easier to eat on the go. Do you know how long they’re good for in the fridge? And also how it might work if someone used sweet potato flour or any other paleo flours? Thanks so much!!

    1. if covered tightly, 3-5 days

      I’m not sure about sweet potato flour…it’s quite different in properties to arrowroot/tapioca. You could test it out and let us know what happens!

  259. I just made these using grass-fed lard, and they turned out very eggy and a bit rubbery. Not a very good tortilla, but they made for an interesting snack! lol I will definitely try this again with coconut oil or ghee.

  260. Im a little concerned about using arrowroot as a flour. It is used, usually, solely, as a thickening agent., not as a flour.

  261. I’ve tried several paleo crepes recipes and these are by far my favorite because they meet my need for easy, flavorful crepes that hold together and flip nicely.
    After making them many times, I have found I like to run my batter through a strainer to get any arrowroot lumps out. Thanks for a great recipe!

  262. Amazing! I love these. They are so delicious and healthy. I love the fact they have no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no nuts, nothing weird and most of all I love the fact they’re so cheap and simple to make (I get my eggs from my mom mostly grain free and free range chicken eggs..so yeah… perfect. Thank you so much!?

  263. How long do these stay good just refrigerated? I totally forgot to put my extra in the freezer. I love this recipe!

  264. I just wasted 8 eggs on another recipe from another site that uses only coconut flour. Crumbly mess! I’d already cooked all of my fajita ingredients when I had to go looking for another recipe…and then I found this one! These are so pliable! They held up to my fajita filling like a boss. They actually added flavor and a very enjoyable texture to the fajitas as well. This is a perfect recipe and I really appreciate that you took the time to make it tried and true so people don’t waste ingredients on something that doesn’t work!

  265. We actually have never used these as tortillas. Instead, they are our manicotti/lasagna shells! They work perfectly!

  266. these are amazing! super easy to make and turned out so well!!! i will also try making them sweet like crepes, thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  267. I’ve been making these for years! …like at least 5 years now back when your blog was Stupid Easy Paleo. I love them especially to make “breakfast tacos”! I usually double the recipe and get about 16-20 which lasts me 4-5 days! I’ve also made an un-healthy quesadilla with these by tossing some cheese between them. Yum! 🙂

  268. Hello there!
    Do you know if these tortillas can be egg-free?
    They sound wonderful, but I can’t eat eggs…

  269. Just made these and ate all three! (I know, yikes!) But they were delicious and surprisingly strong. Thanks