Steph + Z Celebrate 100 Episodes of Harder to Kill Radio

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Join Steph and Z as they celebrate 100 episodes of Harder to Kill Radio with a look back at the past and a look ahead to the future.

Steph + Z Celebrate 100 Episodes of Harder to Kill Radio |

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About This Episode

Join me and my most popular podcast guest ever, my husband Craig “Z” Zielinski, as we celebrate 100 episodes of the Harder to Kill Radio podcast. We’re looking back at the past and talking about the future of both the podcast and the Stupid Easy Paleo brand.

Z has been an episode back in Seasons 1 and 2, so I thought it was time to bring him back to shoot the breeze and talk about where things are going. We’ve been together since the very beginning of this website, so what better person to chat with about the hopes, fears, and dreams for the future. We also talk a fair bit of nonsense, and Z finally goes through the rapid fire round after all this time.

In This Bonus Episode, We Talk About:

  • Why we’re rebranding Stupid Easy Paleo
  • The Four Pillars of Health
  • Why it’s just not about food
  • The problem with calling things “paleo”
  • Why reflection is so key to assessing “success”
  • The importance of making mistakes
  • Why learning how to do things yourself before you hire help is vital
  • Z’s Rapid Fire Question Round

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Steph + Z Celebrate 100 Episodes of Harder to Kill Radio |

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