How to Stop Chasing Health Trends – Harder to Kill Radio 178

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Chasing health trends is an exercise in futility. In this episode I’m revealing the biggest question you aren’t asking yourself when it comes to the latest health trends…

Chasing health trends is an exercise in futility. In this episode, I'm revealing the biggest question you need to ask when it comes to health trends. |

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How to Stop Chasing Health Trends

Health and wellness trends come and go so fast they’ll make your head spin. And while I’m all for trying new things, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you’re doing everything wrong because you aren’t jumping on the latest and greatest. Instead of asking yourself, “Is this right,” there’s a much more powerful question you could be posing instead.

On this Fierce Love Friday edition of the podcast, I’m sharing some important tools and questions for determining how your health journey might unfold. It’s not always easy to find the right balance and fierce love is often involved, but the clearer you can get about what’s right for you, the better off you’ll be. And remember that if you hate something you’re doing that’s supposedly “healthy” it’s not worth the cost.

On Today’s Episode

  • Why starting points and structure can be helpful and limiting
  • The biggest question to ask yourself about health trends
  • Not sure where to start? A different question you can ask.
  • Why “healthing so hard” is a slippery slope

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