how to stop relying on motivation podcast art episode 230 harder to kill radio

How to Stop Relying on Motivation – Harder to Kill Radio Ep 230

Stop relying on motivation. Here are five ways to get change to stick around instead.

how to stop relying on motivation podcast art episode 230 harder to kill radio

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How to Stop Relying on Motivation


Yep, that’s right, I said it. Motivation can be so fleeting. How often have you had plans to cook dinner or get that workout in but you throw your hands up to the sky and get frustrated about why motivation seems to be eluding you? (And then you get mad and blame yourself for being weak-willed, undisciplined, or plain ol’ bad. Not helpful.)

In this episode, I’m dishing on five different strategies you can use whenever you’re not feeling motivated. Warning: Some of them are real talk and you may not like them. But trust me when I say that sometimes you need to hear it for your own good. Fierce love and compassion are always present. With these five strategies you’ll build the frameworks that really help change stick.

On Today’s Episode

  • Why motivation is cheap
  • Why it’s time to stop waiting around for motivation
  • 5 ways to get change to really stick

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