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you're meant foR more

To feel strong and capable. To do hard shit. To see what your body can do.

Now it’s time to fuel for it.

"After just one week of properly fueling myself, I PRd in my back squat by TWENTY pounds!

I walked in the gym that day feeling pumped and energized, in a way that I hadn’t felt for so long. I was shocked at how poorly I was feeding myself before, and suddenly my lack of progress made sense. Now that I’ve consistently fueled myself correctly for 8 weeks, I’ve added another TWENTY FIVE pounds to my back squat!!”

Roxanne G

True Story: You Can't Underfuel Your Way to a Stronger Body & More Muscle

You wanna get stronger. FABULOUS!

You’re ready to challenge yourself.

You’re definitely up for seeing what your body can do.

And you really want that confident, strong, I can take on the world feeling from lifting that everyone raves about.

So why is it that even though you…

never miss a workout, 

meticulously cut down carbs,

and stay under your calorie allowance,

…you feel exhausted from the effort?

So much of the fitness & nutrition industry is sending you the wrong message.

Slash your food intake.

Use exercise to control your body size.

Chase unrealistic body standards.

It’s like trying to drive 3 hours on 1/8 tank of gas.

Here's what you need to know:

More strength, greater energy, and better performance are absolutely yours to have.

You know that what you eat makes an impact on building strength & muscle.

You’re ambitious and diligent.

You’re working hard.

And you want that life-expanding magic that lifting brings.

But what happens when you’re doing “all the things” you see on Instagram–cutting out carbs, fasting, eating a lot less–and instead of feeling fierce, 🤷 you’re struggling to finish workouts and not getting any stronger?

Or you’ve weighed, counted, measured, and logged every morsel that goes into your mouth…but now you’re 😩 stressed out about food.

How about doing your best to “go hard every day” with your workouts, but suddenly your motivation is in the 🚽 toilet or you keep getting injured?

So what do you do? Give up on lifting and go back to slogging it out on the treadmill for 2 hours a day while you 💀 die of boredom? Go on a juice fast to “reset your system”?


"Shifting my focus with regard to nutrition to, "Am I eating ENOUGH?" was a huge change for me, and a significant positive benefit. Steph makes all the material extremely approachable but with a foundation firmly rooted in science/good data."

Sara C

What Would Be Possible When You...

Imagine the possibilities when you start fueling, lifting, and recovering by working smarter, not harder!

And you level your nutrition and lifting all the way up.

You get help from a strength nutrition strategist and coach who translates evidence-based info into real life fueling and lifting best practices.

You get support from a community of women on a similar path to get stronger and see what their bodies can do…so you don’t have to do it alone. (Finally, other people who get you.)

And you learn the strategy for fueling, lifting, recovery, and more that will actually help you get stronger, build muscle, and feel freaking unstoppable.

Women I’ve worked with have used their strength (both outer and inner) to climb literal mountains, make big career moves, start a family, be seen in family vacation pics for the first time ever, wear the damn shorts for the first time in decades…and countless other things.

Hey, I'm Steph Gaudreau!

I have a vision that one day little girls will grow up into women who strong women who embrace their bodies, know their worth and take up space…

…without the pressure of diets, the scale, or exercise as punishment.

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and USAW-L1 strength coach who’s on a mission to help women around the world lift weights, get stronger, and experience the life-changing magic of focusing on what their bodies can do instead of only on what they look like.

Being active, working out, and competing in sports is something I’ve done my entire life. From soccer to mountain bike racing to Brazilian jiu jitsu, they’ve all helped me challenge myself. But it wasn’t until I picked up free weights that my life radically shifted for the better.

I spent years hating my body, wishing I was smaller, and trying my hardest to shrink myself. I did diet after diet and spent every morning poking at my body, unhappy with what I saw.

After a grueling triathlon season in summer 2010, I was miserable: I was underfueling, losing my muscle, and kept getting hurt. I loathed my training, struggled to finish races, and was battling with my body image.

On a whim, the next month I walked into a gym and signed up to lift weights. Little did I know this would change my life forever.

Over the years, not only did I get stronger, I changed careers and devoted myself to learning the truth about fueling (like, I had it way wrong) and nutrition. I’ve invested in the best coaches, certifications, and expert guidance along the way. And now, I get to share that decade+ of experience with you.

Since then, I’ve guided thousands of people in my online strength & nutrition programs and private coaching; written three best-selling books; hosted a long-running podcast; and led a huge online community of badass women.

I’m here to guide you with my unique mix of nutrition strategy, strength training know-how, and food psychology experience that will help you see and feel the results from all your hard work, in less time, and without having to do it all alone.

Get on the Strength Nutrition Unlocked waitlist for early access.
Doors will be re-opening Spring 2022.


"I...lifted for years but all my knowledge felt so disjointed and so far out of reach to put into practice.

The worksheets supplied for this program were a HUGE help. This was an integral key for me that helped in joining the concepts I knew and facilitated putting knowledge into action. I am still working on fueling myself properly, but I feel SO great after allowing myself more nutrition and sustenance.”

Elisabeth R


Strength Nutrition Unlocked

Level Up with the 4 Keys Framework

white woman with brown hair in a ponytail and gym clothes sits cross legged on the floor eating chicken and sweet potatoes from a container


Get crystal clear on how to fuel your lifting workouts and active lifestyle so you get stronger, have more energy, and perform better. You’ll learn the why but I’ll also guide you to put it into practice so you walk away with actionable strategies that work for your busy life.

Learn the ins and outs of a solid nutrition strategy plus considerations around pre- and post-workout fueling and more.

white woman with brown hair in a ponytail and gym clothes stands next to a loaded barbell ready to lift


Optimize your strength training for better results: get stronger and build muscle! Learn how to organize your reps, sets, intensity, and exercise selection so you work smarter, not harder, plus how to adjust for your cycle.

Comes with two optional lifting plans based on either dumbbells or barbells.


Learn how to integrate effort with recovery best practices for more efficient workouts, better strength and muscle gains, and more energy. Create a workout schedule that works for you. Discover your body’s signals.

And learn considerations for adjusting your lifting with your cycle, and understand how to use data from wearables so you work with your body instead of against it.


Your body gets stronger when you challenge it, but too much stress is a gains killer. Learn how stress affects performance – especially for women as we age.

Start integrating data and biofeedback. And practice strategies for working with the two parts of your autonomic nervous system & reducing your stress levels. 

"I am much more aware of my hunger signals during the day, and I am able to fuel myself consistently throughout the day without getting to the evening and feeling like I need to eat all the things.

I have rediscovered my love for cooking new recipes and trying new foods, and that is making eating much more enjoyable and fun. Also, in general, I’m just much more in tuned with my body signals about lots of things…and better at giving myself grace to take the time/rest/food that I need.”

Leslie F

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Strength Nutrition Unlocked Group Coaching
$ 500 x 3 (payment plan)
  • SNU Program - Video / Audio Lessons
  • 8 Weeks of Live Group Coaching
  • Private Community (not on Facebook)
  • 2 Bonus Lifting Programs


Strength Nutrition Unlocked Group Coaching
$ 1497 (pay in full)
  • SNU Program - Video / Audio Lessons
  • 8 Weeks of Live Group Coaching
  • Private Community (not on Facebook)
  • 2 Bonus Lifting Programs
  • 30 minute Private Coaching Call with Steph
  • Snail Mail Gift Box

Here's What To Expect When You Join the Program


Get support directly from Steph on 8 weekly strategy calls that teach you HOW to implement the 4 Key Framework: Fuel, Lift, Recover, Calm


Watch or listen to core lessons on fueling, lifting, recovery and more in either video or audio, right from our mobile-friendly platform.


Need a lifting program? You’re covered with two different optional programs: dumbbell and barbell. Already on a program? Great!


We’re better together. Share wins, ask questions, and get support in our private community (not on Facebook) of badass women.

This program is designed for women who...

This program is NOT for women who...

I've got A's for your Q's

8 weeks from start to finish. Every week, we’ll have a live group strategy or implementation call, and you’ll get access to new modules and lessons. You’ll keep access to those lessons for as long as the program lives.  

Join the waitlist and you’ll be first to know when the next group launches.

Sometimes, we have to re-evaluate our commitments and schedule when there’s something we really want to do. Here’s the thing: if you’re already lifting weights but feeling clueless about how to fuel properly so you get stronger and see results–instead of ending up exhausted, burned out, unmotivated, and potentially harming your health–then a couple hours a week for the next 2 months is an investment well worth your time.

No. Together, we’ll dive into the basics of evidence-based fueling and training strategies for lifting and recovery. You’ll learn how to think logically about your body’s fueling needs and turn that into a strategy for daily life. We will touch on food psychology and your relationship with food however, this is not a “only eat when you’re hungry” or “only listen to your body” thing.

You’ll have more fun, learn more, and feel more supported if you participate in the community and on as many of the the strategy calls as you can.

However, if you’re not able to be there for every single call, it’s okay as long as you’re catching up on your own time.

If you’ve lifted in the past or you’re strength training now–even if you’re a beginner–this program is a great fit. If you’ve never lifted weights before, this program will not be able to teach you how to begin. If you don’t intend to ever lift weights, this program may give you some generally useful info but may not be tailored to your other workouts.

I want you to think about all the forgotten big box gym memberships, overpriced supplements, books, and meal plans collecting dust you’ve ever bought. I know, it may make you cringe a little but it’s important to be honest. With this program, you’ll get the strategy, support, and education you need to not only see & feel results from all your hard work, but you’ll actually spend LESS money over time on gimmicks that don’t work. Win-win.

I want to let you in on a secret: whenever I invest more in something, I’m way more likely to show up and do the work. I treated it more seriously. It’s like sticking a flag in the ground and saying “I’m doing this!”

No. However, you must be okay with a frank discussion about calories and macronutrients to establish a reasonable daily intake range, including the minimums that you may not be hitting and the importance of these nutrition elements. You’ll be learning how to be aware of your intake without counting, weighing, measuring, or logging every bite of food. If you find calorie or macro discussion to be triggering for you, this is likely not the program for you. Not sure? Contact me and we can chat.

Investing in any kind of coaching can be a big decision, so it’s important to be committed to the process. You won’t get results in your half in, half out. Because of these reasons, I don’t offer refunds or cancellations.

“I was all over the place with working out, trying to figure out my new normal, but I didn’t have any strategy or plan, so I was floundering. I was way too granular in my approach to fuel. SNU clarified what’s important for me to pay attention to, and what’s really not. Hand portions make it super easy to figure out what and how much to eat, and I love that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. I’ve implemented new sleep hygiene practices (I had some of them down, but learned new ones). My sleep is improving and my workout recovery shows the difference.”

Heather M

“My fueling was (unknown to me) way too low in protein and I had gotten lost in the weeds focusing on less impactful stuff. The most impactful thing I learned was how interconnected everything is: what I eat and how I sleep and how I move are all mixed up together and each decision in one arena can be felt in the other. I am walking away feeling empowered to figure out what does and doesn’t work for my life and my body – regardless of what a book or a fit tracker app says.”

Elizabeth H

Let's do this together!

Imagine truly living the life you want on your own terms because you're stronger, more capable, and more confident in yourself.

Strength training is the vehicle that can make all that happen…when it’s done well and supported by the right fueling and recovery strategies.

This journey is rewarding as fuck (literally life-changing), but it’s also super challenging do by yourself. If you don’t have a framework and a support system to help you navigate the speed bumps and pitfalls, you’re going to get frustrated, overwhelmed, and quit.

But that’s not you.

You’re ready to take that next step to fueling and lifting with confidence so you get stronger and feel results from all your hard work.

Can’t wait to welcome you to the program!

xo Steph


Fuel better.

Lift weights.

Get stronger.



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