Harder To Kill Radio 179 How To Up Your Pilates Game By Adding Strength Training w/ Trish DaCosta

Boosting Strength Training with Pilates w/ Trish DaCosta – Harder to Kill Radio 179

Most of us know the importance of mobility, finding your breath and addressing all areas of your body during a workout. So what do you do when you find that you don’t have the time to integrate these necessary aspects into your regular routine?

Trish DaCosta recognized this gap in muscle information and created Barbell Pilates as an answer to these two complementary modalities. By combining strength training and pilates Trish has seen huge benefits to the women she trains and is helping to create more intelligent and resilient bodies.

Harder To Kill Radio 179 How To Up Your Pilates Game By Adding Strength Training w/ Trish DaCosta

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About Trish DaCosta

Trish is here to break down the fundamentals of Pilates and weight lifting, help us understand why they are so beneficial to each other, and ways in which you can get back into fitness with activities that you love. Everything from the importance of the ‘two-way stretch’, to why you need to let your body recover and the necessity of noticing your breath is on the docket today as Trish schools us in the best ways to integrate Pilates and strength training.

This episode is all about educating women to address control, stabilize muscles and finding out what works best for your body today. As our bodies constantly change and evolve so will our workouts, and Trish is a pioneer of listening to your body and training smarter, not harder.

Have you ever combined pilates and strength training? Let us know what your results were in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Debunking misunderstandings around movement modality and weight lifting
  • Understanding the different benefits from each form of movement
  • The psychological impact of growing older and adjusting to your new body
  • Why cutting back on exercise may actually get you better results
  • Learn about your breath and how it can improve your overall bodily function

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“My company is really to teach women how to train better, train smarter with weights, and also recover better using pilates” (9:43)

“I think pilates just like any other exercise is going to change your body in a very positive way, but it’s not going to change your body type per se” (19:14)

“At the end of the day, [my clients] are coming to me to help them feel better about their bodies and they want their bodies to look a certain way, so it’s not up to me to be like, no.” (30:29)

“If we could just learn how to inhale and exhale completely, we would solve so many issues in our bodies just from that” (42:36)

“Its really about doing things in a smarter way that makes sense for your goals but also makes sense for where you are at right now” (48:03)

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Harder To Kill Radio 179 How To Up Your Pilates Game By Adding Strength Training w/ Trish DaCosta

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