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build a strong body for the decades to come

You’re over 40 now.

The same old random workouts you used to do aren’t cutting it anymore. (Random workouts = random results.)

It’s time to take the guesswork out of strength training with your 40+ physiology in mind. 

You want to walk into the gym with confidence and actually enjoy the process.

Above all, you want to see and feel results from your hard work. 

Meet Strong with Steph: 

A progressive, purpose-built strength program for women over 40.

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“Now I am absolutely freaking delighted to stare at my beautiful strong arms and shoulders, and have more confidence when I’m out in sleeveless summer wear. Big BIG thank you for that!!”

– TAnya

“I still can’t believe how much I’ve progressed with my strength, mobility and overall performance without killing myself or being in the gym more than 3 times a week. I was worried I’d hit an age where I wouldn’t see progress anymore. Now I can’t wait to see how much stronger I can get!!

– Heather

Strong with Steph

Got a minute? Learn about the program!


On this team, we believe...

...Guiding principles and values matter.

They inform why we do what we do & where we’re going together on this journey.
Ultimately, we aren’t for everyone – and neither are you! 

strong with steph is...

purpose-built for...

Women over 40 who want to build strength, muscle, fitness and athleticism.

You want the confidence of training with your changing physiology in mind AND the ease of someone else creating the plan.

Random workouts = random results. 

You’re ready to train!

so you...

Strong with Steph

Stronger & Fitter

You’ve read the books and listened to the podcasts. 

You get the concepts – yeah, lift heavy, do plyo, build your muscle, etc – but it’s the HOW that’s got you spinning your wheels.

You’re smart. You get why it matters.

But when you don’t have a plan, workouts are random, or you’re making it up yourself, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. 

This leads to a frustrating lack of progress.

You need to stop guessing and start training…

…with an expertly created plan that lays it all out for you…

So you can show up confidently & execute!


Strong with Steph

Strong with steph takes your 40+ physiology and challenges to heart with these built in…

Steph Gaudreau

Hi, I'm Steph!

As a strength coach and sports nutritionist, I have a *slight* obsession for helping women over 40 get stronger.

Strength training is essential for thriving and living a badass mid-life and beyond.

Most workout programs for women over 40 are either full of fluff or treat you like you’re too fragile to do hard things. Frankly, you deserve better.

You want peace of mind that your time training is well spent doing things that will actually get you results: a science-backed program with the right mix of structure and flexibility

Strong with Steph is the best blend of strength, muscle building, plyometrics and mobility designed to help you feel, look and be strong.


program options

DIY level

For the self-directed trainee who wants to do it yourself!


Best for an experienced lifter who just needs a clear, cohesive plan to execute. No coaching feedback is provided.


For coaching in your pocket!


Best if you’re less experienced and / or want the best of a templated program with a personal touch. Send messages, form videos, and questions to your coach and get weekly feedback.

Currently, the Premium Level is full. Get started with DIY today!

No Barbell?

Choose strong with Steph lite

If you don’t have access to a bar, choose the Strong with Steph LITE option. 

The LITE version mirrors the original as closely as possible and within reason in terms of training progression, movement patterns, etc. 

Be sure to select LITE on the checkout page when you enroll. 

If you need to switch over to the barbell version of the program, message us through the TrueCoach app or via email. We will switch you over at the start of the next month (phase).


absolutely freaking delighted at my beautiful strong arms

“My biggest win is the way my arms are looking these days. I have to stare at myself on a Zoom screen SO much at work, and despite it being hot outside, I rarely wore sleeveless tops or dresses as I felt a bit self-conscious.

Now I am absolutely freaking delighted to stare at my beautiful strong arms and shoulders, and have more confidence when I’m out swanning around in sleeveless summer wear. Big BIG thank you for that!!

Having a plan, not just for the workout but for the week, month, and meso-cycle… this has helped me feel motivated and stay consistent because I know my workouts matter and are adding up to something bigger. I’m working towards something.

I appreciate how every exercise has a specific video and a highly detailed description with form points and easy to follow instructions. I love that there is mobility with each workout too. That’s become really important at this stage of life.

– Tanya

Tanya - Strong with Steph

enjoying each workout!

“The consistency of movements within the program is very appreciated. It reduces stress associated with constantly learning new movements, allowing me to focus on my form and actually enjoy each workout.

Other lifting programs I’ve used in the past have always required max lifts to get started with fairly frequent retests throughout, as well as use specific weight loads for each movement: all of which to me is incredibly stressful.

Steph’s program works off the RPE scale allowing me to push hard on days I can and ease up on rough days without any pressure of “failure”.

Everything in the program is well thought out with great descriptions and videos that even a novice lifter could easily work through.

– Stacey

Stacey - Strong with Steph

I'm strong again and I love it!

“Ok I’m so ridiculously excited right now. I spent the day out in the yard doing some mid summer weeding turning over dirt and planting in the 85 degree heat and my body feels amazing.

I have stamina again and being on my feet up and down a slope and climbing over the retaining wall did not wreck me!! I am so afraid when I got out to work like that because before my hypothyroidism was diagnosed and controlled the littlest things knocked me out and my body hurt constantly. I’m strong again and I LOVE it!! 😊

– Heather

More Consistent with training!

“This program has helped me be more consistent in my training and to consistently track my progress. I love the suggested RPE –  it allows me to base my intensity on how I feel that day.  There is endless amounts of information contained within the app from alternatives to moves to step by step instruction to videos.

While testing this program I was impressed by how easy the app is to use. In addition to being able to use the app I can also pull up the workout on my email for a text version.  There are no excuses! 

Everything is easily accessible from comments to messages to a space to record reps/sets/RPE etc. There is even a timer which is great for easy tracking of rest periods.

– Steffany

Steffany - Strong with Steph


“Strong with Steph provides an effective and smart approach to building strength and muscle – without excessive soreness or living in the gym.

I’ve done a lot of programs, and I’ve built more strength and muscle following Strong with Steph than I have with any other in the past….without feeling constantly run down.

– Nikki

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Strong with Steph

required equipment

Strong with Steph Barbell

For Strong with Steph (full version, with barbells), you’ll need access to a commercial gym or a well-appointed home gym with:


Strong with Steph Lite (no Barbell)

For Strong with Steph LITE (full version, no barbells), you’ll need:


Strong with Steph

full mobile app

convenient af

Everything you need, right on your phone! Open the simple to use app, get your workout, watch video demos, read detailed descriptions, and log your training.

The Strong with Steph program is delivered on the TrueCoach app.
Strong with Steph Program

Log workouts

Record your weights used, reps and sets so you know exactly what you accomplished. Write notes about how it went, use your favorite emoji, and even add pictures and videos of your lifts.

track progress

In the app, you can view your Exercise History for each exercise across all phases of the program. Look back on past results and see how you’re improving over time. Progress > perfection! 💪📈

Strong with Steph Program


Understanding lifting technique and key programming features means you’ll improve over time and be more likely to stick with strength training for the long term.

Education is one of our key values, so with that in mind, you’ll get access to The Mental Gym, our in-depth video education library for lifters. With 24+ key topics, this could be a course all on its own but you get access for free. 

Strong with Steph Program

program highlights

complete program

Everything is planned: movement prep, balance, plyo, strength work, and cool downs. From exercise selection to reps, sets, rest, tempo, and intensity, all the important details are taken care of.

demo videos

Watch demonstration videos for each exercise embedded right in the app. Save loads of time by not searching for random videos on the internet again.

Monthly emails

When you know why you’re doing something, you’re more likely to follow through. Every month, you’ll get a detailed email rundown of that phase and important highlights.

Track your progress

Directly in the app, log weight used, reps/sets completed, how you felt, and more. Over time, view your exercise history to see how you’re improving.

the Mental Gym

A growing library of 24+ in-depth video tutorials on lifting & programming designed to help you understand + implement the finer points of strength training.

Feedback & comments

For Premium level: Receive comments / feedback from your coach directly in the TrueCoach app each week. Note: this is limited to lifting/training feedback.

Is this program for you?

We're not for everyone. if you...

...this program is a good fit!


"I've seen my muscle mass increase...!


After 3.5 months of using Strong with Steph, I have seen my muscle mass increase and my body fat decrease. I have noticed my shirts fitting tighter around my arms and my legs and in particular my booty has begun to grow and feel firmer.

Even though I did CrossFit for 15 years before Strong with Steph, there was no distinct continuity to the programming. Sure, I got stronger in every aspect, but now I am consistently looking and feeling stronger as a result of the program and the way it is designed. I love the balance work that is included and how that then flows into the plyo work we all need in our daily lives. 

Additionally, the differing accessory lifts to help build with the main lifts is what seems to be lacking from other programs.  So far after 3.5 months, I have seen the consistency in the program.

– Lora

"I've achieved personal records in all four main lifts!


Five months into Strong with Steph, I’ve achieved personal records in all four main lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Shoulder Press. I continue to make progress each month, increasing my lifts and feeling more comfortable in doing so. I know there is more to achieve!

I am definitely feeling stronger in my lifting, and at the same time, I am more confident in attempting heavier weights. The key factor that has contributed significantly to this progress is the consistency embedded in the Strong with Steph program. When I signed up for SWS, I was conscious that it was going to be a 12-month progressive program. I’ve come to appreciate the idea that good things take time, especially in fitness. Knowing that it wasn’t and still isn’t going to be a quick fix has underscored the importance of consistency and doing what might seem like the “boring” stuff. Yet, it’s precisely this consistency that pays off over time. The program’s structured approach, coupled with regular workouts, has created a routine that I genuinely look forward to. This consistency not only enhances physical gains but also builds mental resilience.

Working with RPE ranges and incorporating deloads are excellent techniques within the program that not only optimize lifts but also ensure efficient recovery. The consistency factor has been a game-changer, and I’ve found that the cumulative effect of steady progress is incredibly rewarding and motivating. Overall, the emphasis on consistency in Strong with Steph has been instrumental in my journey, and it has reshaped my perspective on the importance of the daily grind in achieving long-term fitness goals.”

– Nic

Strong with Steph

Program at a glance

Strong with Steph features a blend of strength, hypertrophy (muscle gain), power, and movement quality work to improve your overall fitness:

Quick start steps

you'll Decide...


Frequently asked questions

For Strong with Steph, you’ll need a well-appointed home gym with barbell or access to a regular gym. Equipment needed:

  • Barbell + clips
  • Bumper plates + changes plates
  • Squat rack
  • Bench (ideally, an incline bench but flat bench will work)
  • Dumbbells
  • Pull up bar
  • Cable machine and/or resistance bands 
  • Mini resistance bands
  • Box for step ups / balance work
  • Slam ball or medicine ball (5-10lb)

For Strong with Steph Lite, you’ll need less equipment but still some basics for best results:

  • At least two sets of dumbbells but three is better (light, medium and heavy) 
  • Resistance bands
  • Bench or box
  • Nice to have: doorway pull up bar, slam ball or medicine ball (5-10lb)


Get our Equipment Guide, complete with recommended brands.

Your program will start on the Monday after you enroll.

This progressive strength program lasts 12 months.

Currently no. This might be an option in the future, so stay tuned.

For now, we recommend you meet or exceed the WHO / US minimum exercise guidelines for cardiovascular exercise:

At least 150 minutes moderate intensity cardio per week (ideally spread across the week)


At least 75 minutes vigorous cardio per week (again, ideally not all in one session)


A combination of the two.

Other sound ideas: Get 7-8,000 steps per day and consider mixing in 1-2 high intensity or sprint interval sessions per week (see vigorous cardio above).


You’ll need at least 3 months of barbell experience under your belt (ex: squat, bench, pressing, deadlifting). Olympic lifting experience is not needed.

If you have no barbell experience, but you’ve lifted before, you can opt for the Lite version of the program.

If you’ve never lifted before, we recommend doing Dynamic Dumbbells first to prepare.

Premium level (Strong with Steph / Strong with Steph Lite): Weekly comments / feedback is included in your subscription. You’re free to communicate with Steph in the True Coach app any time and you’ll receive personalized weekly feedback on your training inside the app. You can also submit videos for review inside the app. Truly like having a strength coach in your back pocket. 

Note: Coaching feedback is limited to lifting and training. No coaching is provided on nutrition, recovery practices or corrective exercise. If you need coaching on nutrition and recovery, see Strength Nutrition Unlocked.

DIY level (Strong with Steph / Strong with Steph Lite): As the name indicates, you’re doing it yourself so there is no coaching feedback provided. 

Yep! Every exercise has its own demonstration video showing proper form and a full written description. These are embedded directly in the app. 

These are demonstration videos, not follow along / on-demand / guided lifting classes.

About an hour. Some might be shorter, some might be longer. 

Time will also depend on how focused you are, how much warm up / cool down you implement, how closely you stick to rest periods, etc.

The TrueCoach app. After you enroll, the team will set up your TrueCoach within 48 hours. You’ll get instructions on how to finish creating your account, download the app, and get started via email. 

You’ll need to provide a different email address so we can set up your account. We cannot transfer your account / email address from a different coach to Strong with Steph.

Three months minimum for monthly plans.

After that you can stay on and continue getting new programming phases dropped right into the app. Or, you can choose to cancel. 

For annual plans, one payment is made up front. At the end of your year, you can renew (monthly or annual) or cancel. 


For monthly plans only: You’ll have to cancel your plan after your initial 3 month commitment and sign up for the level you wish to enroll in at whatever the current rate is.

If you’re on a monthly plan, your payment will come out each month on the same day you signed up.

For monthly plans, cancel any time after your initial 3 month commitment. 

For annual plans, cancel any time after 12 months.

There are no refunds. 

When your subscription ends, access to the program in the app also ends.

To cancel, contact us via support email support@stephgaudreau.com or send a message to the team via the TrueCoach app.

Note that changing your info in TrueCoach will not change your subscription because we use a different billing system.

If you return at a later date, your subscription will be at the current rate.

We cannot pause your program. If you miss a short period of time, we recommend you keep going where you left off. 

After your 3 month minimum commitment, you can cancel any time and re-enroll at a later date.

No. Steph is not a physical therapist, corrective exercise specialist, or doctor. If you have an injury, you must work with a certified professional who can diagnose, treat, and help guide you to your return to lifting.

We get it. Injuries suck and they’re sometimes more common as we age due to poor recovery, nutrition, training practices, lifestyle choices, or plain old bad luck. Though each exercise provided in the program comes with suggested substitutions, you must ensure you’re cleared to lift and understand how to work within your current limitations if returning from injury.

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