Stronger Than You Think – Harder to Kill Radio 161

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In a world of airbrushing and Instagram, today’s guest Sarai White keeps it real and accessible. Sarai is helping people get comfortable with getting moving, and breaking down what we perceive as our flaws to love what we see in the mirror every day.

Harder To Kill Radio 161 Confronting Your Flaws & Loving What You See In The Mirror w/ Sarai White

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About Sarai White

Sarai views exercise as a means of mental therapy, a hobby, and a healthy activity, not as a way to change who you are. She gives women permission to not have to be perfect and uses strength training to show her clients that they are much stronger than they think they are.

Learn about everything from Sarai’s philosophy around her social media channels, how to create workout experiences people can replicate, and how she is helping women get strong by lifting some serious weight while shedding the societal and cultural standards. Plus, Sarai is sharing her journey of giving yourself compassion, finding a new normal and prioritizing your health before and after breast cancer.

An open an honest talk about getting back to the things you love by letting go of fear, Sarai is helping her clients get moving and start loving every part of yourself. What are your thoughts on Sarai’s story? Let us know in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Changing the conversation around how women talk to themselves
  • The benefits and challenges of lifting weights as a woman
  • Forgetting about what other people are thinking and taking your workout outside
  • Common mistakes that people make when structuring their training regime
  • The unexpected health crisis that Sarai overcame and how she’s giving herself grace & space to heal

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“I want people to see that your fitness level isn’t determined by necessarily any outward physical attributes. You know people can get out on the street and work out even if you don’t look like your typical, whatever.” (5:59)

“That fueled my passion to begin working with women exclusively. And having a place where we could work out hard, like lift heavy, work out hard and push ourselves, and feel really comfortable.” (22:46)

“I always say I don’t know how to do anything else, this is what I do. No matter what like any other thing I have thought about doing, it always comes back to this. This is what I am supposed to do so this is what I do.” (32:19)

“Everybody’s got a street curb. You know you can work out on the street curb, you can work out on the park bench. So no matter what, you can do something.” (41:25)

“Just really coming back to the root of why I move, why I do what I can do, and being very grateful for my body to be able to do what it could do helped. And also wanting to be an example for other women” (53:15)

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Harder To Kill Radio 161 Confronting Your Flaws & Loving What You See In The Mirror w/ Sarai White

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