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Dive into why smart nutrition and weight lifting is the key to building strength. And learn how Strength Nutrition Unlocked can help you feel like a badass, even over 40.


You started lifting because you wanted that badass, life-expanding magic that everyone and their mother raves about.

You know…getting stronger, building muscle, and feeling like you can take on anything.

The thing where you step up to a weight you didn’t think you could do and YOU FREAKING DO IT….so what else can you do?!

That feeling is absolutely intoxicating thing (in a good way).

“So where the hell is it?!?!” you’re wondering.

Instead of basking in confidence and feeling more capable, you’re stuck…

Dragging through your training sessions…and slog through the rest of your day.

Hanging out in Plateau City while everyone else is hitting PRs.

And you’re so sore all the time it’s like Toilet Trust Fall 24-7.

At first you were thinking, “Maybe this is just bad luck or a rough patch,” …

But now you’re starting to think it’s just YOU…

Maybe you weren’t cut out for this lifting weights thing.

You suck. Or maybe you should just try to eat less and exercise even more.

Or maybe strength training just isn’t for you.

HOLD UP! Before you push the Quit button…

That’s not how it’s going down on my watch.

I totally hear where you’re coming from.


You just need a smarter set of strategies.

This is where I was a decade ago in my own strength journey. And it’s where most of my clients are when they come to work with me.

In this free private podcast training, you’ll learn the strategies you need to keep lifting, boost your energy, break out of plateaus, and start picking up heavier weights.

Woman workout

These are the evidence-based, science-backed best practices that have helped my clients (and me !) stay strong, have energy, and perform at my best…into our 40s and beyond.

(Look, 20 year old influencers on Insta or TikTok might mean well but they don’t exactly get what it’s like to have the challenges we do in our late 30s, 40s, 50s+ when it comes to nutrition, hormones, and our lives.)

If I could go back a decade and start over again on my strength journey, this is exactly what I wish I knew. And I’m sharing it with you in this private podcast.

I can’t wait to hear about how much stronger and ready to take on life you’re feeling!


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Episode 1
Welcome to the Private Podcast
Episode 2
The Life-Expanding Magic of Strength
Episode 3
You've Been Approaching Nutrition for Lifting Wrong: Here's Why
Episode 4
Welcome to the Private Podcast Unlearning the More is More Mentality with Lifting (and Other Common Training Pitfalls)
Episode 5
4 Things I’d Do if I Was Starting Strength Training All Over Again
Episode 6
Welcome to the Private Podcast How to Hit PRs and Feel Like a Badass


My mission is to help you fuel for more, not less: bigger muscles, strength, energy, and possibilities.

I believe in challenging the status quo of the fitness & nutrition industry and the limiting narratives that are put on women.

I’m a strength nutrition specialist and lifting coach helping women lift weights, get stronger, and experience the life-changing magic of focusing on what you can do instead of only focusing on what you look like.

I’ve competed in sports my entire life, but it wasn’t until I picked up free weights that my life radically shifted for the better.

On a whim, in 2010, I walked into a gym and signed up to lift weights. Little did I know this would change my life forever.

Since then, I’ve guided thousands of people in my online strength & nutrition programs and private coaching; written three best-selling books; hosted a long-running podcast with 4+ million downloads; and led a huge online community of badass women.




What if I miss an episode?

Episode 1 (the intro) is out right now. Episodes 2-6 will go live on March 11.

How much does this cost?

Nothing! Think of this private podcast like a free training where you can listen at your own convenience. 

What's the catch?

No catch. The private podcast is invite-only so I’m sending it to people (like you!) who ask to be included. Periodically throughout the year, I offer free trainings like this because I want you to have the resources you need to be successful.

When women keep lifting = win. When you lift AND you start feeling results = win-win.

At the end of the private podcast, I’ll also be extending an invitation for you to join the Strength Nutrition Unlocked program.

I’m not a high-pressure sales person. If you’re ready to join us, we’d LOVE to have you. If not, I’m just stoked that you took the time to learn more from the private pod.

Can I just find it on my favorite podcast app?

This is a private podcast feed so you won’t be able to type it into your favorite app and find it.

To get your private link to listen, sign up for free using any of the buttons on this page. Then go to your email for simple next steps.


It’s time for YOU to experience all the life-expanding magic of lifting that everyone raves out. Build muscle, get stronger, hit PRs and have more energy…feel like a badass inside and out.

I’m laying out how to do it with exact 4-part Fuel Your Strength framework and Priority Pyramid Formula for you in this private podcast.

See you there!

xo Steph

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