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Swearing has been around since forever, but why does society have such a hard time with women who swear?

Why does society have such a hard time with women who swear? I'm exploring this topic in a 5-chili episode that's definitely not for sensitive ears. | StephGaudreau.com

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And more importantly, why do we feel the need to tell people they should change to suit our preferences? The topic of swearing is obviously a personal one for me, and I’ve received plenty of feedback over the years telling me I’d be more successful or likable if I cleaned up my word choice. Make no mistake, this is a 5 chili episode.

In this episode, I’m exploring the internal biases we have about people who swear, the reasons why people feel the need to police others on word choice, and why women seem to be more harshly judged for swearing and language in general than men. I’m also looking at why trying to appeal to everyone means you appeal to nobody, the exact opposite of what you probably intend if you’re going into business.

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On Today’s Episode

  • Why your word choice is your own…but you don’t need to police others
  • What kinds of internal bias we carry around about people who swear
  • What you can do if you don’t like swearing
  • Why women are more harshly judged for their language

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