How to Sense Your Intuition w/ Tamara Ross

Intuition has many different aspects, including the things you just know, or your gut feelings. Many of us struggle to identify our gut feelings, explain our intuition or have doubts about what we truly know deep down. If this sounds like you, Tamara Ross wants to show you how you can start to trust your intuition and foster it regardless of what other people think. Tamara has manifested magic in her life since opening her world to the power of intuition over five years ago and is here today to show you how you can do the same.

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Every Single Person Has The Power Of Intuition Inside Of Them

A mom, wife, entrepreneur, self-professed ‘recovering type A personality’, and Energetic Master, Tamara is passionate about helping others build on their intuitive sensations. By getting rid of whatever is getting in the way of your ability to know and feel, you can learn how to identify, honor and surrender into the third-dimensional reality of your intuition.

Every single person has the power of intuition inside of them. It is only by identifying and honoring the specific combination of intuitive principles unique to you that you can start to trust your inner intuition. By tuning in to what is happening in reality, you can get a better grip of your intuitive powers and learn how to identify the sensations within your brain and body.

During this time of crisis in our world, it can be extra important to understand your willingness to give and receive contributions through higher consciousness and collective energy, and Tamara is passionate about opening you up to those intuitive contributions. Are you ready to explore the power of your intuition and tap into your universal consciousness? Share your relationship with intuition with us in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • How to receive your own intuition and listen when it shows up (7:37)
  • Tips for developing your intuition when living in a proof-based world (11:45)
  • Understanding the difference and similarities between feelers and knowers (14:48)
  • Ways to train yourself to identify energy fields of your own and others (22:12)
  • How to let go of judgment, points of view and conclusions when it comes to intuition (25:45)
  • Specific ways that you can cultivate, strengthen and tune into your intuition (31:10)

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“I have only been using my intuition for about five years, and magic has happened all over the place. You too can use your intuition and you have it.” (8:41)

“If you are really going to take on the journey of following your intuition and honoring it, it’s a little bit like it doesn’t really matter what anybody else has to say.” (12:58)

“I was taken out very early in the pandemic before the pandemic even hit, I was completely taken out and I was in the bed for about 2 weeks. And so that’s the psychic-ness, the tuning into the conscious, being in tune with what is about to happen where I was already giving contributions.” (23:16)

“Right now as a collective, the consciousness is saying slow down. And I have been tuned into that.” (26:48)

“If you can consistently bring yourself back to what is only happening right now, it has a way of calming and centering yourself. And from that place, you will be more connected to your higher self, that universal consciousness, that source energy and everything else around us. And that is where your intuition comes from.” (33:23)

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How to Sense Your Intuition w/ Tamara Ross FULL TRANSCRIPT


This is Episode 279 of the Listen To Your Body podcast. On today’s show, I’m welcoming Tamara Ross. We’re going to be talking all about intuition. The next evolution of Harder To Kill radio is here. Welcome to the Listen To Your Body podcast. on this show, we’ll explore the intersection of body, mind and soul health, and help you reclaim your abilities to eat and move more intuitively. Hear Your body’s signals, and trust yourself more deeply. I’m Steph Gaudreau, a certified intuitive eating counselor, nutritional therapy practitioner, and strength coach. On this podcast, you can expect to hear expert guest interviews and solo chats that will help you deepen your trust with food movement and your body. Remember to hit the subscribe button and share this podcast with your friends and loved ones. Now, on to the show. Hello, welcome back to the podcast. Thank you so much for spending some time. With me today and my wonderful guests Tamra Ross. We are going to be taking a dive into intuition today. And of course, one of the things we talk a lot about on this podcast is how to tune into your body, how to become aware of your body sensations, how to use those sensations, honor those sensations build trust with your body. But today, we’re going to be introducing this slightly different aspect of intuition, which has to do with the things you just know or your gut feelings. And we’re going to be talking about a few things. So how to sense your intuition, how to then build on your intuitive sensations, the things that are coming through for you things that often get in the way of our intuition, and so very much more. I’m really grateful to Tamra for coming on the podcast. about this and I think now more than ever, this is so incredibly needed in our world. Remember to jump on the listen to your body newsletter, this is where I send out newsletters and writing and thoughts all about intuitive eating about tuning into your body a little bit more about podcasts updates and so much more. You can do that at Steph Gaudreau comm slash LTYB. And, you know, one of the best things I ever did for myself professionally was to put myself through the nutritional therapy associations NTP program, I did that in 2018. And I really looking back can see how incredibly important it was in my ability to be able to approach and address people’s nutrition from a really bio-individual approach from a range of nutritional strategies. Everything from how to properly prepare foods, how to restore balance, In the body, how to include things like emotional well being, the role of the environment, sleep, movement, stress, all of that is so incredibly powerful, so important in my ability to listen to my body to my ability to coach people through what that’s like. The MTA is the sponsor of today’s show. And I want to encourage you if you’ve been wondering what their programs are, like, what you learn in terms of motivational interviewing your clinical and practical skills, everything that you need to know to be able to work with people from a bio-individual approach to nutrition, head over to their website, nutritional therapy comm there’s a link also in my show notes that you can check it out. And if you want to hear my episode that I did on nutritional therapy, then go ahead and tune in to Episode 188. Their April course is now open and seats are going to fill up pretty quickly. So go over to to learn more. And of course, if you join, don’t forget to mention my name on your application. What’s going on magical Tamra. Hello, darling. How are you doing?

Fabulous. How are you? I’m good. I’m all the better for seeing your face. Not once, not twice, but three times today.


Oh my gosh, I know. It’s like how much tea time could you possibly get? This morning I I was in your 20 to 20 meditations series, which we’ll talk about probably at the end. And I’m so grateful that that is happening because I loved that series. And I’ve talked a little bit on this show about meditation and how it’s been really important for me in the last few months especially and it’s been really amazing and life-changing, but we’re going to be talking today here To about intuition.

Yeah. And you should know, I think I started that series just because you asked, and then I did and use my intuition and was like, Oh my god, she’s asking for everybody. Yeah.


Yeah. So there was an existing recording and the audio quality or like, Yeah, it’s pretty bad.



And as somebody who’s more highly sensitive, I was just like, I like this is I love this, but it’s also really hard to just like, hard to listen to. So one of our coaching calls, I remember I put it in the chat and I was like, Hey, how about another 20 to 20? And then when you all said, Yes, I was like,


Oh, yeah. And the crowd goes wild. Yeah.

But I like the one of the reasons I wanted to ask you on the show, is because obviously the show’s called Listen To Your Body podcasts. And one of the things we talk a lot about on the show something like intuitive eating And I’ll say for a lot of people, especially folks in my community who are coming off of, you know, being a long term diet or being somebody who attaches a lot to like what the outside world tells us about what we should eat, and how we should do things and how we should exercise and what’s the right way to do things. A lot of my listeners have begun to get insight by doing things like sensing into their body, using that as more information. But the concept of like, you know, I’m always like, yeah, cool, cute. I haven’t you know, I haven’t been in a relationship with my body, you know, listening to my body for years. That’s what a lot of people feel like. So they’re, they hear intuition and they’re like, Okay, I get the sensations and noticing and how I can then learn to honor those sensations and that builds trust. But the other aspect of intuition Which a lot of people are like, yeah, gut feeling or you know, oh, like, you know, I just know that this is the right thing. There’s just a lot of distrust about that stuff still.


Yeah, I find that as well. Yeah, it is. It can be challenging to train.

Yeah, definitely. So I wanted to bring you on the podcast to talk about intuition. From I’m using air quotes as a more what people think is more woowoo. But in terms of, you know, how do how do I receive my own intuition? What are some of the ways that my intuition might show up? And then how do I be, you know, how do I continue to cultivate that? So I am developing because Sure, false. Everyone has intuition. True, right. We know that but a lot of people think oh, intuition is Not really something I have or

Yeah, so here’s an example. Yeah. So when I moved to Denver a couple of years ago, a long time ago now Wow, time flies. When have I got connected with a friend of a friend who is a psychic here in Denver? And she said, Oh, well, I’m writing a book. And it’s called everyone psychic. And I said, Oh, that’s a brilliant title. I’m not psychic. And she was like, No, no, no, you are psychic. And I mean, this must have been I was pregnant the time says less than like five years ago. And even so if you rewind back of five years ago, so I’ve only been using my intuition for about five years magic has happened all over the place. So you can use your intuition and you haven’t. And what was really great was the fact that I sat there with her and had a conversation. And as a psychic, she was training people in there and like, she had a thing that you want to do, which was train people in their intuition. And one of the things that popped up conversation was she said luck. I told her I was like, ah, Everybody, the only thing I knew about intuition was when people said, Oh, I got a gut feeling about that. That’s all I knew. And I was like, or, you know, I mean, I was sitting down with a psychic, so like, you know, hired the psychics, and it was just something so separate for me. And, and I looked at her I was like, I don’t get gut feelings, dude. I was like, you know, I get gassy. That I, you know, that I fart, but like, I don’t get like gut feelings in my body that was like, not how I function. And she said, No, no, but you are your psychic. So let’s talk about it. And the thing that popped out of that was the knowing. And I realized like, as an like, an analytical person. I had, I had this ability to just know things that I had discounted because there was no evidence to prove it like so it’s like a thought pops in your brain. You follow it? And then it works out but if somebody asks you why or how did you know There was like, there’s nothing beyond that. You’re like, well, I just knew Mm hmm. And you’re like, well, this, there’s no evidence there. But the evidence came, like I also I trained my people and like, you know what, don’t take my word for it. I actually love people to go test it out. You know, so like, when it comes to intuition, I’m a big advocate of like, you know, if you get that hit of something, and you go test it out, but you do it over and over again, I want you to keep track of like, how many times it works out and how many times it doesn’t, what you’ve learned from like, follow your intuition, and like, kind of go down this a scientific route not of disproving something, or proving but like, go in it with like a hypothesis. and observe what happens. Um, and so I just realized I was like, wow, I’m, I’m an intellectual person. I’m like a recovering type, a analytical personality. Everything kind of gets worked out of my head beforehand in my thoughts. And so that is, those are some of the symptoms of being To know her, those are some of the descriptions of what a knower how Nurik Knower kind of interacts with the world, if you will.

Yeah, well, I think you hit on that hit on a really great point, which a lot of people have that intuitive. They have that knowing or that feeling and then they’re like, but the world requires me to rationalize it. Give a reason explain it, give words to it, give language to it. And I think that what I hear you saying is that sometimes that’s really that’s really hard to do slash not possible to do. Yeah, so hot, like how do we exist then in a world as developing our intuition? How do we exist in a world where the world at large wants us to rationalize, explain, prove, you know, in a very discreet kind of weigh, what we’re sensing into or what we’re knowing into

Yeah, the first thing that comes to mind is giving them the finger. Who cares what anybody else thinks or what you have to prove to somebody else right? Yeah. Um, but I think this is what I found interesting. Because my mind knowing as I, the more that you honor whatever kind of intuitive you are, right, so there’s the feelers Are you a feeler? No, I am primarily a feeler.

Yeah. So the interesting thing is is like when you hang out with feelers, they’ll they talk a lot about like, Oh, I feel this or I feel this way. Or I do this right? And no words or say, Well, I think this I think that and so you’ll actually pick up it with it in the language. But you may discount yourself when you’re around it around somebody else who’s a little different than you, you may just discount it like, Oh, I don’t have the same thing. But I mean, if you’re really going to take on the journey of following your intuition and get an honoring it, it’s a little bit like it doesn’t really matter what anybody else has to say. It’s kind of like when you find your own personal style. And your own personal look or you find something that you love a book or a movie or whatever, like you kind of have to be willing to go like, well, I don’t have to prove myself to you, you know. So Case in point like my husband has been, he’s not anymore. I have to say he’s like recovering, but he has been like atheist, anti woowoo. guy, right? And now he’s like, one of my head coaches in my company, you know, teaching people intuition and shit. So he’s not really there anymore. But I remember like, I just kind of looked at him. I was like, I can’t tell like even as much as he’s been trained. It seems weird for me to go like, I just know this. Like, I just, you just need to trust me. This is my intuition talking. And I remember we went round and round and round, because he was with my daughter in the kitchen and they were cooking and I was like, keep her hands away from the stove. Don’t let her touch it. Like, move her back away, like have her see him somewhere else. And I heard myself nagging him is how we would typically go down that path. And I was like, dang, I don’t want to be that way. And so I said, Honey, this is the last chance Like, you really just need to move her away, or she’s going to burn her hand. And lo and behold, she burned her hand was like really bad way to take her to the hospital or whatever. And I said, babe, I just I kept telling you, but you like, wouldn’t listen. And I was like, Here my intuition is, like, giving me the sign of what’s going to happen next, and you’re not paying attention. He’s like, Well, why don’t you just say, what’s your intuition?


And I was like, cuz then that’s like, if I give the evidence of like, this is intuition. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? And he’s like, No, that doesn’t sound ridiculous at all. I would have moved our way from the stove. And I was like, Huh, ah, Oh, okay. So what if all the judgment producing conclusions and like truths of how we operate around intuition, it’s actually more us than anybody else. Do you know what I mean?

Yeah. Okay. So let’s, can we dive a little bit more into feelers versus knowers? Because I’m sure now everybody listening to this is like, what am I am I a feeler or am I a no or like for each one feeling knowing how might that appear to someone or, like manifest in their body? Or worse? You know, like, how are you going to? How are you going to know? Yeah, if you’re a knower and if you’re a feeler.

Yeah. So again, no worries are just like a thought that drops in. And so these honestly, it’s less profound, right? Like you go see a psychic and they’re like I see your future. Those are clairvoyance, that’s very prominent. Somebody will say, Oh, I got this message from God, he talked to me and those were like, clear audience. Or maybe you just got a message from grandma. Like, it could be anything, honestly, people. And so we we we actually I want to just say those because we put a lot of valid validity into psychics having these gifts where they hear and they see, the quickest way to receive intuition is actually through a knowing so so that’s and that’s just the one more thought pops in your head. You could ask questions about If you want, but if you just kind of go with it and you move through things quickly and you’re like, centered in your energy field, that one will produce far more results very quickly with velocity than probably any other intuition. Okay? So it really just is it’s the knowing is like, it’s, it’s a thought it really is. So sometimes my knowing is like, I’ve worked out an entire puzzle in my brain, or like, I can go in and fix my dishwasher like nobody’s business. My husband’s like, what did you just do? And I’m like, Well, I just took the pieces apart and put it back together. There are elements of being clairvoyant in that because I can see the things as well. But it’s mostly happening like it’s this. It’s just a problem solving thing happening in my brain. But if we look and also it’s had me expand my business quite quickly, and just leaning into those thoughts that pop up and especially when they don’t make make sense at all right. So I think you’ve probably heard this a lot, but like, back And it was, I think it was November, October or November of 2018 was when I got the head, I was going to do my first live event. And it was going to be in January, which was only a couple of months. And it was like my first three day live event, which I had never done before. I don’t have a huge email list per se. And it was highly successful. And it was really fantastic. And I wouldn’t like it didn’t make any sense in the brain. Right? Like you get the hit. And it’s like, that doesn’t make any sense. I’ve never done a three day event, I got a book out of hotel and I’ve got to come up with the content. I gotta do that. And I only have three months like what the fuck am I gonna do? So the knowings or things like that we discount it typically because we were not ready. We’re we don’t think we’re that prepared. We think we need something else in place or some other programming or processing is showing up in place. Okay? feelers, those are the ones Okay, so we’ve talked about like gut feeling, but feelers would have body sensations, so body sensations Maybe, typically what I say is like if it’s light in your body, it’s the truth. And also if you get like a laugh, like a lot of times when I’m facilitating somebody and they start laughing, I’m like, that’s the truth. Like you’re you’re it’s so light, you’re laughing like it doesn’t mean if it’s ridiculous, like it’s just asking enough questions to see lightens in your body expansive. You may feel light in your shoulders, you may feel light in your head, you may feel a floating sensation. And so the lightness will point to the truth. Typically, I always tell people to check in and ask your body heaviness. Typically we’ll feel like my shoulders are slumped, maybe there’s a knot in your tummy, your belly, your gut. You know, I would assume you probably I don’t know. So if you don’t love Trump, but you think about him, that would be like, that’s how it feels in your body. That would be like a lie. Like it’s, that’s a lie. If you love Trump, and you think about him and it’s light in your body, then that that would be it. So Usually test people in the feeling sensations to go like think about something that you really love. That’s expensive for me, it’s my daughter, like running around being like I love you mom and my body cut my body just gets a lighter sensation. And for me like Trump is not my favorite human so when I think about him, it gets very heavy and contracted. But you can just you can kind of test it out with whatever your particular preferences are, you know, maybe maybe it’s your cat or your loved one or your significant other or something like that. You can kind of hopefully your significant other isn’t the heavy thing though. Because that would be weird and like you probably like maybe shouldn’t be with that person. But anyways that’s a psycho sensations in your body also.

As an empath, a healer a highly sensitive person. I know those are like the people that you work with as well and that you talked about but healers, empaths and highly sensitive people. I am one of those as well. And so I’ve done hands-on modalities, hands-on Healing Sessions. A lot of times, I will get awareness about the body that I’m working on through my own body. Mm hmm. So whether that’s a Excuse me. So whether that’s like an elderly lady, like I was doing a hands-on session and I kept being taken to her knee and hip, like one, one knee on one side and a hip on the other side, and then we had a conversation after and she just kind of explained the pain in her body. And I also then received the pain in my body. Okay, so the knowing directs my hands, but the feeling in my body gives me the sensation of what she’s feeling as well. Though, feelers will have you know, and if you’re, if you’re empathic and sensitive, you could be feeling into people’s bodies all around you, you know, so you it may not even be your body sensations. You could just be tuned in to your significant other your kid, somebody walking by on the street, and but that when that wave of change happens in your body. That’s the time where we get to ask questions. Mm-hmm.

Yeah, I was gonna say, you know, how do you delineate? Whether that’s your own stuff? Or is what your is the energy that you’re experiencing from other people? Because I know, I just recorded a show on advice for empaths and highly sensitive people in the current climate of what’s going on in the world about you know, like, there’s the collective there are there’s the energy from people you’re around, there’s the energy from people you are experiencing on social media like there’s, there’s so much coming at all of us. And then I feel like you know, that empaths and highly sensitive people and healers and intuitive and like, that is just even extra right now. So, yeah, if you are a feeler, how can you tell if something is you’re not?

Yeah, I mean, I think there’s just this is the training to ask the questions and I would say um, That’s like the beginning training is to ask the question of like, Is this mine? Or is this someone else’s? Is this mine? Or is this someone else’s and notice what keeps popping up for you. So if it’s a, if it’s you, though, is this mine and it’s heavy, and he goes to someone else’s. And it’s like, that would be how you would train yourself to go like, okay, that’s not my energy field and tuning into somebody else’s. We could take it a step further, if you’re a healer, or you just like a lot of times we feel things as a request of contribution, like a contribution from other people, and it’s not conscious. It’s not like the third dimension, reality conscious. So now we’re going into multi-dimensional space, but like, people are requesting either contributions or asking for contributions or there can be contributions for you to receive as well. So when you feel that way, like for me, here’s what I would say, especially with what we’re dealing with right now in this wave of the pandemic. You know, I was taken out very Early on in the pandemic, very like before the pandemic even hit, I was completely taken out. And I was in the bed for about two weeks. And so that’s the psychicness that tuning into the conscious that it like being in tune with what’s about to happen, where I was already giving contributions, which meant, you know, it was like two weeks I was taken out, then I had like these ripple waves. And now I’m like flying high because I’ve moved through all of that energy field. And that’s just my personal process of how I’ve been tuned in if you will, so, so you can ask the questions of like, is this minor someone else’s? If you want the awareness and you’re interested in taking it a step further, it would be like, you know, is there something that’s asking to receive some something or someone that’s asking to receive contributions? If so, are you willing to give it and it doesn’t have to be anything by the way, like you don’t have to do anything mentally in this third-dimensional reality like you don’t have to send somebody a care package, or like even some light and love if you Like, you could just say, if you’re willing to give contributions, let your higher consciousness and the collective energy take the next step. You just have to say, am I willing Yes or no? And then are you willing to receive them? Yes or no. And that’s a whole, you know, that’s just you don’t have to do anything with that. If you are you just sit there and receive and notice what shifts and changes me as a healer on the planet. I know that I’m consistently healing people in my year-long program people beyond the year-long program, anybody who says that they want to work with me, the collective consciousness beyond all of that, like I’m just consistently healing so I honor it. When that wave comes, I just honor it and surrender into that it’s beyond the third dimension reality and there’s so much more happening and that’s just part of my role. I don’t make it wrong. I basically Netflix and chill for two weeks.

Well, that was gonna be my next question. So you know, if there are inevitably I should back up and say this and just to give anyone listening, a little bit of backstory, I have been highly intuitive, pretty much my whole life. I use it all the time for other people, you know, my community, my client, my group coaching clients, just let you know, you can see the look on somebody’s face when you’ve just nailed have intuited that question. And they’re like, How did you know? Yeah, right. So use it all the time for other people, trusting my own intuition. surrendering to that very difficult still in progress. So how, you know, what gets what a lot of people get stuck on is the judgments, the points of views, the conclusions and for anyone who doesn’t know what that you know, we say that all the time, right judgments by series collisions, it’s just kind of is something that being in your program, we say we talked about all the time, but for somebody who’s not like is not aware of that, like what are some of these things that continually get in the way Right. Yeah, but not me. Like how do we even identify what those judgments points of view and conclusions are when it comes to intuition?


Yeah, and this is great for Bobby’s eating life like anytime there’s a should, I should be this way he should be this way I should have reacted this way, I shouldn’t be this way, I shouldn’t be doing this. I should have done it. The other like, you can fill in the blank. And I think the sheds are profound when it comes to bodies and eating for sure. But also in our productivity levels. So how many people work with me for a year to train their intuition and right now, you know, as a collective, the consciousness of saying slow down. And you know, and I, I’ve been tuned into that I’ve had, you know, I’ve been working with my clients, my San Deacon client specifically, and I know you’re
like San Diego is this bright, sunny place? Yeah. Very, like there’s just so much to Do all the time. There’s not as you don’t get snow days PS No, you might get a rainy day. But I don’t think anybody cancels anything for rain. They just like get in car accidents. They go like they’re like, Oh, no, this is fine. I got this. But there’s always something to do. And as social as it is, there’s like, typically three things to do on any given day that people have to choose. So they’re not necessarily taking the breaks. But if we look at where we are in a society, I would say that’s how we’ve all been around the world non stop. Here’s the thing. We’re now we’re set to stop and slow down. And literally, don’t leave your house now for you know, for people who are cool being introverted, like we’re all high. It’s like, What the hell’s actually changed in our life. I mean, now my people are just around more but like, for me, I haven’t actually changed a bunch. But when you look at like, the slow down, we just resist it because we think we shouldn’t like we shouldn’t slow down. We have to keep doing the thing we’re doing like I have to get my TPS report in by Friday. Or like, like, whatever, right? And then when you do sit down and you do go to like the end of Netflix, you make yourself wrong because you judge yourself for like, all the time you just spend on Netflix. Or that you’re like, Well, my kids shouldn’t have screen time and you’re like, do you have any like, what else are you doing? My kid is so happy. She’s with mom and dad and like being totally entertained. 24 seven, that I mean, she misses her friends somewhat, but she’s like, Mom and Dad are my best friends. This is amazing. But like, you know, it’s like, well, yeah, she’s probably having more screentime now than she has before and that’s fine. But Coronavirus will not be here forever. Okay. So I think it’s just all of the shoulds the shouldn’t have to the must choose the must all of those things are the judgments. They’re the point of views. They’re the conclusion. So the truths that we hold fast in our realities that keep us from accessing intuition and ease and flow and more money and better health and like allow our bodies to change and be any size that our bodies want to And allow us to like eat whatever our body is asking to eat. Like, it just gets in the way. But it’s so it I don’t know, it’s all over the place. And if you don’t you don’t go anywhere without getting it getting a handful of shoulds from somebody, even the people who, who teach and train this give me their judgment point of views and conclusions to like Access Consciousness is where like, I first got trained in this and like their leaders every now and then will say something like, well, that’s your judgment point of view. In conclusion, I listen that shit, you know what I mean? So it’s so pervasive that it’s almost like we can’t get away from giving our opinions.


Yeah, yeah, for sure. I was gonna say also San Diego. I’ve been here for 15 years. So I consider myself you know, a de facto, like, local. Everybody’s like San Diego. Everybody’s so chill. And I’m like, yo, that is some fake. Feel on the outside freaking out on the inside. No, like, gotta keep up. Gotta do this. Gotta do that. And that’s just fine. of I think our, like meritocracy that we live in and you know, our little we got to be productive. Yeah. And now, that is, aside from you know, folks who are essential workers who were extremely grateful for who are being called upon more than ever. There’s this huge chunk of folks right now who are not being you know, they’re being given the chance to decompress a little bit, slow down a little bit. You know, relax a little bit, recover a little bit and there’s just that, like, all that stuff is coming up like I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t you know, shouldn’t be relaxing. I shouldn’t be taking time I should be no konmari my whole house like
I should. I should have wasted the time I’ve been giving away. So it’s crazy. Yeah, what are so okay, well, so let’s maybe and with this question, what are some of the ways beside asking questions that you already touched on, but what are some of the other ways that people can begin to cultivate their intuition a little bit more like what are some specific things that they might try? I mean, again, we’re not like saying we shouldn’t be, we should do this, or we should do that. But what are some of the things you’ve seen have been helpful for you or the people that you work with in terms of tuning in a little bit more?

Yeah. And that’s, that was the thing. Well, you probably read my writing, but like the tuning in is the biggest part. So it’s like the centering and the tuning in to yourself. So whether that’s like breathing and being still, I am a strong advocate for meditation. My favorite meditation to really be able to tune in and become aware is actually the pasta. I know a lot of people get scared because it’s 10 days of silence. But I went there and I didn’t know anything about meditation before I even went there. So it’s not like I even tried for five minutes before I went there. But that was that was just helpful. And so it’s Whatever, whatever you can do to just brief and really tune into, like, what is what is happening in the best question what’s happening in reality?

Like, what’s happening in reality right now, as I’m on the phone talking to you, and we’re recording a podcast and words are coming out of our mouth, and we’re having a conversation. And if I tuned in even deeper, I would say, well, you just asked me about this question. That’s all that’s happening. Word for word. Okay. Any other concern that showing up in my brain is not actually what’s happening. Any other thing that that that may float in or flutter in, or that I got I’m worried about I’m concerned about or I’m resentful about is either going to be something from the past or something from the future. And none of that happened has happened. And either way, so whatever happened five minutes ago doesn’t exist in this reality. And whatever happens is going to happen five minutes from now does not exist in this moment in this reality. And so if you can consistently bring you back, bring yourself back to what is only happening right now. It has a way of calming and centering yourself. And from that place, you’ll be more connected to your highest self, that universal consciousness, that source of energy and everything else around us. And that’s where your intuition comes from. Is all of those places.

I love it. So good. I was gonna say we could totally go off on another tangent about time is not really a thing. And my favorite topic. We’ll say that for another time.

We’ll take the time conversation for another time and then we’ll talk about the time and then I’ll show you the time doesn’t exist. And then we’ll just have the really quick snippet which is everybody. Tell me what day time it is right now and everybody goes I don’t know we’re in Coronavirus to go. See told you that didn’t exist.

Like that period, but the week between Christmas New Year. That’s right but it’s now going and we’ve been going on now for three or four weeks with I
feel like we should just throw up some Christmas trees and call it a call it, you know, Christmas in May.


Some people I know have actually put their Christmas stuff up or their lights or Yeah. Hey, why not?


All right, well tell until the next time tell us where folks can get. They can learn more about you learn more about your programs 20 and 20, meditation, all that good stuff.

Yeah, so my life my design calm is the website and right now and it’ll be ongoing a free 20 to 20 meditation series which stuffs in right now. And this is all about spending 20 days to get to 20 minutes of meditation. That’s my favorite. And then I also have another free training of manifesting more. So if you’re down for like, manifestation techniques, energetics and how to work with it all I’ve got that one too. There you go.

Thank you. Thank you doll. I really appreciate it. We will post all that stuff up in the show notes. As always, I super appreciate you being here and sharing this different I guess slightly different but nonetheless important and very valuable look at intuition and I hope that this is yet another entry point for people to start tuning into what’s going on with them in their world in I think we need this mouth more now more than ever so really grateful that we were able to do this.

A great, thank you so much.


Thank you Tamara.
Okay, there we go. That’s this episode. Thank you so much for being with us today. Remember to go and grab the show notes over at there you’re gonna find the links to the 20 and 20 meditation series to Tamara as manifestation series. Seriously, anything you want from this episode, links, a transcript, a whole mine, go over to You’re also going to find back episodes there. And the search function works really well on the website. You’re looking for keywords and stuff like that. So go over and check that out. please hit subscribe on your podcast app, the podcast is completely free for you. It’s not gonna charge your card or anything weird. But subscribe means that the podcast will then come into your device every Tuesday when a new episode comes out, so you won’t have to go search for it, you won’t have to go look it up. And it really helps others who don’t know about this show to find out about the show. So hit subscribe on your podcast app. I’m so grateful that you joined us this week. I really hope that this gave you a little bit of insight into receiving your own intuition and building on that as a way to better understand your world. Alright, until next week, be well!

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