Mission: We help health-minded women build stronger bodies and minds + own their inner power with a no BS, fierce love approach.

Steph Gaudreau, Founder

Steph Gaudreau is the founder of Stupid Easy Paleo and Harder to Kill Radio. As a respected holistic nutrition and fitness expert and host of the top-ranked Harder to Kill Radio Podcast, Steph brings a fierce love approach to everything she does.

In 2015, Steph created the Harder to Kill Challenge, a 4-pillar philosophy that has guided over 1000 people in cultivating their own sustainable, healthy lifestyles. She’s a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (and nutritional therapist in training), USA Weightlifting Level 1 coach, best-selling author, pro food photographer, cold brew lover, terrible singer, and Lord of the Rings nerd. Steph and Stupid Easy Paleo have been featured in numerous mainstream publications such as SELF, Greatist, and Outside Online as well as receiving numerous awards from Paleo Magazine over the years.

Steph gets super fired up about helping guide women on their health journeys because she’s been in their shoes…and she knows the incredible things that can happen when you start to feel better in your body. In her spare time, Steph lifts weights, plays Brazilian jiu jitsu, gardens, and hangs out with her husband Z and Ellie Hopkins the cat in San Diego, CA.

Craig Zielinski, Chief Tech Officer

J. Craig Zielinski or “Z” is the Chief Tech Officer of Stupid Easy Paleo and Steph’s husband. Z takes care of all things tech-related, both hardware and software, and provides exceptional customer service, often signing off as Support Husband. When he’s not fixing tech meltdowns, Z listens for the echoes of the ancient past in the noise of the modern day and articulates and refines a distillation of timeless concepts around clarity, durability, nourishment, repose, resonance, and vitality for the modern human. He writes about it on his website, Strong.AF.

Z has spoken internationally on the subject of Strength Training for Normal Humans and is currently involved in a number of projects that could have global implications around human health in the modern world. A native of Scotland now living in San Diego, CA, he also coaches powerlifting and weightlifting locally.

Molly White, Social Media

Molls is self-appointed “director of storytelling” at Stupid Easy Paleo! She handles the social media, the socializing, and distribution of as many Beyonce gifs as possible. She resides in Springfield, MO and with her Hungarian hunny-bunny and dog children.

CookIt Media, Brand Relationships

CookIt Media is a content strategy agency based in Southern California. Founder Laurie Buckle and Senior Account Manager Jackie Segedin provide a variety of client services from content strategy to brand relationship management. Together, they seek out, build, and foster long-term relationships between brands that are extremely well-aligned to the mission and vision of Stupid Easy Paleo.

Ellie Hopkins, Cat Assistant

Ellie Hopkins is the best cat assistant on the planet, providing laughs, sneaking into food photos when she’s not supposed to, and pushing impossible-to-figure-out keyboard button combinations. She specializes in napping in the closet, parkour, and fetching. When she’s not “helping” Steph and Z, she can be found chattering at the birds.

Tamra Forde, Marketing

Formerly Stupid Easy Paleo

Steph Gaudreau started a food blog for funsies in 2011 and named is Stupid Easy Paleo after her style of cooking…no fuss, no frills, tastes great. It began as a weekend side hobby, but in 2013, Steph quit her 12 year high school teaching gig to run Stupid Easy Paleo full-time. Though Stupid Easy Paleo initially focused on recipes and cooking tips, it’s now expanded into a home for wellness seekers interested in a multifaceted approach to health. Steph’s 4 Pillars of Health philosophy – rooted in food, movement, rest, and mindset – have helped thousands of women get back in touch with their inner power.

But like all good things, Stupid Easy Paleo will soon evolve into a new website and brand that will showcase the 4 Pillars of Health philosophy for many years to come…as well as Steph’s upcoming book The Harder to Kill Handbook (May 2019, Harper One); her popular podcast, Harder to Kill Radio; and her lifestyle program, the Harder to Kill Challenge. Look for that transition in October 2018.