Client Testimonials

"After just one week of properly fueling myself, I PRd in my back squat by TWENTY pounds!

I walked in the gym that day feeling pumped and energized, in a way that I hadn’t felt for so long. I was shocked at how poorly I was feeding myself before, and suddenly my lack of progress made sense. Now that I’ve consistently fueled myself correctly for 8 weeks, I’ve added another TWENTY FIVE pounds to my back squat!!”

Roxanne G

"I've been lifting for 8 years and I've finally been able to back squat 200 pounds!

I’m going to the gym fewer days per week and making bigger gains this year than I have in the last 7 years of serious lifting. During SNU I joined a women’s cyclocross and began training with them during their long distance (40+ miles) winter gravel rides. With SNU I learned to fuel more effectively for my body in such a way that I can now keep up with women who have literally been competitively cycling for as long as I’ve been alive. I’ve learned with timing and the right blend of macronutrients, I can have the energy to enjoy my rides in the moment and not be destroyed by the time I’m done. It’s a whole new world for me! I start to look forward to my workouts instead of dreading them.” 

Brittany S

Kat A

“I look forward to working out and moving my body and hit new PRs and goals often. I now see the relationship between food/fuel and my time in the gym and can tell the difference when I’m not fueling well. I also don’t base my entire worth around how my workouts go- good or bad. I know that one bad workout doesn’t mean I’m doing anything wrong, but the good workouts remind me that I’m on the right track and that fueling properly and with enough energy helps me reach my goals.”

Heather M

“I was all over the place with working out, trying to figure out my new normal, but I didn’t have any strategy or plan, so I was floundering. I was way too granular in my approach to fuel. SNU clarified what’s important for me to pay attention to, and what’s really not. Hand portions make it super easy to figure out what and how much to eat, and I love that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. I’ve implemented new sleep hygiene practices. My sleep is improving and my workout recovery shows the difference.”

“I was on a fitness journey but I knew I needed more information and education on lifting, working out, and especially the fueling and recovery part of things. I learned how to put a more balanced plate of food together and also how important it is to just give in and stop staying up so late and simply go to bed and get more rest. It’s made a world of difference in daily life and my fitness training.”

Kelly W

“My fueling was (unknown to me) way too low in protein and I had gotten lost in the weeds focusing on less impactful stuff. The most impactful thing I learned was how interconnected everything is: what I eat and how I sleep and how I move are all mixed up together and each decision in one arena can be felt in the other. I am walking away feeling empowered to figure out what does and doesn’t work for my life and my body – regardless of what a book or a fit tracker app says.”

Elizabeth H

“After a few weeks of SNU I felt more energetic, had less brain fog, and wasn’t as sore after workouts. Two months in I felt stronger and was already seeing results. I was able to do several sets of deadlifts using a weight that had been previously my PR. I can’t wait to see what else I can do! Thanks for teaching me there is something better out there, Steph!” 

Jess B

Julie J

“I’ve seen increases in my strength numbers, less fatigue after workouts and more consistency in the gym. Making sure that I’m getting 7.5 hours of sleep each night and a small breakfast before training have been game changing for me. 

All of the tools that we learned in Strength Nutrition Unlocked helped me begin strength training again. I’m more consistent in the gym, I’m fueling better for my training and I’m sleeping much better. I feel much more prepared to take on my Olympic weightlifting training in a way that fits my life.

Katrina S

“Within a week of knowing/changing what, when and how I ate, I had not only more energy but the drive to do more. I never had any metric of what was good for my body. That was a huge game changer. I started a lifting program two weeks ago and have seen improvements in my movement and my sleep.

I went on my first run today since starting lifting and I was blown away with the amount of energy I had and being present during the run. I am really excited about this next chapter in my life and how it is going to not only impact me but my family as well.


“I have learned the concept of progressive overload and how this will ultimately help me towards the direction of gaining muscle. I now know how to fuel my body for workouts and how to look at my plate knowing what this is supposed to look like for fueling without counting macros which I find exhausting. [Investing in coaching] made me take it seriously…and better myself.”

Natalie M

“SNU is the first strength or nutrition plan that has ever seemed sustainable to me. So many programs out there seem to be focused on quick fixes and certainly not many of them actually teach you the steps you need to be successful after a program is over. Now that I have started to incorporate breakfast I find I have more consistent energy throughout the day.”

Kristen J

“My biggest takeaway was that it doesn’t have to be so complicated (cue Avril Lavigne), There is so much information out there its hard to know what is correct, but Steph weeds through it and provides a very realistic approach to nutrition, specifically for woman in or near their 40s.”

Brianne C

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