The Best Diet – Harder to Kill Radio #132

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Which diet is the best diet?

The Best Diet – Harder to Kill Radio #132 |

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The Best Diet is…

Countless books, blogs, and experts have devoted their time and energy to solving this riddle. But the truth is, there isn’t a simple answer. In this episode I’m introducing you to my first pillar of health: Eat Nourishing Foods.

The concept of the Core 4 originated with my Harder to Kill Challenge and my community voicing their need for balance.

You’d start the latest diet challenge with super strict rules and do okay, but then real life would happen, and the “super strict rules” of the diet challenge didn’t account for the grey areas of life. Cue frustration. Shame. Guilt. Falling off the wagon a hundred times. Wondering what is wrong with you. Rinse and repeat.

So I began to reflect and research on the aspects of health that led to balance and the four foundational guides became the framework for the Core 4.

The idea is to not do one thing perfectly, but to be a generalist, to take care of yourself in all four areas: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health.

For the Eat Nourishing Foods pillar, it’s essential to remember that what you put into your piehole matters. And for many people, changing what they eat has an enormous impact on how they feel. For this reason, I call food the gateway drug to wellness.

While we all have to eat, food is not the only thing that matters to your health. You could have the most perfect diet and eat everything organic and still suffer from health problems. And that is where the framework around Eat Nourishing Foods comes in.

On Today’s Episode

  • 3 things you need to consider when it comes to diet
  • How to build a nourishing way of eating
  • Building a sustainable way of eating
  • Feeling more comfortable and better in your body

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