The Fucket List – Harder to Kill Radio 164

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Remember earlier this year when I wrote about the fucket list? Now I’ve got a podcast, and you’re gonna want to hear this!

Learn all about a fucket list and why you need one if you're tired of feeling spun up about all the things you have to do. |

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Oh, the Fucket List

You’ve probably heard of bucket lists, the things you want to do before you kick the bucket. But did you know there’s an opposite concept called the fucket list? It’s basically all the stuff you’re cool with never doing – or never doing again – in your life. And though it’s important to know what you want, I think it’s also really clutch to know what you don’t want.

In this episode, I’m exploring the idea about what a fucket list is and why you might want to make your own. I’m also talking about why, though new years is a time for resolutions, I make my fresh start in another way. And, I’m sharing you a few of my favorites from my own personal fucket list. Use the template below to share your own fucket list on social.

On Today’s Episode

  • Why new year is a time for resolutions
  • What I do instead to give myself a fresh start
  • What a fucket list is
  • How to make your own fucket list
  • Some of the things on my own personal fucket list

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