graphic for the magic bullet podcast episode 196 of Harder to Kill Radio

The Magic Bullet – Harder to Kill Radio 196

Nine things you can do for your health instead of searching for the magic bullet.

graphic for the magic bullet podcast episode 196 of Harder to Kill Radio

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There is No Magic Bullet

When you’re actively doing things to improve your health – and ultimately feel better in your body – it’s so tempting to keep searching for The Magic Bullet. (No, not the mini blender.) The Magic Bullet is that secret sauce, the obscure health hack that everyone hopes will be just around the corner. Diet culture promises quick fixes that are so tempting but don’t pan out in the long run, leaving you feeling worse than before.

In this episode, I’m sharing nine positive things you can do for your health that don’t involve searching for the magic bullet. I’m not going to lie, nothing on this list is sexy or trendy. It’s all basicAF but oh so powerful when you commit to consistently applying them in your life. If you’re wondering where to begin, choose one and run with it. These ideas will catch you the bigger fish.

On Today’s Episode

  • Why magic bullets don’t exist…
  • And why they’re so very, very tempting
  • 9 basic but powerful ways to start feeling better in your day to day

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