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Time to take the pulse of my business and more, looking back to 2018 and ahead to this year.

Time to take the pulse of my business and more, looking back to 2018 and ahead to what's coming this year. I'm pulling back the curtain to share it with you! |

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It’s no secret that on the Fierce Love Friday edition of this podcast, I often talk (and rant) about issues facing my community around health and wellness. Everything from diet labels to toning is fair game, and pretty often, things get up to a 5 chili pepper rating. But today, I’m taking a slightly different approach and pulling back the curtain on what went well – and didn’t – in 2018, plus taking a look at what’s to come this year and considering the bottom line.

I was inspired to record this show based on Paul Jarvis’s weekly dispatch email. Transparency is something that’s often lacking in the world of online business. Whether you’re a business owner or part of online health communities or a dabbler who looks for inspiration, things aren’t always quite what they seem.

I believe that through sharing the good things as well as the challenges, we can more easily see each other’s humanity and realize that we aren’t alone in our struggles. My hope is that this episode will inspire you to sit down and take your own pulse for perspective.

On Today’s Episode

  • What went well in 2018
  • What didn’t go well last year
  • What I’m looking forward to in 2019
  • The bottom line…two of the biggest takeaways

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