The Scale – Harder to Kill Radio #120 |

The Scale – Harder to Kill Radio 120

Today, I’m chatting about the scale and why it somehow holds the power to ruin your day/week/month/year.

The Scale – Harder to Kill Radio #120 |

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Ah, the Battle of the Scale

This topic is a doozy, to say the least. Let me preface this podcast by saying: if you’re weighing yourself everyday and you’re feeling great and strong and liberated, get down with your bad self. But there are SO many of you are playing mental gymnastics with the scale that I really felt that this topic needed to be addressed.

So for the longest time, I would weigh myself every dang day. My day would be dictated by what the scale told me. How I felt about myself or my life was dependent on that number.

At some point in my life I had come up with this number of what my ideal weight should be. Maybe I got it from a doctor, a magazine, television, but if the number on the scale didn’t match that ideal weight I had set for myself – I would lose my shit.

It didn’t matter that at the time I was training for triathlons and I was running, swimming, and biking tons of miles a day and my focus should have been on performing at that higher level. I was still focused on achieving this number that I had set for myself and I wasn’t good enough until I achieved it.

When I began CrossFit, the weighing everyday slowly started to taper and I became more focused on what my body could DO versus how MUCH it weighed. But I really wish someone would have come along and said, “THROW OUT YOUR SCALE!!”

Why do we, as a society, keep using the scale as a measurement of health (it’s really not) and more importantly, a way to measure self-worth?

On Today’s Episode

  • Why it’s important to consider a bigger picture of health (outside of the scale)
  • Why BMI is bullshit
  • How to breakup with the scale (if that’s right for you)

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