The Stupid Easy Paleo Teach Me How To Virtual Lessons

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TMHT classes v 3.0It’s finally here! The Teach Me How To series of virtual lessons is open for registration!

For the past 2.5 years I’ve been working hard to bring you, my phenomenal reader, the absolute best in Paleo food and now, I’m combining my expert knowledge with it to help increase your confidence and skills in the kitchen.

TMHT make kombucha

If you want to learn time- and money-saving tips, become a Paleo master and still have the energy left to do the fun things in life, look no further. I’ll be rolling out different offerings in the next couple of months, starting with my Teach Me How To Make Kombucha lesson which is now open for registration.

What’s kombucha? It’s a fermented tea that’s got probiotics, B vitamins and beneficial acids / enzymes. The bummer is that store-bought is super pricey. I’ll let you in on the secrets to saving up to 96% off the cost of store-bought kombucha by making it in your own kitchen with some simple ingredients!!

TMHT athleteComing soon: for anyone who’s an athlete, whether you’re a weekend warrior, have podium ambitions or just enjoy training with friends, I’m launching Teach Me How To Be a Paleo Athlete next. I’ll show you how to properly fuel before, during and after your training and competitions and how you can reap the benefits of clean eating. If you want to start smashing PRs, look no further. High-intensity/CrossFit, endurance and power sports will be covered.

If you do a search for certain content on the site, you may notice that certain pages are membership only for the premium content of the Teach Me How To series. All other pages, resources and recipes will remain free and available to everyone, no purchase necessary.

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