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I’m so dang chuffed with all your kind words about Thursday Thoughts!

What if we all learned to embrace "the mess" of life just a little bit more? Join me for this week's Thursday Thoughts column where I ponder this...and more! |

In case you missed it, last week I announced this new column where I’m going to share some of the stuff going through my brain…musings, things I’m digging, and cool things I find in my daily travels.

It’s a chance for us to check in with each other and connect. Click here to see last week’s Thursday Thoughts.

1) I’m thinking about “the mess” big time right now. A couple days ago, I shared the photo above along with a story about me being not-so-enthused to show my kitchen on some upcoming cooking videos. Basically, I was afraid of being judged for not having the perfect food blogger, modern, sleek cooking spot. The response was crazy, and I never expected so many of you to find comfort in that post.

I’ve been thinking of other areas in life where we don’t want “the mess” to show…relationships, money, parenting and so on. And here’s what I wish…that if we all laid our cards on the table a little more often, and stopped trying to constantly project the image of perfection…

…we’d realize that we are nowhere near alone in this. Asking for and accepting help, setting boundaries, putting down the things we use to numb out (phones, booze, food, etc) and just for a moment saying, “I need you. Can you help me?” could maybe mean we could all begin to heal a little bit. To be human IS to be messy and complex. I’m taking some steps toward letting my mess come out. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.

2) Ohhhhhkay so that was a wee bit heavy. Is there anything quite as satisfying as getting the perfect avocado? I think not.

3) Just finished Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Every night, I read before going to sleep. It’s part of my bedtime routine. I basically devoured American Gods last year…couldn’t put it down! The TV adaptation was another story…wasn’t able to make it through the series before I lost interest.

Anywho, looking for some recommendations for new books. I’m normally not a fiction reader, but I think that’s exactly what I need right now. What have you read lately that’s good?

4) I’m sooooo pumped because our gym is hosting a Pull for Pride event in June! There will be several around the country so if you’re not in the San Diego area, there may be one near you.

5) The bottoms-up kettlebell press is my new favorite strength movement. So tough! I love sharing strength moves with you…but I really need you to know that it’s imperative for you to scale to your own level.

I get tons of questions asking how to get started with strength training. My best advice is to find a local gym or trainer who can really teach you the fundamentals of good movement, especially if you want to eventually use free weights. Read more about it here.

6) The Crown. Finished it. DYING for season three already. A few of my friends said season two was boring….hahaha WHAT?! It was so freakin’ good. If you haven’t watched it yet, go. Do it!

7) Greyscale for your phone? Yep, I just changed the color setting on my phone to greyscale (grey / white / black) after reading this article. I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I struggle with looking at my phone too much sometimes. It’s easy to justify that it’s for work (roll eyes) but it can be an annoyance to others and a way that I check out (see #1).

So I’m trying this out to see if it makes a difference. Already, with the lack of vibrant colors, I can tell that I’m not as interested. Give it a shot and let’s compare next week.

Got any book suggestions or musings for me? Write me back in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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