Top 10 Paleo Posts of 2013

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Top 10 Paleo Posts of 2013 |

Here we go…it’s the Top 10 Paleo Posts of 2013 from right here on the blog!

On Christmas Day at 3 p.m., it’s customary for Brits to watch the Queen give her annual holiday broadcast. (I’ve been in Scotland for the past two Christmases, and I can say, this time-honored tradition is taken pretty seriously!) Her message this year was about reflection which gave me pause to think about all the cool things that have happened with Stupid Easy Paleo this year.

In June, I launched the newly designed version of the blog. This meant I now had a fully functioning, completely capable platform to bring you all the best features for delivering recipes and articles. I also debuted the Easy Paleo Quickstart Mini-Course that month (formerly called the Easy Paleo Quickstart Guide) which has helped over 16,000 people to date get started learning about Paleo. June also marked my one year sabbatical from teaching to focus on building Stupid Easy Paleo into a better resource for you.

Since then, things have grown more than I ever imagined possible. Your support has meant so much to me: through blog comments and emails, the Facebook page and other social media, and purchasing courses and cookbooks and clicking on Amazon links so I can continue to keep the blog going…I’m continually motivated to bring you the best I can. Your letters and comments about how much Paleo has improved your life is nothing short of inspiring. Thank you sincerely for having me along as part of the journey.

As I look ahead to 2014, I’m excited about the great things I’ve got planned for you (my real-deal ebook, The Paleo Athlete, launches very soon), hitting the road with Whole9 for our Whole Athlete Seminar and so much more.

And so, to close out 2013, I bring you a quick recap of the top 10 Paleo posts from the blog!

The Top 5 Stupid Easy Paleo Recipes of 2013:

Simple Paleo Tortillas | stephgaudreau.comSimple Paleo Tortillas. This was the sleeper hit of the year, concocted while FaceTiming my better half in Scotland about a week before I left the US for my trip. It’s proven to be ultra-popular because it’s one of the only gluten-free tortilla recipes I’ve seen that’s truly easy and yields a foldable, versatile product.



DSC_0197Easy Pan-Fried Lemon Chicken. No grill? No problem. Keeping chicken breast moist while cooking is always a challenge, but this recipe always get the job done. Pound the chicken flat for even cooking, marinate and cook on high heat to seal in the juices.




DSC_0679Homemade Kombucha. This has probably been the Paleo drink of the year. This post is a basic tutorial (recipe + video) showing you how to make it. If you’re intimidated by the process (which you shouldn’t be!), this is a simple way to get started. Of course, if you want me to show you in detail from start to finish, there’s always my Kombucha eBook.



DSC_0062Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate Pudding. No dairy, no egg desserts are hard to come by in Paleo, but this four-ingredient treat makes a few lush bites without the extra added sugar or problematic ingredients. If you’re looking for an alternative that doesn’t use gelatin, check out the sister recipe for chia pudding here.



IMG_3760Paleo Cabbage Rolls (aka Golumbki). I’m so surprised by this one being in the top five because I didn’t even think many people would know what they are! This is a Paleo-friendly variation on my Grandma’s cabbage rolls and a shout out to my Polish heritage. It makes a large batch and is finished right in the crock pot.

The Top 5 Stupid Easy Paleo Articles of 2013:

mini course 3The Easy Paleo Quickstart Mini-Course. If you’re wondering what the heck Paleo’s all about and want a free way to learn more, this is exactly the thing for you. Over two weeks, the mini-course is delivered to your inbox. Super convenient. Zero risk.




1515012_10202329515426956_202370259_nCan Coffee Really Improve Your Health? Meet Bulletproof®. This is probably the other most popular Paleo drink of the year. While I do give a few recipes in this post, it’s also a full explanation of what Bulletproof® coffee is and why the heck people drink it to begin with.




Stupid Easy Paleo Guide to Clean-Eating Challenges | stephgaudreau.comThe Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30®. Back in July, I ran the first of what’s to be many Whole30s on the blog. In conjunction, I developed a video series and shared lots of clean recipes to make your experience even better. (Pssst…there’s another one—complete with my newest free Guide to Clean-Eating Challengesstarting January 1, 2014!)



Top 5 Paleo Mistakes Newbies Make | stephgaudreau.comTop 5 Paleo Mistakes Newbies Make. This post is the product of working with my readers and also some personal experience throw into the mix. If you’re new to Paleo or you’re a veteran who isn’t seeing the results you did at first, definitely check this one out.




abs 3Five Things You’re Overlooking in Your Quest for Abs. Despite its title, the overall message of this post is all about health first and foremost.





That’s a wrap! I’m eagerly looking forward to the upcoming year.

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Top 10 Paleo Posts of 2013 |

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