Troubleshooting Female Hormones w/ Laurie Christine King – Harder to Kill Radio 167

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If you have been struggling for a while with your health and really unsure of where to go, having an open line of communication with a cohesive plan is the best way to make sure you find the solutions you are looking for without falling prey to the diet fads of today. Laurie Christine King recognized this and has taken to social media to share educational information with her followers about how to live your best life.

Harder To Kill Radio 167: How Nutritional Coaching Can Help You Unlock Your Full Potential w/ Laurie Christine King

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About Laurie Christine King

By surrounding herself with supportive people, empowering her body to achieve its full potential and unlocking her passion for education and nutritional coaching, Laurie is taking the fitness world by storm as a positive and healthy role model. Finding someone to work with one on one with, creating an appropriate diet plan and getting your body back to where it needs to be is what Laurie specializes in, and she is sharing all she knows with us today.

If you have ever been curious as to how hormonal birth control could be affecting your nutrition goals, why your high-intensity workout might not love you as much as you love it, and the impact stress can have on your menstrual follicles, this episode is for you. Laurie is a wealth of knowledge and a powerhouse advocate for getting your body working for you.

Laurie is all about having conversations that need to be happening in order to empower women to understand their bodies better. By putting out diverse, scientifically based and accurate information, Laurie is helping change the nutrition game one client at a time.

Are you ready to take your health seriously in 2019? Let us know your fitness goals in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

    <li”>How to use social media and blogs to learn more about your own health journey

  • Understanding why your menstrual cycle is the best indicator of your overall health
  • Risk factors and implications of hormonal birth control for your specific body
  • Simple changes to incorporate into your daily routine to support your hormones
  • Why you should probably be eating a little more food to regulate your caloric intake

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“Just having that conversation of helping females understand their bodies, their menstrual cycle, and just helping empower women to really feel good” (7:43)

“Anybody who is in the space and really trying to help people understands that nothing in nutrition is black or white, nothing in health is black or white” (19:45)

“Your body is just this amazing vehicle that is just having to put up with your shit. So if you treat it pretty well, then we get some pretty good return on investment” (45:50)

“Just understanding our habits and how they may be affecting us then gives us some feedback and some things to toy with to try and make changes” (46:00)

“Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, nutrition can be a scary thing. If you don’t know what you are doing…I want to teach you everything I know so that you can keep going on crushing life and being empowered by the information I left you ” (53:20)

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Harder To Kill Radio 167: Troubleshooting Female Hormones w/ Laurie Christine King

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