Harder To Kill Radio #135: How To Truly Find Your Happiness w/ Lori Harder

Find Your Happy w/ Lori Harder – Harder To Kill Radio 135

Do you struggle to focus on what actually makes you feel happy because you’re too busy with the other mundane tasks that seem to creep in and fill up our lives? Lori Harder wants to help you find the top contributors to happiness in your life, and figure out how you can get more of that.

Harder To Kill Radio #135: How To Truly Find Your Happiness w/ Lori Harder

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About Lori Harder

Lori is the perfect example of someone living her truth fully every single day. Author of the new book A Tribe Called Bliss, Lori is sharing her message about finding your happiness in an authentic way and gloriously living by example.

By focusing on your relationships and what they reflect back into your life, Lori aims to show you the importance of human connection. Being face to face with other humans and having valuable human connection can increase your happiness and productivity. Lori preaches gratitude, setting boundaries and asking for what you need to live your best life.

I’d love to hear about your own journey to finding happiness – wherever you are in it – in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • The connection between your physical and spiritual self
  • How to focus on what actually makes you happy
  • Motivating yourself to build habits around what makes you feel good
  • Leaning into forgiveness and letting go
  • The difference between expectations and agreements
  • Recognizing when a relationship has run its course in your life

Resources Mentioned In This Show

A Tribe Called Bliss Book

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Earn your Happy Podcast


“Life is just one massive story that we tell ourselves. Right down to our feelings, right down to our connections, right down to what we choose to even implement as our habits. Because there are a million different ways to get the same result and there’s a million different ways to look at things and choose the result that you want.” (8:36)

“Quite honestly there’s only a few things that humans need to be happy. And you have to figure out what those are for you and just focus on those one at a time.” (15:28)

“I literally believe that in order for us to feel happy or even just exist in a way that we feel is worthwhile, is gratitude. It’s an actual need.” (20:11)

“Food only fills a part of you. But you are still going to feel that insatiable hunger and you won’t know what it’s for and you will think its food or you will think it’s something else if you don’t look at everything that fills a human up.” (43:47)

“We desire connection. And connection means to actually be heard, and to hear someone else.” (46:15)

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Harder To Kill Radio #135: How To Truly Find Your Happiness w/ Lori Harder

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