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Wear the Shorts

Wear the shorts this summer – or don’t – but make the choice because it’s fully yours.

wear the shorts podcast show art episode 192 harder to kill radio

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Wear the Shorts

The official title is, “Wear the Shorts or Don’t, but Make the Choice.”

It is not your JOB to make anyone else comfortable with your body. You may have cellulite, spider veins, pale legs, whatever. But you have a choice. It’s a conscious decision that you can make to have the confidence to do it and not care what anyone else thinks.

I’m not here to be team bikini or team shorts or to tell you that’s the only way that you can embrace yourself or show true confidence. But I am here to say that you have a conscious choice. You have the right to do whatever the hell you want to do.

If you wonder where this fire comes from, a few years ago I posted a picture of myself doing pull-ups on my Instagram and it showed my cellulite and I got body shamed. Someone got on there and told me that because I was a health and fitness professional, I basically wasn’t allowed to have bodily “imperfections.”

I didn’t get fired up because I have cellulite. I got fired up because if she would have said that to ten years ago Steph that would have destroyed my life. And I wasn’t going to stand for it.

If you’re more comfortable wearing full length yoga pants and boxy t-shirts on hot summer days? Girl, you do you! All I’m here to say is that you are free to make that choice, not because you owe it to anyone else.

On Today’s Episode

  • Why you should make a conscious choice to wear the shorts
  • Why you don’t have to wear the shorts if you don’t dang want to
  • Why making someone else comfortable isn’t your job

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