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Guess what, my amazing Whole30ers?! If you started along with me on June 17, you’re HALF WAY THERE. Some of you have shared your a-ha moments, struggles and triumphs with me, and I’ll tell you what, it inspires me like no other. I think you’re amazing for doing this for yourself.

The good news is that the second half of your Whole30 will probably be much better than the first. For most people, the headaches, brain fog and other physical symptoms will usually resolve by this point, and the emotional super-highs and ultra-lows tend to stabilize.

Most folks say that the second half of their Whole30 is where the magic really happens: the clearer skin, the better sleep, the looser clothes and the sharpness of mind tend to move in. If you’re feeling like giving up…don’t you dare quit now. You’ve come so far and likely, the benefits you’re searching for are right around the corner (if you haven’t already experienced some of them). Hold steady. You totally have this.

Below are some of my best posts and recipes in case you’ve missed anything so far:

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Coconut Milk Latte / Iced Coconut Coffee

Fresh Spring Rolls

Leave me – and the rest of this awesome group – a comment below and check in. What are your triumphs so far? What are you still struggling with?


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