Women’s Strength Coalition with Shannon Kim Wagner – Harder to Kill Radio #97

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The Women’s Strength Coalition is changing the way barbells meets a social cause. Founder Shannon Kim Wagner talks about why she created this unique organization in this episode of Harder to Kill Radio.

Women's Strength Coalition with Shannon Kim Wagner – Harder to Kill Radio #97 | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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About Shannon Kim Wagner

Shannon Kim Wagner is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and founder of the Women’s Strength Coalition.

She created the WSC with a firm belief that there are three fundamental elements necessary to creating real social change.

People need to feel safe and strong in their own bodies. People need to feel supported and understood by their communities. People need to be educated on the lived experiences of others in order to instill compassion, and an obligation for action.

Further, the demonstrable link between strength training and mental health spurs her drive to make lifting more accessible to all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, or income level.

Shannon’s organization is changing the intersection between strength training and social outreach.

In Episode 97, Shannon Kim Wagner Talks About:

  • How Shannon got started in the world of strength training and lifting
  • Shannon’s thoughts on how yoga and lifting inform each other
  • Why praise or recognition for physical transformations can be damaging
  • Her thoughts on body neutrality and what it means
  • Why pausing is essential in communication
  • How WSC got started and its roots in trauma
  • What makes WSC unique
  • Why looking at the whole person is essential for fitness
  • How fitness spaces can become more accepting and supportive
  • The genesis of Pull for Pride
  • How to get involved in a Pull for Pride event near you

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