Looking to partner with me? Here’s how we can work together:

For Individuals

I help my clients radically transform their relationships with food so they finally feel free to eat.

  • Stop the diet roller coaster and feel peaceful around food.
  • Get in touch with your body’s signals and wisdom.
  • Challenge and shift your self-limiting beliefs.

Reading books, hanging out in free Facebook groups, and listening to podcasts (even my podcast, Listen to Your Body!) can only take you so far.

If you want to stop the food drama in your life, it’s going to take practice and you need support.

I create brave spaces and powerful opportunities for my clients to put the principles of my Free to Eat Framework into practice so they experience change much more quickly than trying to do it all themselves.

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For Brands

I’m incredibly mindful about the partnerships I accept.

I select only products and services that I fully believe in, and that align with my mission, values and my community’s needs.

Mission: Help as many women as possible to break up with diet culture so they can change the world for the better…instead of obsessing over their bodies.

Values: Integrity, compassion, growth & transformation, connection, autonomy

Here are my current openings for brand partnerships:

  • Podcast sponsorships
  • Social media content creation

Note: I do not offer ad space or social media features in exchange for product only.

Get in touch for current rates via the contact page.

For Companies & Events

I’m available to speak on intuitive eating or bioindividual nutrition for your team or event. Custom seminars and presentations are available. Have another idea you’d like to discuss? Please reach out via the contact page.