Fuel Your Lifting & Active Lifestyle, Get Stronger & Perform Better In and Out of the Gym

To get stronger, you need to lift weights AND you need proper nutrition.

But strict food rules make it super confusing – should I do keto, fasting, lifting, and HIIT at the same time?! (Hint: no!) The end result? You end up sluggish, hangry, not building the muscle and strength you’re working hard for…and ultimately you get so frustrated with yourself that you quit.

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Frustrated that You’re Doing Everything “Right” but Not Seeing Results?

  • Despite spending hours of your life weighing food, tracking, and logging your macros, you’re not getting stronger, building muscle, or seeing results. Worse still, now you’re nervous to stop counting.
  • You try so hard to eat “healthy” and cut back during the week that by Friday, you go all-out on a cheat day or binge. Because you feel so sluggish and bloated, you skip your next strength training session. It’s hard to stay consistent with your lifting plan.
  • Most of the time, your battery is on empty so you have to drag yourself through workouts. You go through the motions, don’t enjoy yourself, and worry another injury will derail you.
  • You worry about food all the time.
  • You’ve invested in cookie cutter apps and plans or email-you-once-a-week-macro-coaches with very little to show for your effort.


“The best outcome I had was more movement and not being afraid of exercise and starting to enjoy the freedom it gave me. What I loved most about working with Steph was that there was no judgement from her. She approached my barriers and fears with kindness, compassion and understanding. It was a relief to be honest and allowed me to be completely open on our journey together.”

-Sarah M.


“Before working with Steph, I was struggling with excessive burnout with respect to what I was eating and a loss of enjoyment related to movement. For me, the biggest changes were mental and emotional. You helped me open new ways to relate to moving and eating, particularly in using them to build confidence about myself in the present rather than “if I got to this weight” or “if I got to that goal.” In particular, getting back into swimming was a big mental and emotional improvement for me. If I could show up as I am in a speedo in public without anything bad happening like my brain told myself it would, then the negative thoughts really don’t have the power I was giving them.”

-Travis B.

It’s a super annoying and overwhelming place to be.

I hear you.

And it’s time to challenge you because…

Doing more of the same is not going to help you get stronger or see the results you’re working so hard for.

You kind of already sense that, right?

It’s hard when you look on Instagram and see other weight lifters going on low carb diets, fasting, counting macros, and doing 3-hour training sessions. You assume that’s what will get you results, so you follow along.

But despite all the discipline (er, deprivation) and busting your ass, it’s only a short time before you’re sneaking cartons of ice cream, skipping workouts because you’re exhausted, or nursing that sore shoulder that won’t seem to go away.

You’re starting to feel like there’s just something wrong with YOU.

I get that feeling so well because that was me in 2010.

I’m Steph Gaudreau, and I’m on a mission to help women like you who lift weights get stronger, increase their energy, and perform better…both in and out of the gym.

For years I did half marathons, grueling long-distance mountain bike races, and triathlons.

And though I looked dedicated on the outside, on the inside I was struggling. I wasn’t eating enough because I was obsessed with losing weight to be as small as possible. I was afraid to cut back on workouts even though I developed chronic back pain. Every day, I felt drained and my moods were crap.

In 2010, I made a series of bold choices that changed my life: I started lifting weights and learning to fuel properly.

Slowly, I stopped putting all my focus on my weight and started focusing on what my body could DO.

Eventually, through sports nutrition education, food psychology, and intuitive eating, I began to see food as both fuel and something to be enjoyed – without the rigidity and dieting of my past. As a strength coach, I started helping other women see what their bodies could do and take up space, too…a stepping stone that skyrocketed their confidence and connected them to their inherent self-worth.

Every single day, I see women like you who are strength training with intention and trying to eat “healthy” feeling frustrated because you don’t really know how to work with your body and get stronger. (Hint: “Women are not small men,” as Dr. Stacy Sims says. We need smart considerations and a different approach than what the mainstream nutrition world preaches.) I’m here to help you do that!

Introducing 1-1 Strength Nutrition Coaching

I help women who lift weights:

  • use evidence-based nutrition best practices for fueling your workouts WITHOUT precise counting, weighing, or measuring every bite of food (you don’t have time for that!)
  • match meal and strength training strategies to work WITH a woman’s body instead of against it
  • use your body’s hunger / fullness signals, stress / recovery signs and other biofeedback
  • leverage principles of food psychology and intuitive eating so you stop falling on and off the wagon for good…while eating the foods you love
  • determine if and when it’s time for advanced strategies like pre- and post-workout nutrition, nutrient timing, and supplements

…with the Strong by Design framework.


“I’m now eating foods I avoided for years that didn’t even realize I was avoiding, and I’m finding new ways to cope with stress and overwhelm. I’m joyful and confident. I used to be stuck in the deprivation / binge cycle, obsessed with healthy eating, and not enjoying certain foods because I was anxious about what I perceived was my lack of self-control. Working with Steph, for the first time in my life, I believe I can be free from binge eating. I’ve stopped using food as a primary coping strategy. I have hope, I smile more, and I’m more present in life.”

-Sara N.


“The results I saw from working with you are significant, but still a work in progress. I have stopped restrictive dieting and am able to enjoy all different types of foods. This was really evident on a recent trip I took because I was able to enjoy myself in a way I never had before. I didn’t have to microplan my meals, didn’t feel guilty, and was able to enjoy new foods. I am also working to view my body as an “instrument and not an ornament”. I focus on what my body can do instead of what I don’t like about its appearance. I have also learned that I am not responsible for other people’s reactions to my body and don’t need to manage those reactions by making myself small both in physical space and energy.”

-Julia N.

In 12 weeks, you’ll have clarity about how to properly fuel your active lifestyle and lifting, hit new PRs, and get your energy back.

You’ll be fully supported to implement customized, sustainable nutrition, fitness, lifestyles strategies and habits that match your unique challenges and goals!

Here’s what you’ll get when we work together 1-1:

  • Weekly 60 minute private coaching calls
  • Unlimited messenger support between calls 
  • Access to exclusive online client portal
  • Resources for fueling / nutrition and meal ideas
  • Supplementary assignments to improve your relationship with food
  • A copy of the Intuitive Eating Workbook and Heart Talk
  • Made Strong strength training program
  • Personalized guidance on lifting, recovery, sleep, stress management, and boundary setting
  • Welcome gift box with goodies and other surprises

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How Does Strong by Design Work?

Customized Plan

Together, we’ll establish the big picture of working together to set a strong foundation for your progress. Clarify your big, juicy goals; biggest challenges with nutrition and lifting; relationship with food and exercise; and lifestyle outside the gym. From there, we’ll prioritize the biggest areas for you to take action.

Each and every client’s plan is unique. Zero cookie cutters here. At every meeting we review your progress (yay, wins!!), troubleshoot challenges, and set micro-goals for the week ahead.

Simple Steps

We’ll focus on helping you create new habits and making behavior based goals that work for your life, schedule, values, goals, tastes, and preferences. You’ll get simple action steps each week to keep the progress train rolling. Learn the practical tips and strategies for making change stick long-term.

Personal Support

Every step of the way, you’ll be supported…whether it’s our private Zoom sessions or messaging support between sessions. You’ll have the accountability and encouragement you need!

Though each client is unique, common areas of focus include…

  • eating enough energy for your needs without strict macro counting or weighing your food
  • plain-language info about how women’s physiology differs from men (and how to eat and exercise with that in mind)
  • personalizing energy intake to the kind of exercise you’re doing
  • learning your body’s hunger and fullness cues
  • implementing key mindful eating techniques
  • improving your relationship with food (including overeating, emotional eating, all-or-nothing mindset, etc)
  • progressing your workouts so you get stronger
  • dialing in recovery, sleep, and stress management
  • setting boundaries, developing a growth mindset, and other inner work

Sound like exactly what you need? I’d love to chat with you more about your specific challenges and goals.


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This coaching is designed for you if you’re…

  • A strength training / weight lifting enthusiast who wants to understand how to eat and exercise to see results without being obsessive
  • Prepared to commit 12 weeks to focusing on change to take your strength and nutrition to the next level
  • Tired of cookie cutter plans and apps that aren’t tailored to you
  • Ready to learn sustainable habits and embrace growth

This coaching is not a good fit for you if you’re…

  • Currently in eating disorder recovery
  • Looking for rigid meal plans like macro counting, fasting, keto, etc
  • Not ready to invest in high-level coaching or seeking a one-off nutrition consult
  • Focused solely on a weight loss goal


“I like feeling my body getting stronger every day. I’m not afraid of being hungry. I’m not afraid of food, and I’m no longer in food jail. I feel a tremendous amount of freedom, joy, peace with food and exercise; and love for myself and for my body that I’ve never felt before!”

-Gayle G.


“I am much more aware of my hunger signals during the day, and I am able to fuel myself consistently throughout the day without getting to the evening and feeling like I need to eat all the things. I have rediscovered my love for cooking new recipes and trying new foods, and that is making eating much more enjoyable and fun. Also, in general, I’m just much more in tuned with my body signals about lots of things… when I had a headache, when I need to rest, etc… and better at giving myself grace to take the time/rest/food that I need.

Steph will help you learn to listen to what your body is telling you. She helped me develop an awareness that has helped me in many areas… eating enough food, getting rest when I need it, managing my stress in healthier ways. Her approach focuses grace and kindness to yourself, and I found it so helpful.”

-Leslie F.

Common Client Wins

Private coaching clients gets results because you’re laser focused with a custom plan to address your challenges.

Client wins include:

  • Lifting more weight and getting stronger
  • More energy and feeling more recovered
  • More consistency with exercise sessions
  • Muscle gain
  • Less overeating / binge eating
  • Creating simple meals that provide energy and satisfaction
  • Finding joy in food eating again after years of strict counting
  • Fewer sugar cravings
  • Noticing body signals like hunger, fullness, and fatigue
  • Eating out without feeling restricted or worrying about food choices
  • Sleeping more soundly

Sound like exactly what you need? I’d love to chat with you more about your specific challenges and goals.


From there, if I think I can hep, we’ll move to the next phase of the process where we’ll schedule a discovery call to chat about the changes you want to make.

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