Hey, hi…it’s Steph!

So great to meet you.

Welcome to my home online, a space for you to learn, explore, and grow.

I’m a nutrition nerd, magical realist, intuition advocate, diet culture disrupter, podcaster, INFJ, unapologetically sweary person, and the most Capricorn-iest Pisces you’ll ever meet.

I love cold brew coffee, cats, and Lord of the Rings (you shalllll not passss)!

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I’m not an internet weight loss coach.

Like my shirt says, I am not for everyone.

Yes, I work primarily in the area of food and body image. But.

I’m leading a movement of practical-minded, woo-curious women who are ready to tap into all their intelligence – ahem, not just brains – to lead bold, well-fed lives. We deserve to take up space and we’re here to change the world, but it’s hard to do that when we’re hungry and obsessed about thigh gaps. In 2013, I left my twelve year science teaching career to become a full-time food blogger. And in 2018, I rebranded my entire business to focus on helping women rebel against the diet status quo, get strong, nourish their bodies, and take up space.

I wasn’t always a diet culture disrupter.

In 2010, I taught high school science and blogged recipes in my spare time. A friend suggested, “You should start a food blog.” So, I did. Little did I know that decision would lead to a series of life-changing events.

2011 – started a lil food blog called Stupid Easy Paleo

2012 – met my now-husband on Twitter (that’s quite a story for another day)

2013 – left teaching to work online full-time and ride the rollercoaster known as entrepreneurship and published an extensive ebook on sports nutrition

2014 – realized my relationship with food needed work

2015 – published my first print book (cookbook), launched my podcast, and created my first popular online program, Healthy Happy Harder to Kill

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2016 – started another website that would eventually morph into this one (but closed it down after a year…running two websites isn’t as easy as it sounds)

2017 – content creation, podcasting, recipes…tons of content this year

2018 – became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and rebranded my website, leaving the food blogging world to focus on growing a movement of women ready to embrace their bodies and own their power

2019 – published my second print book (The Core 4) and became a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

2020 – renamed the podcast to Listen to Your Body and celebrated 3.5 million downloads

2021 – on a mission to help science-minded women embrace their intuitive superpowers

Strength, growth, integrity, and compassion

are at the heart of my business – and me as a person. They alchemize to form the guiding principle of fierce love and transformation that guides all my work.

Strength over time creates resilience.

Growth is fostered with lifelong learning.

Integrity means doing what’s best based on what you know.

Compassion is how we extend ourselves and one another grace.

I’m here to disrupt the way women have been told to be, look, and act in the world, which requires the hardness and softness of fierce love and ultimately leads to inner transformation.

I believe that Black lives matter, love is love, and all bodies deserve respect.

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Wondering What My Days Are Like?

If I’m not lifting weights on my front porch or digging in the garden, you can find me at the computer creating content for my community, recording podcasts, and coaching badass women online. When work is done, I like to introvert so hard by hanging out with my very Scottish husband, playing with our cat, knitting, and tbh, watching trashy reality TV. Head over to my Instagram and peep my stories for more peeks into my behind the scenes life.

My Love Languages

  • Iced coffee with heavy cream
  • Long hugs
  • Alone time
  • Hair wash day
  • Being out in nature
  • Seeing women smash through their perceived limitations

Feel free to light up my heart with any and all!

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I’m Multifaceted Just Like You

It’s easy to think that the people you follow online are just one thing: a podcaster, a coach, an influencer…but we’re all complex and yes, messy!

Some of my facets:

Woman – I’ve lived the struggles that many women do…not feeling good enough and fixated on losing weight because I thought it would bring me happiness and make me feel seen. Though diet culture impacts women differently due to our many social identities (and I acknowledge the privileges I have because of mine), we’re all harmed by it. I was put on this earth to blaze a new path for women to walk…one where embrace our brains and our intuition, build our strength together, and lean into all our magic.

Small Business CEO – The life of an online entrepreneur is never dull, and though business ownership has its ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade the autonomy I now have for anything. (But if anyone tells you it’s easy, they’re lying!)

Wife – I’ve been married to a very Scottish guy named Z since 2014. We met on Twitter when he lived in Glasgow and I, in San Diego (true story). And the rest is history. I’m also twice-divorced and proof that you can heal and find love again, if you desire.

Teacher – Teaching is in my blood. Not only do I come from a long line of educators, I spent my first 12 career years in the high school science classroom. Now, I teach courses and lead programs designed for women to experience transformational growth in the areas of food and body.

Cat Mom – Though I’m an equal opportunity pet snuggler, cats have my heart. Currently, I’m a cat mom to the ever mischievous Ellie Hopkins.

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Remember, growth and transformation are the name of the game around here. Dive into more of my world and keep your learning going!

The Listen to Your Body Podcast

The Listen to Your Body Podcast

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