Steph Gaudreau, NTP, is a nutritional therapy and strength training expert helping people around the world find a more nourishing approach to food and fitness. In her best-selling book, The Core 4, she details a four pillar approach to building health, embracing your body, and owning your power. Steph is trained in biology and human physiology and is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance coach. Her weekly podcast, the Listen to Your Body Podcast, has 3+ million downloads. She’s an international speaker that has been featured in Outside, MindBodyGreen, SELF, and ESPN Radio.

Ready to be yourself without apology?

You’re in the right place. Grab a comfy seat and sit for a minute. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

You are home.

What I Believe

I believe women have the right to be strong and take up space because the world needs your voice now more than ever.

If you’re ready to say, “Girl, bye” to diets, the scale, and exercise as punishment, there’s room for you here.

This mission is personal.

Most of my life, body shame and diet obsession ruled my thoughts. I analyzed every calorie and fat gram I ate; every dimple, stretch mark, and ripple on my body; and every pound on the scale. Happiness, I thought, would come if I just made myself smaller.

It was never enough. I was never enough.

Worse, I couldn’t see a way out.

But in 2010, friends introduced me to a real, whole food way of eating called paleo. Desperate for something to work, I gave it a try.

I did a 180 on everything I thought I knew about “healthy eating” and:

  • Got rid of “low-cal” processed carbs;
  • Started eating fat. Luscious, satisfying fat;
  • Stopped counting calories. (A-fucking-men!); and
  • Ate more protein.

Yes, everything that terrified me. Know what happened?

For the first time in years, I had energy! I wasn’t drowsing off at work. My daily bloating and poop problems cleared up. And I stopped being a hangry bitch.

Eating nourishing foods was a huge step in healing my body and feeling better than I had in decades.

Later that year, I started CrossFit. With my hands on a barbell, I felt home.

I focused on what my body could do, not what it looked like.

My muscles grew, and as I got stronger, so did my confidence. When you doubt you can lift something heavy and then you do it, a switch flips in your brain. You start to wonder what else you can tackle.

For the first time in my life, I FELT FREE.

Free from the hamster wheel of dieting that you’re on now.

What I Do

That first taste of freedom inspired me to dive deeper into learning about nutrition, fitness, sleep, energy, stress, and mindset. I began unpacking my self-limiting narratives and practicing mindfulness. Writing on my blog, Stupid Easy Paleo, grew from a hobby into a passion.

(Eventually, I stopped eating strict paleo and doing tons of CrossFit because I learned to listen to my body. I now practice a bioindividual approach to health.)

In 2013, after twelve years teaching high school chemistry and biology, I left the classroom. I was fucking terrified but motivated to share what I’d learned with women like you. If I could rise from the depths of body dysmorphia, apathy, and self-hatred to someone who listened to my body, cared for myself, and found confidence, I knew I had a duty to help others.

Two years later, I put everything I learned, researched, and experienced into The Core 4: my four pillar health philosophy and began coaching women.

The Core 4 are:

  • Eat nourishing foods,
  • Move with intention,
  • Recharge your energy, and
  • Empower your mind.

Chances are you – like lots of women – focus so hard on diet and exercise that you miss the other big factors that impact how you feel everyday.

What if, instead of…

  • micromanaging your carbs and stressing about food, you started nourishing your body?
  • using exercise to make up for what you ate, you focused on getting stronger?
  • hustling yourself into burnout, you did more self-care?
  • talking shit to yourself, you introduced loving kindness?

When you focus on The Core 4, you give yourself the gifts of nourishment, care, and strength…the opposite of what you’ve been told for years.

Everything I do – from my Core 4 Program to the Core 4 book to my Listen to Your Body Podcast (formerly Harder to Kill Radio) – is deeply rooted in the Core 4 framework.

In 2018, I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, rebranded, and left Stupid Easy Paleo behind. I followed my heart and embraced growth and transformation.

Who This Site is For

Let’s face it…there’s thousands of health websites out there. How do you know if this one’s right for you?

First, does my “why” resonate?

I believe women have the right to be strong and take up space because the world needs your voice now more than ever.

(Cuz if not, we probably aren’t for each other…and that’s okay.)

Second, are you ready to:

  • Stand up for yourself,
  • Carry all the groceries in one trip,
  • Speak your mind confidently,
  • Make yourself a priority again,
  • Eat foods that make you feel good,
  • Only say yes to things that matter,
  • Have more energy,
  • Lift anything you want by yourself,
  • Feel your feelings,
  • Be yourself without apology,
  • Believe you can do hard things,
  • Question the status quo,
  • Know your worth, and
  • Open your own damn pickle jars?

If so, this website and all my resources – the vast majority of which are free – are for you.

Pick the nutrition, fitness, energy, and mindset morsels that sound good to you and eat ‘em up. If you need more support in one area, take a deep dive. Read, listen, and learn.

Fun Tidbits About Me

1) I love science and woo. I’ve got a BS in Biology / Human Physiology (UMass), and I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. But I also believe in the power of intuition. I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP) / empath / intuitive / INFJ. I’m also a budding herbalist who sees the wisdom of plants and tries to live more in harmony with nature.

2) My brand of coaching is fierce love.

Fierce = I call it like I see it. I’ll hit ya with real talk right before we hug it out, and I won’t let you bullshit yourself. I cuss like a sailor and love lifting weights, fighting Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and feeling like a badass

Love = My heart swells with compassion for you because I’ve been you. I want to wrap you up in kindness. It’s all gonna be okay, sister. I believe in your infinite strength. I’m a walking contradiction, and I like it that way.

3) My childhood nickname was Stephie Bear. Not because I was cute…because I was orneryAF.

4) Teaching high school chemistry & biology was my first career. I did that for twelve years before I took a terrifying-exciting leap of faith in 2013 to become a nutritionist and work online. My first site, Stupid Easy Paleo, was one of the top paleo food blogs ever. In 2018, I decided to follow my heart and rebrand.

5) My guilty pleasure is eating slices of grass-fed butter right off a dull knife. Don’t worry, butter’s good for ya!

6) Most people have a Bucket List. I have a Fucket List.

7) I hate the word “moist.”

8) My favorite fictional character would be a mashup between Liz Lemon and Gandalf the Grey.

Official Bio

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Education, Credentials & Certifications


  • 1st Place – Best General Health / Wellness Website, 2017, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • 3rd Place – Best Specialty Cookbook, 2016, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • Top 15 Must-Read Health & Happiness Blogs of 2016,
  • #1 Best Seller (for an entire month) – Amazon New Releases, Paleo Cookbooks for Performance Paleo Cookbook (2015)
  • 1st Place – Most Anticipated New Cookbook, 2015, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • 2nd Place – Best Food-Centered Blog, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • 2nd Place – Best Dessert, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • #1 Best Seller – Amazon Kindle Fitness Books for The Paleo Athlete

What To Do Next

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I’m so damn excited you’re here!

xo Steph