listen to your body podcast episode 272

Introducing The Listen To Your Body Podcast

The next evolution of Harder to Kill Radio is here and with a brand new name. Today’s episode is all about diving into the reasons behind the change and what you can continue to expect from the Listen To Your Body Podcast.

listen to your body podcast episode 272

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Hear Your Body Signals & Trust Yourself More Deeply

There have been some major changes to my business and mindset since the start of this show, and I want to take you along on the journey with me. My goal is to continue to introduce you to expert guests and my own personal opinions so that you can reclaim your abilities to eat and move more intuitively, hear your body signals and trust yourself more deeply.

Through the intersection of body, mind and soul health, true healing and an intuitive way of life are possible, and I am so happy that you are with me on this ride. I want to encourage you to develop your own intuition, align your energy with what you are truly connected to, and help you listen to your body.

What do you think of our new name and mission? Head on over to the episode page and share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • Learn about the backstory behind the change of the title of this podcast (2:44)
  • Why I want to focus on intuitive eating, self-compassion, and mindset (7:35)
  • The importance of aligning our energy with what you feel connected too (8:15)
  • Reasons why I decided to change the name to Listen To Your Body (13:20)
  • What you can expect to learn more about with this new rebranding (15:02)


“I began to feel a growing disconnect with the name. Recently in the last few months, I have been in an incredible coaching program, I have been getting coached around things like energy and energetics. And what started to become clear to me was the podcast as its own entity and its own energy and myself as I was continuing to grow and shift and diverge into this slightly different direction, our energies weren’t matching up anymore.” (8:36)

“Even though I know very instinctively and intuitively that it is the next thing for me to do, there is still always this battle.” (10:36)

“Were working toward a more peaceful way of being in our bodies, whether that is incorporating intuition more, it’s moving toward intuitive eating, moving our bodies more intuitively, moving our bodies for the joy of moving our bodies, incorporating things like spiritual curiosity, what does that mean and how does it factor into our mind body and our mind-body connection, meditation, all sorts of things.” (14:51)

“You’re still going to hear things that are related to food and movement and mindset, but the energy, the intention, is different, it’s shifting. And I feel so excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with you.” (20:30)

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Introducing The Listen To Your Body Podcast w/ Steph Gaudreau FULL TRANSCRIPT

Harder to kill radio is now the Listen To Your Body Podcast. Thank you so much for being here. We’re going to dive into this change in today’s episode 272 the next evolution of Harder To Kill Radio is here. Welcome to the Listen To Your Body Podcast. On this show, we’ll explore the intersection of body, mind and soul health and help you reclaim your abilities to eat and move more intuitively. Hear your body’s signals and trust yourself more deeply. I’m Steph Gaudreau, a certified intuitive eating counselor, nutritional therapy practitioner, and strength coach. On this podcast, you can expect to hear expert guest interviews and solo chats that will help you deepen your trust with the food movement and your body. Remember to hit the subscribe button and share this podcast with your friends and loved ones. Now onto the show the shit we did it. The podcast has no been renamed. Oh my gosh. Where do I even begin talking about this? This massive shift. It’s actually not a huge, massive shift, but it is one of those things where it’s, it’s big but it’s not like not all that much is actually changing, but a lot is changing, so thanks so much for hanging out with me today on the podcast. Okay, first things first. If you’re really mega disoriented, let me just say yes, harder to kill radio is now called the listen to your body podcast. I’m still stuffed God DRO. We are going to be still diving into so many topics that have to do with your body, with mindset, intuition and so much more. Things are shifting a little bit, but just don’t get confused. Just harder to kill radio [inaudible] is now the listen to your body podcast.

You don’t need to change feeds. It’s the same URL. If you know what that is, the same podcast feed. If you subscribed to harder to kill radio, you’re still subscribed to the Listen To Your Body Podcast. I am so fucking pumped about this and this podcast name shift has been in the works for God almost a year. Probably more than that actually. So today I’m going to take you through some of the backstory, why this change, why now? What does it mean for you as a listener and what you can maybe expect to be hearing in the coming months? So thanks so much for joining me today on the show. It’s a big one. All right. First things first to give you the history. If you’re a relatively new listener or we’re a relatively new listener to harder to kill radio, harder to kill radio started [inaudible] June of 2015 my first episode was me just introducing the podcast.

My second episode was with Mel jewel, one of well-fed, the amazing cookbooks who now has a completely different shift in her business, which is a strong sense of place. She’s doing literary stuff in a podcast and travel. It’s phenomenal. And my third episode was Dr. Jolene Brighton. This is if you know Dr. Jolene Brighten. She’s a very good friend of mine. She is completely changing the face of, you know, what it means for women to have autonomy with their bodies in terms of choosing what birth control options are best for them. But back then she was doing something completely different too, and she, no one knew who she was. Now everybody knows who she is. The point is that a lot, a lot has changed. A lot has changed in my business. Um, at that time, stupid, easy paleo was still in effect. I mean, I didn’t rebrand stupid easy paleo until the fall of 2018 so I had just started working for myself two years prior.

I mean, this is early days and the name harder to kill came from, well two places. So I was doing a nutrition seminar, I think it was at CrossFit MIS mission Gorge here in San Diego. And I was trying to gauge the audience. Who was I talking to? Was I talking to a bunch of fire-breathing regionals athletes or you know, everyday folks of which I consider myself one and I said something like, why are you here? Do you want to be healthier, happier, harder to kill? And everybody laughed. There was an energy, a palpable shift of energy in the room of like, yeah, you know, I want to be tougher. I want to be stronger. I wanna, you know, be more resilient and so harder to kill. I first heard that term from I think Mark Rippetoe many years ago and it just sort of stuck. It stuck. And I had the healthy, happy, Harder To Kill Program, which became the harder to kill challenge, which is now the core four program.

You can see lots of stuff has changed over time. And the subtitle was building unbreakable humans are nutrition, fitness mindset and that we did that for you know, almost five years. And boy the podcast, it has been such an incredible opportunity to introduce you, the listener to some really cool people out in the world. Because the thing is I might say something a certain way and it doesn’t resonate for you. And then I have a guest on and they say something, which for all intents and purposes is really similar. But the way in which they say it hits home for you or you really identify with them because of certain things in their life and it just connects, it makes the connection that is invaluable. And the thing is, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know everything. And so it’s been a wonderful way for me to introduce you to some really freaking cool people out in the world.

And also to share more about me, my coaching, the things that I do, the things I’m really interested in, to really put my voice and my thinking out there. Not that it’s the right way, but it is a way of approaching this wellness space. So the podcast has been a really incredible way to do that. But like everything else, things do change and over time. Aye. So this is where I let you in on the backstory here. Over time I, as I began to grow, as I began to go through this journey myself of, you know, I started off really hating my body, dieting, just punishing myself with the exercise that changed to strength training and finding a more kind of whole foods way of eating. And that started to shift into more intuitive eating, intuitive movement, weaving in things like self-compassion, things like the mindset component, the emotional, mental, spiritual aspects.

And I began to feel a growing disconnect with the name. Now recently in the last few months, I’ve been doing some really is some really incredible, I’ve been in an incredible coaching program. I’ve been getting coached around things like energy and energetics. And what started to become clear to me is that the podcast as an entity with its own energy and myself as I was continuing to grow and shift and diverge into this, you know, slightly different direction, our energies weren’t matching up anymore. It was last summer, so this was about a year ago. I started to feel like there wasn’t an uh, like a very, very, very close alignment and I don’t know about you, but when you don’t feel aligned with something in your life, the energy feels so heavy and hard and again, really love the podcast. It’s not really love my guests. It’s not about the people I was talking to or doing this as a service to you, my listeners is, it wasn’t about that.

It was just an energetic alignment too. The podcast that was had shifted and that was about a year ago, maybe a little bit more than that. And I started to mull over changing the name and as you know, words, uh, words are quote, just words, actions are also important. You know, actions speak louder than words, but also our thinking and our words are very impactful. And so I really started to feel a growing, a separation of growing disconnect and that I wanted to rename the podcast but had no freaking idea what it was. And every time I bought up against a big change in my business life, I won’t say every time, but quite frequently, whenever I’m sensing deeply, intuitively that it is time to change, it’s time to shift, to pivot, to rename, to rebrand, to rethink. [inaudible]

I always go through this like an internal battle and, uh, even though I know very instinctively and intuitively, that is the next, right. You know, it’s the next thing for me to do. There’s still always this battle. So I went to Arizona or a retreat in June of last year or July, June of last year. And it was with mind/body/green. We were sitting there at breakfast the very last day and we were having, there were a bunch of people there and we’re having this really incredible conversation. And I remember dr Brighton was there and uh, chef shine was there and her husband Benji was there. He’s an incredible artist. We were having just this really weird and interesting conversation about music and, uh, all sorts of stuff. And then the conversation turned to this topic of podcasting and there was a woman there who was sharing her story about rebranding and renaming her podcast. And we had a little chat and I just thought, you know, she kind of looked at me and she said, you know, what are you up to in the world?

And I told her what the name was and she just said, how do you feel about that? And I said I think it’s time to change it. And she kind of nodded in agreement and I don’t know what it was about her in that conversation, but it really crystallized it for me that it was time to shift. Now, later on I found out that the woman I was talking to, uh, her name is Julia. She’s the wife of rich roll. So if you listened to rituals, podcasts, you’ve probably seen Julie on there. Uh, she’s a frequent guest on his show. So I, I had no idea who she was, but it just stuck out in my mind that it, it, it was time to shift. And then of course last summer we were right on top of the book coming out. So the core four and it just didn’t feel like the right time because of everything with the book.

And there was already a bunch of shifting and changing and new stuff going on and very exciting. So it’s, it’s taken from now until from then until now to really make the shift. All right, so let’s talk about where does listen to your body come in now? I don’t again think that, you know, only focusing on the body is the only way is the right way is the primary thing we should be talking about or thinking about. The only thing that is important, not at all, but rather this to me, this, first of all it’s really fucking hard to name a podcast in the wellness space. There’s so many podcasts, there are wonderful podcasts, but trying to come up with an original name is kind of hellish. Uh, I thought about what about my name and was it just that didn’t feel right me. It didn’t intuitively feel right either.

And so they’ll listen to your body. Podcasts came through to me as a really strong name for a few reasons. The first is that for me in my journey and I really feel like the journey that a lot of my community is on, perhaps even you, dear listener, this sense of developing our own intuition is, is incredibly paramount because a lot of us have come through a very diet culture, diety, uh, prescribed lifestyle, like kind of rigid lifestyle rules and whether that’s nutrition, movement and so on as like the dogmatic stuff, the one right way, all of these things. A lot of us have come through that to the other side or we’re working toward a more peaceful way of being in our bodies. Whether that’s, you know, in incorporating intuition more, it’s moving more toward intuitive eating, moving our bodies more intuitively, moving our bodies for the joy of moving our bodies, incorporating things like spiritual curiosity.

What does that mean? How does that factor into our mind, body and our mind, body connection, meditation, I mean all sorts of things and is really for me and the people that I’ve been working within my coaching programs been very, very important and I want to explore some of those things a bit more? So that’s kind of where the name listened to your body podcast comes from. Is is the, the intention is really attuning in tuning in and does that mean that we only ever tune in? We only ever use intuition to guide us. I don’t think that’s realistic for the world that we live in. Although I am working personally on, you know, I’m in this coaching program, coaches have coaches. I am in this coaching program too to learn to develop. My own intuition and my own inner sense of knowing because I sense it really strongly.

I don’t always listen to it. I am so, so adept at sensing what other people or going through using my intuition to guide my coaching for example. And yet just you know, still developing the ability to use that for myself. It’ll come through and then I will rationalize it away. So I know a lot of folks are dealing with that as well. And that is such an important access point to being able to find more peace of mind, to find more trust with yourself so that you’re able to live with less, less stuff hanging over your head in terms of these are the things I, you know, I should be eating and when I don’t eat them then that creates this cognitive dissonance and I struggle and then I feel guilty and shameful like that is no, there’s a way to live. And yet, this is one of the reasons why I became a certified intuitive eating counselor and I’ve been working with people in small groups on intuitive eating is because this is something that is so common.

You’re not, if you’re experiencing that, you’re not alone. So the movement piece as well, you know, I should be doing, you know, CrossFit is the best, or lifting weights is the only way or whatever, you know, doing triathlons is the best way to get fit. Well, it might be for someone else, but what if those things don’t work for you for whatever reason, or it’s not the best fit. How can we start to tune in? [inaudible] almost find this middle ground. I know. It’s just not the sexiest thing, right? Everybody’s like, Oh, find the middle ground. No, like where our world is so polarizing, it’s so like if it’s not extreme, if it’s not polarizing, then people are like Hmm. Bored, not interested. Gotta be flashy. Woo. The flashy stuff. Right? So those are the things I’m really going to be interested in tying in, uh, other things including this really intense fascination I have with helping people who are fellow paths and highly sensitive people to learn how to thrive with [inaudible] our gifts and not be crushed by them.

Really, really keen on helping with that and just bringing in more folks like sharing my thoughts and my experiences about how I’ve discovered these gifts, about how I’ve learned to manage them, but not just manage and cope. Cause I see a lot of, I mean there’s a lot of great resources out there for empass and highly sensitive people, but a lot of it’s really like sad. A lot of it’s really like, let’s help you cope with this. And I understand that as a, as a kind of stopping point, as kind, kinda like body neutrality in a way. It’s like, let’s, let’s just figure out how to get our, our feet under us and catch our breath. But also these things are gifts and how can we more fully be open to those gifts without them crushing the shit out of us. And I think that’s something that a lot of highly sensitive people have, which one in five is estimated.

One in five people are estimated to be a highly sensitive person and pass or all empathic. Hello, human beings, we’re all empathic and we’re all intuitive. Some of us way more than others. But how can we learn to, to thrive with those gifts in this world that’s often not necessarily built for or aware of what we’re going through? So how can we tie that in as well to this idea of tuning in, to tune in, to be more aware too? Develop those skills within ourselves and ultimately live more fully, live more fully, live with more joy, live with more. He’s live with more deep trust of ourselves. That is what this new podcast is going to be all about. So yeah, you’re still going to hear things that are related to food and movement and mindset. But the energy, the intention is different. It’s shifting and I feels so, I just feel so excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’m so thankful that you’ve been part of the journey of harder to kill radio and now just like everything else, we have evolved as a community. We are continuing to change and grow and so this podcast will change and grow with us. So here’s what I would love to ask you do today. Tell a friend about, they’ll listen to your body podcast if you haven’t hit the subscribe button yet. Do that. And just so you know, yes, all back episodes of harder to kill radio will remain. Nothing is going to be removed. Nothing is going away. It’s still all on the website. All of your favorite episodes, and if you’ve been paying attention, if you’re, if you’ve been a listener for a while and you’ve been paying attention, the type of content I’ve been bringing you with probably within the last four to six months, at least, the type of guests I’ve been bringing on more frequently are, are a lot more aligned to the new direction. So if you’ve been liking what we’ve been doing lately, then expect more of that. All right, so share. Tell a friend, hit the subscribe button. Thank you so much. We’ll be back next week with a guest interview and like this new beginning, this new life for the listen to your body podcast. Until then, be well.

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